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Check out my site!!!

Hey guys,

Well this site started out from frihost and we sort of needed to expand and so we got another server of our own. Although we kept asking for help from frihost lol!

Anyways check it out and give us your feedback!

Our Site

Oh and this is a joint program with me and my cousin just so you guys know. I didn't do much though he did most!
urm... okay.. the first impression is that it's nice, clean but just a little too... plain is it? Maybe you should play with gradient and shadows and stuffs, just to add it up a bit. Otherwise, it's clean. good, people like clean and uncluttered websites.

Next.. urm.. perhaps put a little banner saying who or what this website represent? like a bold letters spelling out EX-AN at the top of the page. Otherwise, people'll have to search through the lines to know it.

I noticed you use css, but why is there still tables? CSS can completely eliminate tables you know, and it's much better to get rid of tables.

That's all for the while, i'll get to it later if i have any more.

Nice work, actually. Clean...
I like the website, here are the recommendations I would make to you. It’s not complete as I only did a quick browse.

Company Logo
You need some kind of main logo that will represent your business, it's one of the first things that people see when they enter a webpage and you want to get them interested in your business. The current one is just too plain, it hasn't got the company URL or slogan.

Hosting Plans
For the hosting plans on the right side of the Index page you should tell the potential customer the price of the plan and make it stand out too. It's much easier for them this way.
Also use a smaller text size for '>' or use something different it makes it look a bit messy.
Make things that you think stand out in the plan bold it will draw their attention to it, you need to wow them.
Finally you should emphasize 'And Much More' with an exclamation make it known that you have more to offer.

Order Forms
You only have one password input for your order forms, you should add a secondary password input for password verification so they don't make spelling mistakes. The password input should also not be in plain text use '<input type="password"..........>' instead.

The part is a little confusing, the header says 'Customize Your Server' and the sub-heading says 'Choose Your Control Panel'. This to me sounds like your wanting me to choose which type of control panel I'm going to use if I would sign up (cPanel, Direct Admin etc). But it is the type of hosting plan instead. Also it doesn't say for how long the hosting plan is. $21.99 for a day, a month, 1 year 5 years? It does say the price on hplans.php but what happens if I order from the Index page?

Affiliate Page
There is a missing quote from Michael J. Brown
K cool thanks for the feedback guys. I will be sure to check it out with my cousin and we will try to fix all that.

Oh and yes I know about the banner lol, we are actually getting someone to do one for us!

As for the hosting menu I agree that they should be a bit better looking!
Yeah other than a few minor things your site is great. By the way the hosting plans you offer are great Shocked
nice... maybe many ppl will like it...

but its just tooooo simple for my taste... a hosting site need to have more visual.... check out ... look at their design and how they show their plans up in front and not in blocks coz thats what their site is based on .... HOSTING.......

check any other hosting site... pics of servers and comps always help these kinda sites...
Salman thanks for the advise and yeah I know that we need to improve our site a lot lol! Well atleast the frontpage!

We just sort of started so we are still adding many things, we try to add something new everyday so probably in the future we will have something like that!

I guess it just takes time! Although I think that site is flash lol! Very Happy
K guys we have fixed some stuff on site mostly the banner is new. We also changed the menus on side a bit by adding the price, lol seriously not sure why we forgot that in the beginning! Also we changed the "Choose your Control Panel thingie lol!"

Check it out now!

Our Site
One big turn off...

Your navigation requires javascript to be on.

I use noscript for Fx, and choose which sites I allow JS to run on. Without JS, you can't get to the other pages. You should provide an alternative means of navigation.

Check prices on upgrades. I believe it should read 5 gigs of space, and 50 gigs of bandwith.
{name here}
Site looks good, but use the <ul> tag for the hosting plan lists. Lists like that are what the <ul> tag is for.
Syntax Example:

    <li>Item 1</li>
    <li>Item 2</li>

This will let modern browsers use dots or squares rather than ">"
Name here I agree with using the list tags for the menu, but as I said earlier I was not the original coder lol! but for the arrow that was actually a choice since they looked better than the original circle Very Happy !

