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MSN annoyances

Hey guys!

I have an msn annoyance I wish to share. Sometimes I'm online (busy), since I use msn to communicate with my friends regarding group assignments. Neways, this 'friend' kept saying, "hi" so I reply with the usually "hi, blah blah blah" and we talk.

But the thing is, I try to be polite and talk to her in SENTENCE(S) but she replies with ONE WORD answers like "ok", ic etc. which obviously doesn't contribute to the flow of the conversation. So basically, I'm the one who directs the conversation. Even when i ask her a question like hows work or wateva, she just says ok and doesn't elaborate.

I really don't get her because if there is nothing to talk about, why is she always saying hi to me on msn. And the strange thing about this is that when were face to face, she doesn't really talk to me alot or say hi to me.

well i guess may be she is a shy person Very Happy or may be she only has you in her everytime she opens her messenger she has to talk to some one who happens to be you the way wut's her native language?(maybe she doesn't know much english) Wink
anyway why don't you ask her,specially that you know her personally
heh, that's not so much an MSN annoyance as a person annoyance but I do know what you mean. If I were you I would just stop typing after a while and let the other person make the conversation if they want it.
It's very simple. She has other guys of her choice with her on MSN. But knowingly she'z sending u "hi" message and then doesn't reply actively.

So my suggestion is, you stop replyin her, and u will see that she will start talking to you. The more you avoid a girl, the more she will get back to you.... and remember one thing, Girl, Bus and Train, never run after them, if one goes, the other comes for sure.... it's just we gotta wait for it. Smile
I think that's sort of common all across all types of chat programs--there's always someone who never seems like they really want to talk, they just want to say "hi" and act like they're hardly genuinely interested in talking, and it's almost like everytime you have a "conversation" the same stuff gets said over and over and over, even if you try to talk to them in full sentences. It's quite annoying, but that's what block/ignore for. /grin
Citizen Kane
whaha, could it be that you are beeing fooled and that that person has a bot done all the talking for her?????

How evil that would be!! Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
yeah, I would suggest you'd do the same. Stop using those long sentences...if she says "hi", you answer: "hi, how are you" then she might say, "I'm good, how are you". You say: "fine thanks" and leave it like more...keep it like that a few days...maybe you drive her crazy like that...and if she don't care a bit, then leave her alone...waste of energy.
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