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The Conspirators Place

The Conspirator
My site of for the various things I'm working on and made.
Click me!
ok, i've looked at your site and here are my comments.

First, you could use a more developed navigation bar. Even if you're using plain text, try to arrange it and put some styles and colours to it using CSS. It can be better.

Then, I think the advert stole too much of attention that it robs away the attention to the main content of your site. Perhaps because of its bright colour.

And try to use fonts that are easier to read and to the eyes. For websites, Tahoma is very common. Try it.

And lastly, try to organize it a bit. Don't let everyting looks jumbled up together, like all the texts in the middle. Maybe you can use some padding or margin between the paragraphs.
The Conspirator
I am using Tahoma. Or its supposed to, that whats set in the style sheet.

I see what you mean about the advertisements, but to get clicks I need people notice them but if there too noticeable, like you said, they take attention away from the site it self. Unfortunately the google referrals don't have any black versions. The bottom add, can't do much about that as its supposed to get people coming to my site.
I'll work on the adds.
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