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People Make Mistakes

I was recently told by my ex that I was the biggest mistake that she had ever made. We were together for about 8 months and well things were up and down. I don't blame her for getting mad at me, or breaking up with me. I just feel that I did everything wrong. She would talk on msn with her friends and give them *hugs* and stuff like that and they would "flirt" back with her, not that she was doing the flirting, and for some reason I would get jealouse. I always felt that every guy that she talked to wanted to be with her and flirt with her. Also I would get upset and frusterated when I would ask her to do something, like go see a movie or go for dinner, she would say yes one day, and change her mind the next.

She recently told me that the reason she said no is because she was embarrased to be seen with me since she was depressed. Since we have broken up she stated that she found someone new, and that she should have been with this person ever since she met me.

So I wish her the best of luck, all my friends and some of the people that she talks to tell me that I am better off without her and that it isn't my fault.

But here I sit a single guy, not knowing what to do. The world is my oyster, I just hope I don't end up being cooked and slammed into a crock pot lol Cool
It happens dude... ppl start having new feelings for new ppl. she might have been bored with you, or she might have been living in the fantasy world of chatting, MSN you said... tht she wud be feeling tht she wud find a better person than you are, rather trying to make you the way she expects you to be, so it happens.

It's gud at ur side tht u have given her time.. let's see if her new guy satisfies her feelings or not.
Look at it this way it was only 8 months. My wife (soon to be ex) basicly told me I was the worse mistake she made. We had issues and am sad as I am about it ending in some ways I am relived. But those 8 YEARS we were married (together about 9) I don't think of as a waste like she does.

She says the only thing that ever was good in our realationship was the kids, kids she is now refusing to let me see. That hurts. At least it was only 8 months for you.

I am sorry to hear it. It seems like she was not really commited to you if she says that she has someone new that she had all along. I think you should just move on. Tell her one last time you loved her and move on.
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