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Soldier of Fortune 2

SOF ll Double Helix is in my opinion one of the best online first person shooter games. I purchased that game about 3 years ago and i play online ALOT.. its amazing to go against anyone in the world, and test yourself against hundreds of clans and enemies.. Also another great thing, is the ping-o-meter... if you run on a slow dialup.. you would want to join a high ping to make things even and limit lagg.. and DSL would join super low pings to increase the overall flow of things... i love this game.. even if it is somewhat old, the single player is fun as well, especially if you download mods from the website.

SoF2 is a great game... I always try to hit enemies on their head, but headshot gives more fun in SoF2. And my fav. weapons are M4 and shotgun. M4 is accurative, i like it. And shotgun makes enemies' hands, arms, heads etc. fly! FUN!
yeah the reactions are good and it's reelly a classic of FPS games...
SOF2 is what soldier of fortune 1 SHOULD have been. All the unrealistic sci fi weapons are gone. Gone is the stupid Comic-book villain wanna be bad guys. And finally we have a selection of REAL weapons to choose from, complete with selective fire, alternate fire modes, and some other nice touches.
SOF 2 definatley improves on the first. Based on the quake 3 engine, the graphics are pretty good, though not always great (by modern standards). There is an abundance of bland textures and less that perfect character models. Over all though, the graphics are pretty good, though in some places the detail is definatley lacking.

The infamous GHOUL engine form the first game, which allows for dismemberment and all sorts of gruesome graphical effects is back and much improved. Bullets holes and even throwing knives will now show up anywhere on a model where it is shot (the first game only had pre ploted points on models so you might shoot someone somewhere and have the bullet hole show up 2 inches left of there - but no more). The gore is more detailed and grittier than ever. More precise damage effects are obvious - shoot someone in the face and you can blow of thier jaw, or rip part of thier skull off. Really nasty stuff. Occasionaly a grenade will leave behind a dark real pool of sausage meat looking stuff that actually gave me shivers. But somethings are missing here... there are no more intestines hanging from the belly like in the first, which I thought was the nastiest effect in the game. There is also no graphic deption of brains either. Though what was done is surely disturbing enough. You'll want to keep this one away from the kiddies.

The weapons are fairly accurately modeled - much better than the first, but there isnt enough of them. Nothing like in Counter Strike or other games. Nor are there any varients of the main weapons, and the ad ons like laser sights are VERY few. The guns dont feel very different either. The game is still an action game and I suppose it plays the roll well - though more attention to realism here would have been good.

Gameplay goes from great, to disapointing. The story tries to use some "half life" tricks, but it ultimatley fails. And many of the missions and levels are pretty poor. The character AI is also pretty sad, and not believable - also the gameplay is completely linear. The environments arent very interactive, and the game feels old by the time you're half way through it. Online multiplayer is good, but not great... I still prefer counterstrike.

The random mission generator is a GREAT addition - atleast on paper. In practice it creats bland, unintriguing missions and maps, and creates the same ones over and over. THere is no real pressence of urban combat or interesting environments. and in general I feel disapointed.

The game is fun, and a VAST improvement over the first, but gameplay needs tweaking and the developers should both focus on detail and realism (this game needs polishing) as well as get a little more creative.

No doubt though, many SOF fans will be MORE than pleased with this game as it fixes the most obvious faliures of the first.
Great game. I spent many hours playing that game during my college years.
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