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Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I've just recently become a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I was very skeptical at first but around the middle of the second season I was hooked. We (my boyfriend and I, he's the one that made me watch it) are now over half way through the seventh and final season.

Has anyone else watched Buffy? Do you have a favorite episode? Which do you think is the most creepy? I can't wait to finish the series. I'll let you know when I do.
I used to be a "Sarah Michelle Gellar" fan way back my highschool years. I've watched all the episodes from season 1 to 3 but since I have to move to city (for college), my interest for the show became low and so for Sarah until I finished my college and until now that I'm working.

It's a good tv series though. Wink
Yeah, I used to like this one too. Seasons 1-3 were the best, once they graduated, it wasn't as good anymore - for me anyways.

Don't have a favorite episode, most of them are pretty good.
i allways like buffy its a good series really interesting plus i like vampire stories too
Yeah Buffy was fun. I didn't watch the first 3 Seasons, but I loved Seasons 6 and 7 because they were so dark and gothic!! Evil Willow, the awesome baddie of Season 7 and the really cool story arcs of Giles, the Potentials, Willow and Spike. The finale was really cool and hopefully they will make S8. The guy can't seem to make up his mind regarding a S8! Angel's first Seasons were great but from 3+ they sucked IMHO. I mean they moved in the opposite direction of Buffy. Buffy went from happy go lucky fun to dark, depressing, and dark plots. Angel started off that way and became sappier and sappier as time went on! However some episodes and story lines in his last season were awesome. Bye 4 now.
I have 4 series of buffy and i like them all
I haven't seen much, used to watch a bit.
Honestly, i loved the parts with willow and Tara most
Embarassed Razz
My favourite episode is where they are all bewitched and have to sing and dance all the time. I loved Buff because the series was most of the time very funny but had also lots of action in it.
ryanh2006 wrote:
The finale was really cool and hopefully they will make S8. The guy can't seem to make up his mind regarding a S8!

Joss Whedon has said there will be NO more Buffy. And I thought the series ended on a fairly definitive note. I WAS a bit bit disappointed when they brought Spike back to Buffyverse in Angel, but hey, it's fantasy. Now while there's no more Buffy to be had, I have hear rumours circulating for the past year or so about a Spike spin-off. And THAT I wouldn't mind seeing.
I'm a big Buffy/Angel fan. My roommate got me turned onto it and I'm glad he did.

Favourite Buffy Episode is hands down "Once More with Feeling", the musicla episode. It's so brilliantly crafted down to the standard musical quick-resolve to the problem at the end.

I liked Angel more as it was a less teeny-bopper view of the same world.

However in both Angel and Buffy there was excellent character development all the way through, especially for the more underrated characters such as Wesley (Geek to Bad Ass in Four Seasons!) and Xander (Social Outcast to Will of Steel in Seven!)

For those of you who loved Buffy and Angel, be sure to check out "Firefly", Joss Whedon's other show that just didn't do as well.
I was with Buffy all the way until David Boreanaz left. After that, it just didn't seem as good and Buffy really started to annoy me. I was a big fan of Angel and loved the characters of Gunn and Lorne and how awesome Wesley became. But the Corderlia/Connor thing grossed me out and I just couldn't watch anymore. Mad
I didn't like it when Oz left! I mean sure Tara and Will are cute but Oz and Will were perfect! I didn't like Riley at all! He was soooo stupid. Angel and Buffy were my favorite couple until Cordelia and Wesley. I wanted them to be together so bad! I hated Gru! Cordelia so would have been with Angel if it werent for Gru! Cordy is one of my favorite characters, the other is Faith. I wish Faith would have been with Angel or Spike! That would have been sooo hot!
Yes I watched Buffy! And Angel! And I was even excited about the news of a Spike series! Eee, Buffy!

My ex-boyfriend and I were so anxious for the end of the series that we downloaded it before it was shown here in Australia (to those of you who frown upon downloading, don't worry your pretty little heads: I've since picked up the Complete Season Collection). I tell you right now, I felt hollow when that show was over. I recall sitting down on his front porch in complete silence and lighting up a cigarette. I sighed oh so poignantly and said "I can't believe that I will never see a new episode of Buffy ever again."

And then it started to rain. Alright, so that didn't part didn't really happen, but you get the picture. Wink
I Liked buffy and angel because both series had their fair share of memorible episodes. I still pop the dvds into see my favorite episodes which are...

Buffy - Hush, The Body,Buffy vs. Dracula.
Angel - Smiletime, Spin the Bottle, City of.

There are more but I am not going to bore you with them
I finished the series a while ago, but haven't had a chance to post.

It was awesome. I liked the ending and the character development was by far the best thing about the series. I think the creepiest episodes were Hush, Kinderstadt (sp?), and I think it's Life Serial. My favorite is by far Once More, With Feeling - the musical episode. Not sure about the last one.

We haven't started watching Angel yet, we're taking a break and watching Six Feet Under first. I'd be interested if they did a Spike spin-off, but it would have to be very good.
The series start slowly, the quality of first seasons is just ok but that the only series I know that constantly rised quality from beginning to end. The last 3 seasons kick asses. It's the series I watch again the more and for last 3 seasons the last time I watch again was about the 6th and the pleasure still quite high. Very few series achieved that.

Angel series is far to be as good than the last 3 seasons of Buffy. In fact when Angel left Buffy series that that the quality rise up a lot.
I am a huge Buffy fan. Actually I am a mega Joss Whedon fan.
I have all of Buffy on dvd (thanks to my wonderful family).
This past weekend I was fortunate enough to meet Nathon Fillion at Earls Court here in the UK. (the fantastic actor who played Caleb in Buffy, also played Malcolm the captain of Serenity).
The guy was amazing, funny, natural, friendly, had all the time in the world for everyone.
I have amazing pics, wonderful memories, and a gorgeous signed photo, personalised to my husband and I.
He was every bit as goodlooking in real life too Wink
I haven't watched Firefly or Serenity yet, but I want to. I've never heard anything bad about them and they have come highly recommended.
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