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question about da vinci code (spoiler)

I know someone already posted a topic about da vinci code, but I just felt like posting a new one since I had some questions about the movie.
Well anyway, I saw the movie today without reading the book.( yeah iknow its terrible Sad ) It was pretty interesting but I couldn't really understand what people were saying when they talked with French accent. Sophie was okay but the french polices' accent was really hard to understand( probably just for me) okay here are some questions and if you answer them I would really appreciate it. I'm not really sure how the characters' name were spelled. I also kind of slept during the movie(I was really tired Sad ) so now I don't really understand what happened.
1)Why were the French policemen tried to catch Langlton?
2)What is the place that Langlton and Sophie went to put some code, get the box, Who was the man with Rolex watch? Why was he deceiving the main characters? How was he related?
3)Who is the person that died in the beginning of the movie?
4)Why was that young monk tried to chastise himself? Why was he chasing Langltona and Sophie? Did he know Sophie was the decendent?
5)What was that old man (langlton's friend) Mr teeting or something?
6)Why was Sophie's fake grandfather raising Sophie?
7)Who are the people that insisted they were Sophie's guardians at the temple?
8)Why did the museum person call people above for Sophie? How did he know?
9)What is the relationship with that crazy monk, teeting(oldman), and teeting's servant?
10) I didn't really get the ending part when Langlton went to the museum and climbed up to the pyramid...
to miniwood
yeah, I know .. but I don't know. I just fell asleep at the beginning not the end. I was bit tired that day. When the monk started chastising himself, I got scared and I just closed my eyes and then i started dozing. not much though Drool

to octaeder
thank you Anxious
LOL, 'I didn't read the book and I slept through the movie, can someone explain it to me?'

That's the funniest thing I've read all week.
I didn't read the book either, but most of the answers were fairly clear in the movie.... Unless you slept through it Smile

1) Because Langdon had a meeting with the victim that day. Plus the P.S. find Langdon message that was hidden. Oh, and more importantly the evil bishop told head cop (God I can't remember the names) that Langdon was involved.

2) A bank, the guy with the Rolex was the manager, the deposit box had a escape clause, but he betrayed L&S because he was disappointed that the oldest account he held was claimed by murderers.

3) Sophie's "grandfather" and the guy in charge of The Priory.

4) He was an agent of the bishop and so everything he did was by instruction. I think he did work out Sophie was the descendant at one point. He was flagilating himself because he seemed to take his religion a touch seriously.

5) He was the teacher as well as being an old friend of Langdon. He also completely saved the movie from being totally worthless drivel.

6) Because she was the descendant that the Priory were protecting / hiding

7) The Priory

Cool Don't really know which bit you're on about. If you mean at the end then that guy was a member of The Priory and the fact that L&S had discovered so much information from the code would have alerted him to the fact. Remember that the fake grandfather had set up the clues in order for L&S to be led their.

9) Silas and Teabing only had a relationship through the bishop that Silas worked for, and the servant was merely a pawn in Teabing's betrayal as The Teacher.

10) Langdon was kneeling at the last resting place of Mary Magdalene.

To be honest I found the whole movie to be a bit dull. I'm told the book is better though, might investigate at some point.
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