As for Benjad, I did not quite understand what you meant by that. Which navigation exactly do you mean, and if you mean the submenus well we did include a SiteMap in the footer (Way down at the bottom!). But if it is something else then not sure, please elaborate a bit more!

EDIT: I don't know I mean for the account prices Banjad those are pretty reasonable prices. Space is not an issue with most people seeing as most coding pages are pretty small and do not take up a lot of space. But if you want to add files such as little videos or something then it will be more which is why we give it for cheap!

As for bandwitdh, this is one of those things that is very important, you run out of bandwitdh and you have to wait for a reset! This is exactly why bandwitdh is pretty pricey everywhere I have seen! But do not think I will not rethink and look into it, I will talk with my cousin!
{name here}
Regaurdless if you're not the original coder, there should be a template located somewhere where you could change that yourself. I'd help but I don't know what CMS is used and what the diretory structure is...
Not bad. just a bit plain, yet it looks pro. Though, with your abilities Very Happy you could do more I guess!
The CMS we are using is e107 but some of the PHP files were coded by us! mostly I belive the form files or something like that, not really sure which ones!

Oh and thanks bnbrown, I know we can do better but for a quick open I think it is pretty good. Oh and I believe over time we will keep changing, that way our customers will not be bored with the site lol! Very Happy
the site design is very nice..but i would suggest you to use verdana font for your text it would add more beauty to your page.
jayzee wrote:
the site design is very nice..but i would suggest you to use verdana font for your text it would add more beauty to your page.

True Verdana does look nice, and looking at it right now it would probably go nice with the site design! But the only problem we are having is that the WYSIWYG editor does not have an option of choosing different fonts. I am not sure why e107 does not have that, maybe {Name Here} can help me on that one, although probably changing it in the css template could work!!!
K guys I just got a message from my cousin explaining some stuff on the site issue lol!

It seems that the upgrades page, with the space and bandwitdh was mixed up so we fixed that! As for the CMS that {Name Here} asked about. he said we only use e107 for the theme, none of the plugins at all, well maybe the news but that is about it. All the pages were coded by him using php and javascript so basically we can change the font to whatever we like even true Verdana!

Oh as for Benjad he asked why do you not allow your browser to use javascript lol! He said he knows that there are other ways of doing it without javascript as in pure php but he does not have the time to code it right now. Once he has some free time he will try to change all forms and stuff into pure php!

So thats it for the updates right now! Very Happy

Later all!
Why use noscript... simple....

Javascript is very powerful, almost too powerful (Search for the using javascript to capture clipboard information thread). turning JS off (or allowing it selectively) goes a long way to killing ads, pop-ups, and disabling alot of malicious stuff.

Yes, looking at my site statistics, most (>98 percent) do have JS turned on. But, the web today is about accessability for all. Even with noscript on, I very rarely have a problem with page navigation. Your page was a very uncommon brick wall.

(BTW... maybe you need to check for js, and display a simple text menu in that block??? Must be a way to do that).

(Glad to hear you fixed the upgrades page.. Wink )
Looks pretty nice! Maeby background color could be different, but I think its nice! Wink Idea
K benjad I just tried NoScript on our site and I see what you mean as being annoying Very Happy ! This is why we have added the site map down in the footer since I checked it and it works with NoScript on!

Yes I also know that there are other ways and believe me we are working on it totally! LOL, well atleast when we get the time! I am currently studying PHP, which I thank is similar to C++ since I already studied that so it is going smooth so far!

I am studying it so I can also help out and probably one of my first things to do will probably be that, try to make the submenus work without javascript!

K thanks for the compliment Whong, and yes I know the background does look in a way weird.

I was thinking maybe a touch of gray in the background would look nice, but we will see!
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