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Does anyone know the chronological order of the FF series?

I have almost all the games in the series and I'd like to play it in a sequencial order according to story - if the stories actually do sequenciate (sp lol).

FF = Final Fantasy for the ignorant people reading this topic (ignorant sounds so negative than it's meant to be, hope no one takes it the wrong way)

I'll give cookies to the person who answers me Very Happy
I really don't think there is any order to the series. The plotlines are so different that it's difficult to tell what happened in order if there is one. All I know is that the only ones with order are the FFX and FFX-2
Oh, okay. Thanks for the quick reply. So I should just play the game sequencially by release date, right?
the only actual ff series is x and x-2 the other is ff7 and advent children but thats a movie so it dosent count

but i would play them all thay all pretty much have different characters and they all have completely diferent stories throgh 1 to 9 the only simeraraty between the games is the final fantasy in the title.
chronologically, final fantasies came out in the order:

nes:i, ii, iii
snes: i,ii(or 4 in english), iii (or 6 in english),v
ps2 n pc:xi

there are also some final fantasies for game boy but i dont have a clue about those. Also as the poster above said, they dont follow a single storyline but instead each time the story changes. What does remain the same ussually is some names and characters( Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, Bahamut, Alexander are summons in most ff games. Also other various names like Biggs Wedge and Cid are used often in the series and finally the chocobo and moogle creatures can be seen throughout almost all of the series)
Some people think final fantasy x-2 may have taken place before ff7 in the same universe because one of the x-2 characters has the same name as some characters and a company in ff7, along with some similar ideas in both games.

Not me though.
there is some simalaritys between the games

im feeling evil so i might go play matrixz online now
ltbennett wrote:
there is some simalaritys between the games

im feeling evil so i might go play matrixz online now

Thats only Characters, Like Sid, The Moogles, The Chocobo's and items. Also the Airship concept is also similar. Except in FFX where you actually had a built in shop. that was cool.
hmmm there are similarities in that some games involve the same world.
For example, ff2 is sitiuated in the same world as ff9, only ff9 is situated much futher on the timeline
I think this is right

Final Fantasy 10 Final Fantasy 10-2 (10-2 is sequal)

Final fantasy 12 and Tactics Advance (GBA) are in the same world.

Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 (PS2) has FF characters from 7, 8, 10, 10-2

For Final fantasy 7 i think the order is

Crisis Core (PSP)
Last Order (short OVA with japanese Advent Children)
Final Fantasy 7 (playstation)
Advent Children (movie)
Dirge of Cerberus (patform game)
Before Crisis (mobile)
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