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Ghost Video (Real or Fake?)

Do you think this video is Real or Fake?
 14%  [ 2 ]
 85%  [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 14

Dj Redrum
Here's a video I picked up from another website, enjoy
Strings + Levers + Door + Heavy Breathing = Ghosts?

I dont know, i have seen lots of weird photos of them and everything but i dont think that vid was real, if you do have like a section on the supernatural at school check it out....many a wasted english lesson were spent around it... some weird stuff like ghotsly figures oooooooooo Razz
honestly its called special effects. if ghosts were real i doubt theywould follow the stereotypes people have of them we expect things to be exactly the same as stereotypes because society commercials advertisements ect. show them so often. with ghosts its similar to the stereotype of a guy who's a towtruck driver and what most ofthem are actually like, almost completely different.

peace-out curnow.
Ghosts do not exist, sorry. If they did, I'm sure they would have something better to do then scare innocent people. Same with aliens, but that's a different topic Very Happy.

so wheres the scarey thing in the movie clip? The only frightning thing i find about it is the guy taping really needs some exercise or something before he hyperventilates...... anyone got a puffer?

would a ghost really be that dumb as to keep trying a door knob even after the doors open?
It looks fake... Someone just proberly put a string and was twisting it. The quality was poor so there could of have a string there and keep on moving it, or just edit it.
Ghosts do not exist

Hmmm, i think ghosts may exist, as i explained in a topic that it is cientify proved that they may exist, but whaterver, i dont think the vide is real, for the next reasons:

Think about it, if you think there's a ghost, would yo go funning for a cam?
In case that you run for a cam, would you make a lot of noice (sniffing) so it comes difficult to hear everything that happens?
If the you would do both things, then, would you keep like nothing and do not call for anyone screaming and scared? when the door hits the wall, the cam moves, and if you see well, you can see a person in the other room, why is the person there? i think that if it was real, the person who filmed this, would scream to the guy asking him for comming.
There is no need for special effects, i can do that thing with a remote control car toy of kids, i can take the motor out, and put it inside the door, so the thing moves and make noise, also, with some wind, you can push the door, this is easy because the guy who filmed was sniffing very loud and you cant hear if there're a wind machine.
Well, everytime I go into the kitchen, or just look to a direction, I see a white flash. Something in my house is spying on my family and I, and I know who it is...

It's that damn dog that we ran over!!

Yes, ghosts exist, but what the hell are they going to do to you? Threaten you with a ghost axe? Say, "BOOGa BOOGa BOOGa?" No, they will just scare you out of your wits until you go completely insane. Please manage your mental and vision area in a dark and lonely house.

What creeps me out is that movie called 13 Ghosts. I mean, those ghosts are invisible and they do some crazy [censored] stuff to those people.
Mr Smith
I personally and honestly have not had an encounter with a ghost or spiritual object/thing. And until I do, I will not believe in them. Sadly, that video is very likely fake, as you can easily kick a door handle out of place (off its tracks), attatch fishing line to it, and swing it upwards and downwards.

I am not saying it is fake, even if I voted for fake, but the likelyness of this being true is VERY slim. The only one who knows this is true or not, is the filmer.
Rmgk wrote:
Strings + Levers + Door + Heavy Breathing = Ghosts?

Laughing lol

Well I think the solution to the above is not ghosts. Just some kids messing about after having nothing better to do. The heavy breathing sounded scared so they wouldnt be recording if they actually were. Also chances of them existing is up to you but of being recordable, ie having the camera in the right place and time is far too convienient for my liking.

You should be able to guess that I voted False
It sounded more like the guy was making love, Or playing with his package. Other than that, Why the hell would he have a camera to capture such an unexpected moment, It seems hard to believe you would have a digital camera and a ghost at the same time would pop out of nowhere opening a door. The odds of that happening is nearly impossible.

Plus this trick is easy to reproduce, Like suggested before using a string while digitally retouching the images to make the string disappear.

Another trick that can be used is stop motion which is most unlikely but possible since it involves a door only. I can take a camera right now to prove you this, But I dont have time.

But if any frihosters would like to prove my theory, Film the door knob turning, Then using the stop motion technique, Take pics of the door opening and closing while adding the breathing noises.
I belive some movies I've seen but that one is definently with out a dought in my mind a FAKE. And worst of all that is the WORST Fake I have ever seen. No offence but BAD find.
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