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Scam, Scam, Scam and more Scam!

LA Ridge
I think it is funny how people fall for scams. I am pretty cautious, but could have fallen for a few more than I have. Like Amway and things like it. Especially "Get Rich Quick" scams on the Internet. "Make money while you pick your nose," "I'm rich and you're not - Read my book!" "Make money with no work involved," Puleeeeeeeze!!!!

It trips me out to find legit stuff like FriHost. I tell people about it and they say "Sounds to good to be true!" Why? Because someone actually has a service for free that delivers something worth having to begin with? I have run into that problem with my business. People would rather be scammed.

What are some of the latest Scams you have found on the Internet and elswhere?
I've never fallen for any scam, ever. I honestly have trouble understanding how other people manage to fall for them, especially ones that just strike me as fairly obvious and re-occuring.

Well, actually I did fall for one scam: Frihost. I came here thinking that it was too good to be true, and it wasn't until I signed up that I realised that they OWNED MY SOUL and used this power to evily draw me back to their forum every few days. Now I am trapped here, forever lurking in the corners of the internet, a sleep-deprived menance without... you know... sleep and stuff. And I bet it was THEM who sent those nice men in white coats to get me... we'll see how they like those coats red... red from the jelly I plan to throw at them at lunch today! Mwa-ha-ha-ha. Oh wait, crap, don't tell them! I didn't say anything!


Go Frihost.
LA Ridge
I think Google is the real intruder... Everybody bows down and licks their boots to get a little search engine action. And they allow them to put ads all over for a sheckle or two. Same damn services you are offering on your site, but they are letting it go on and on and on. They crawl all over like theives in the night, anywhere and anytime they want!

Google/Satan Same thing.
lol i never falled in a scam ever before Cool Laughing
Google is good, they use Linux.

Everyone is out to get money, and to do it without any effort. Though I have been tenmpet into a few scams myself, until I read the fine print the scam looks good (I look even if it has scam written all over it, you never know, somethings are free). Though I have never fell for any real scams, and if you think about it, what is a scam. Everyone is always scamming somone else, like Taxi fares are rediculuos now, but you can't really argue when you need a taxi. Petrol is expensive because of the ammount of tax with the Government 'scam' off of us?, where do you draw the line?

To sum it all, I think in comparison Google is actually a rather friendly business that did it's job very well, and thats how they got rich, you look at Ask and Yahoo and *cough* MSN and they aren't as good as Google.
Too true about Frihost, really.
Well, nor have I fallen for a scam and would not like to do so anytime. Just get your work and do what you want instead of indulging in other ads shown at the sides.
About google, I must say that it is the best s engine and so what if it shows spam, its up to you to not to accept it.

Warm Regards,


For sure.

Use Linux!
Everybody who has ever used the internet must have seen this one. The multi-coloured, flashing words "FREE" and "IPOD" are bound to appeal to lesser mortals (such as myself I'm afraid to say!). After this popup appeared for about the tenth time, I decided to find out why the IPOD was free.

Several hundred clicks and four cups of coffee later, it transpired that it was necessary to subscribe myself, plus five friends, to Concrete weekly (or similar) at $20 an issue. Needless to say, if anyone named me as a "friend" on this site, they would certainly be removed from the Will.

And the moral of the story...

Ignore any ads/spam whatever it says, regardless of "!!!" and "free"
I almost fell into this one Just look at the girls.
Oh, that reminds me about bonzai kittens. Eeew, I'm glad it was a hoax...
LA Ridge
Oh my GOD! What a bunch of sheep! Google is controlling your world on the Internet and you can't even see past your nose! No wonder they got two planes into the Twin Towers! People are just a bunch of followers. Gee, let's play follow the leader... Like sheep to the slaughter!

Screw that! Google is invading every nook and cranny in the known Internet world! They control your website and the flow of traffic to it. They know every personal detail about you, everything you have ever posted on the Internet. They control you and you don't even see it! Amazing!

Keep on getting your little Adsense sheckels and keep bowing down to the search engine Gods of Google... One day you will see that I am right on point here.

ive been scamed a few times before but i can avoid being scamed now
I love the ad I got from the banner rotation under this thread which said:
"earn $150 from doing a survey!!"
most likely a scam.

Internet scams are for pussies.
my favourite real life scam is the change up.
walk into a shop with $20
ask the clerk to change it into 1x $10 2x $5
give the clerk one of the $5's back and get them to change it into coins
then while they are doing that stop them, give them the $10 and ask them to change it all back into a $20.

they won't realize that you still have one of the $5's in your pocket.
you make an instant $5!

i learnt this the hard way, by getting jipped working in my dad's shop.
LA Ridge
Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is free! Someone HAS to pay for it. Even this here forum at Frihost, someone pays something for it. Anything that says something is for free is either promoting a total loss leader, or whatever, but THEY still paid for it!

You say Internet scams are for who? Hmmmm. Well, I guess there must be millions of those out there because they happen every day.

I'm gonna start listing some tomorrow. If you see one, list the url here as well. May as well see how many we can find.

I would start by referencing the guy who talked about the Ipod. All of those deals are adscams. (New word, adsense = adscam). Every one of them requires hours and ours of being jerked around and you eventually get told you have to buy this or that. I have an email box at Gmail. I started a couple of those and the spam went ballistic! There is currently 6000 spam emails in the spam box. And that is only 3 weeks worth.

I am smelling something weird around here... Do you smell it? Oh wait, that's me... Sorry
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