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Dell PCs to Bundle Google Software : Setback for Microsoft

Google and Dell have announced a partnership deal that will install Google software on Dell systems, a potential setback for Microsoft.

The planned deal will be for approximately three years, and Google will pay a fee to incorporate on Dell computers its desktop software, which integrates a number of personal computing applications, the Google tool bar, and co-branded Internet home page.

Presently, Dell and Google are reported to be in talks to install the software on as many as 100 million new Dell PCs, following a bidding process in which Google edged out Microsoft, and Yahoo withdrew.

Whereas for Dell, this partnership represents the latest attempt to boost revenues as it continues to struggle against slumping margins and slowing sales; for Google, the move represents a direct challenge to Microsoft, whose suite of software tools have long dominated the PC desktop market. source

So, dell will be installing google softwares that includes desktop software, google toolbar, co-branded internet home page in its pc's for three years. Google is challenging Microsoft at its own game. It will be interesting to see what happens next. will users be able to accept google softwares ? Can google make softwares as good as Microsoft makes them ?
You know the first thing I do when I get a new computer? I un-install every single piece of non-absolutely-essential piece of bundled software then reg clean it and disk clean it and everything so it's CLEAN. Urgh...I don't want my computer to arrive with lots of google or microsoft software when I have better alternatives in my software library.

I would build my own computer but I don't have enough time.
Don't think Google-guys will be able to throw out MS from market completely. Nevertheless, take a part(may be noticeably part) from this market - quite feasible task for such giant as Google.
I do the same as Joxang delete everything from the computer. Most of that stuff is useless junk adn software that I will never use and most of the security they give us is useless as well!

I heard though that Google was developing their own OS which would bundle with the Dell computers but I guess that will not be happening! But seriously if people wanted google products they would download it if the wanted. All I seriously find useful in that google pack is the firefox browser!

As for that destroying winodws, dream on. Windows might be a vulnerable OS but it is not that weak!
I just hate it when they throw in useless crap. I could understand a internet browser and media player. But a search bar? Its like these companies dont allow us to make our minds up and think were too stupid to even make the right choice.

Google is a great search engine, But I find it's looks and feel to simple and primitive. What ever happen to professional looking sites?
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