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In theory, we can all get rich :P

Have you heard this thing, that you give 3pounds, and then you get more money?With Paypal?Well, its just scam, and most people know it.Many,many years ago,(10-15) the same thing, happened, here in my country, with people, who told you to sign up, and persuade other people to do so, etc...At the end the top men got very rich, and all the people that joined got nothing...

Now, the interesting part:
A univercity proved, that a true working cyrcle, can actual make all people all around the world happy Razz.
In theory, if a circle was made(but not like the one, that was made by them, in which you wait until your name becomes first), which was perfectly made, and assuming that there are no bad people, that will try to fool, and get really rich from this system, it can make all humanity better.It is a 2643page of study, which proves that...
But there are a few "small" problems....
1.People will not really participate
2.Who can make such huge system to be flawless
3.There are bad people who will try to fool the system and get more of it
4.Many people will get money and then stop the circle
5.There are bad people in this world

So, it can only stay in theory.
But it can work.It will increase the hypothetical rich of the whole world to the sky!!!But if people stop feading it like crazy, and if some people abuse it, it will collapse.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~THIS IS ONLY THEORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Well, I think it's a nearly perfect theory. It would be very useful for whole mankind.

But it is impossible to put it in practise: in fact the first unsolvable problem would be the people themselves. Rolling Eyes

If people change, maybe one day...
The place where I live, there is one placement company run by two youngsters. They said they can employ people to work from home. And initially they charge US $5 per registration. The work they gave is too hard to fulfill as most of the things are to be done online. The reply after 10 days is that the company you are working with is not happy with your performance. We are sorry, but you are not eligible for this job or task. That's the end. However, it is too attractive pay package they offered that lured many people to waste their $5. The two young well dressed up guys continue to make money this way.
As for the above theory, i forgot to mention, that in our world today, if it was done, with the finest of the intentions from most people, this would happen:
Assuming that all people, don't get their money of the net:
I give 3Pounds, and i get 3000,I spend these, to 3x1000 times, i get 3000000Pounds, i spend these 3000000000Pounds...This of course isn't going to happen, but, a huge ammount of money, would flow inside this river.The flow would become larger and larger, until it would collapse, and the people who were smart,lucky enough to withdraw their money a little bit before the collapse, get lots of money, and all the other people get nothing...This would probably happen in the modern world, assuming that there will be no scam, but just no perfect people...
well i hope everyone realises, if every person in the world got given say $1000, that money would have to have been printed, otherwise money would have to be taken from some to give to others. If everyone gets rich, then the value of money drops and youre back to where you start. The only way for people to get rich is for other people to be screwd over in the process. Money has to come from somewhere!

Some years ago, I was invited for a meeting.
It was in a famous hotel, and I was invited by a friend of mine.
When I got there, I saw two dozens of hallucinated people, listening to very loud music and watching a PowerPoint presentation, which had as main message: “Do you want to get rich?” You only had to get more associates in order to get a part of their money has an investment, and another percentage for you, in order to recover the amount you invested and to earn a fortune.
I was there during thirty minutes, after that, they gave me a paper to fulfil with my personal data. I declined, and they were not happy with my decision, their problem…
Some years later I discovered their pyramid schema, the problem is that this thing is illegal, and although those who have started the plan will recover their money, the last people to invest will lose their money
So, be careful with your money, and make sure you’re not putting your money on easy and fast ways to earn money, because it’s all fake.

Best regards,

It doesn't seem possible because the world is not perfect. People make mistakes. That's why they have car mechanics and erasers on pencils. Someone is going to mess up the "perfect system" some way or another.

What you were referring to with PayPal was called a pyramid scheme, which PayPal does not want any involvement in. There are other systems out there besides PayPal that I think accept those sort of things, like eGold and such.

- Mike.
I have to say that this is a question with more factors then taken in to the
equation. Money is only a number witch sets a value on products and
services. Those values changes due a number of reasons, thus money
isn't a static meassure of what is worth something and what isn't. It aint
either what sets the public opinion of the same... What would then be of
haggling? Laughing

There is also inflation of endless deapth if everyone was to benefit from
the economical system. Profit would be erased and money nothing to strife
for, so in practic terms the system you/they speak of actually sounds like
some sort of communism. That also has some theorethical points that are
worth looking into, but as tried in practic it seldom is the same... Think

The questions you have to ask is something like who would do the 'poor
mans jobs' and why if everyone was rich and noone desperatlly needed
those $$$ ?

Lots more to be said on the subject, but I personally am afraid it is to start
at the wrong end to presume that everyone was rich.
if u have a website which have more kits in daytime ,u will earn a large good money.
last year i was thinking to join this kind of website..phew..but i didn't..luckily..
A circle? doesnt that mean that its more like evening out the wealth between people within the circle? Someone has to loose for another to gain i reckon, so i dont get how everyone gets rich.. Shocked

Anyhow, yeah i have heard of the
Have you heard this thing, that you give 3pounds, and then you get more money?With Paypal?Well, its just scam, and most people know it.Many,many years ago,(10-15) the same thing, happened, here in my country, with people, who told you to sign up, and persuade other people to do so, etc...At the end the top men got very rich, and all the people that joined got nothing...

that they advertise on the television, but i have a gut feeling that its unreal.
Money = a commodity used as a representation of what the item is supposedly worth. Money is controlled by people with power. Anyone could become rich just as anyone could become poor.

Theoritically everyone could become rich, but then again this is reality. IF theories were = to practicality we'd be god by now.
Sorry, but the theory is just wrong.

1) Economy is relative. Not everyone can be rich, because economy is based on some people being richer than others.

This is because...

2) If more people have more money, money just loses it's value. Money is a representation of material wealth, industry, and commodities. Giving everyone more money won't make them richer, it just reduces the worth of the money and everyone ends up as poor as they were before.
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