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Fiddle Playing

I am mostly a classical violinist (profession not hobby) but every once and awhile I like to jam out some celtic/irish fiddle music (hobby not profession). I also teach fiddle music occasionally to my students, it's a great summer project.

Any fiddle players out there? Do you play American, Celtic, Bluegrass, Irish, etc? Do you have a favorite tune, or one you would recommend learning? I'm especially interested in the ones that are not so common place. Something unique, but easy to find. Can't wait to hear from you fiddlers out there.
How do you not get bored of musical instruments? When we are in a music lesson at school (which I really do not like), I get bored of the keyboard or whatever after about 3 minutes. Playing a flute or violin wouldn't appeal to me, and i'm not sure why anyone would be interested. Please note, this isn't a message saying "omg your a freak you play the flute", i'm just curious why it interests you. I know people are different and like different things, but I just want a few answers...


PS - Sorry if I seem to errr (dont know a word for what i'm being).
Have you ever played "Road Movies" by John Adams? If you want to try out some alternative stuff, it's great.

It's in 3 movements and is influenced by jazz and minimalism. But buy the record first so you can get an idea of what it sounds like with piano...

Where are you based? Do you play in any orchestras?
It's a very valid question. My answer however will only apply to me. Somebody else may have a totally different reason why they can continually work on playing instruments (or singing).

I don't get bored because I'm constantly learning. If I was immediatly perfect, then I might get bored and want to move on to the next thing. It's about constantly challenging yourself to play in a little better each time. If the music is too easy, then I get bored. If it's too hard, I get overwhelmed. So my teacher makes sure to match me up with something just right for my level of playing.

I also love sharing music with others. I like teaching it and watching other people fall in love with making music. I also like performing and sharing what I have learned.

I agree that music is not for everyone. However, many people to connect with music in some way. It's another form of creative communication.
I haven't played Road Movies. I'll have to check it out. I've only heard a few pieces by John Adams, some that I really liked and others that weren't my thing.

Right now I'm in Grad School at University of Oregon. I play in the orchestra for classes. I'm hoping to play in the Eugene Symphony eventually. I used to play in the Flagstaff Symphony before I moved here. If I could pick though I would like to have a string quartet over playing in an orchestra.
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