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confused with CVS, SSH of sourceforge

I have gone to sourceforge and established a project..
and Now, I'm going to use CVS for it and I found it UNBELIVEABLELY complex...
I can even tell you it's the most complex thing I have ever done in my entire life...
like there are different softwares to install and other things..
SO.. I'm really confused.
That's why I come here for people to give me some direction of what to download and to config if
1. I'm the developer of the project
2. I'm using windows
3. I want a good graphic interface so I don't need to use command line all the time
4. I want nothing else but access the CVS system and do changes in it
Ok, I am on a Mac, but CVS is generally the same. Here is a bit of information.

CVS stands for Concurrent Versions System, and it manages your source code for your applications. Since storing the same files over and over again would take up way too much space, CVS is designed to track only changes, which makes it a lot more compact and easier to track changes throughout programming. Like if your application breaks, you can go and see what you changed, and then work accordingly. Below is a guide that I posted for my group. You might find it useful. The first few steps for getting the key are the same. Not too sure about the rest of it though, but I included it anyway.

First, you have been probably granted access to our CVS (Concurrent Versions System). In order to use this system, you will have to get a SSH key. Just follow the steps below:
1. Go to the following URL
2. Follow the steps it has to create your key.
3. Once you have your key, copy it into your clipboard
4. Navigate to the following website:
5. Copy your key into the box and hit update.

You should now be configured to check-in and check-out of the CVS.
Now, I will tell you how to set up the CVS (or how I did):
1. Go to Finder and hit Go->Go to Folder... (Shift + Command + g)
2. Type in "/etc"
3. Find the file named "profile" and drag it onto your Desktop (this will make a copy for you; this is what we want)
4. Open the file on your Desktop with your favorite text editor (TextEdit, in my case)
5. Find the line "export PATH"
6. Add two new lines under it.
7. Make the first new one:
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
8. Make the second one:
export CVSROOT="";

For example, an excerpt of mine would look like:
export PATH
export CVS_RSH="ssh"
export CVSROOT="";

9. Once you have the file all neat and laid out, then save it.
10. Drag the file back from the Desktop to the folder you were originally working with (/etc)
11. The OS will ask you if you want to replace the file. Say yes. (it will also ask you to Authenticate the move, since you /etc is a locked directory. Don't worry, you can always change it back.)
12. Now you are done configuring Terminal with CVS!

Ok, now you have your CVS key and Terminal is all set up! Now, we are going to pull the actual source. In Terminal, I would suggest 'cd'ing to your Desktop. ("cd ~/desktop"). Once there, type in "cvs co scxc2". You will then be prompted for your pass-phrase, which is the one you made when creating your key. If all goes well, the source will be dumped onto your desktop (in its own directory, of course). Now, to familiarize yourself with CVS. I would recommend reading over the first one (as it explains most of what we did at the very beginning (editing the profile file) and some basic commands), and the second source will be your primary source; it is the CVS bible basically.

Another important thing to remember is to never upload another file other than scxc2. The main reason for this is because we cannot delete anything. As you can see from the CVS browser, you can see my wonderful "mytest" directory when I was trying to figure out CVS. You can make another directory, just remembered that it is sort of a pain to delete it (have to contact SourceForge support and tell them to clean out our CVS). You can of course make your own CVS to play around with (as seen in the first reference), but you will have to override the export commands we stated in the profile file.

I did a quick Google search, and I found a frontend for Windows. I still prefer command line, as you have more control, but some like frontends better.

Hope this helps you some,

THX that really helps!...
and I'm using WINCVS so the rest part is kind easier because it's more graphic
Yea, I figured that program would make it a bit easier to interface with setting up the details. Well, let me know if you need clarification on anything. Glad I could help you out.

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