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Bush says that the US will defend Israel, should we?

No one doubt that Israel has a right to exist but does that mean that we would go to war over an attack on Israel? Or Taiwan or any of our "allies". Prior to the end of WW2, Israel was not a country but Jews and non-jews lives in the area for centuries, a lot more peacefully than they do now that the State of Israel was carved out by world guilt as a means of penance. In the years since then, the Palestinians and Israelis have been in an undeclared state of war. Both sides have suffered but I would guess that thousands of Palestinians have died in warfare, from starvation, disease, etc... The powerless and the nameless do not get good press, it is considered unpatriotic or anti-american especially in the light of 9/11, even though the terrorists were largely from Saudi Arabia. Many people consider any non- Christian, non-white, or non English speaker, a potential terrorist, I guess they forgot about the Oklahoma city bombing or the Unabomber.
Not to anger any jews out there, but I don't think the creation of Israel was right in the first place. They basically kicked out the arabs and took it for themselves. Now that they've been there for 60 years it's kind of pointless to argue about it's existance. If they are not the agressors I'd say help them, just try and stabalize things. Not like letting them get over-run would help us any.
i think that's the answer of why Americans couldn't succeded in the Middle East.The last time they came they bring a state ISRAIL...In my country(Turkey) and many of other muslim countries people think if they will come again,they will kick us too...
But i think it doesn't mater USA help or not; people think USA can't beat them because they couldn't beat Iraqưus people although there was to many differences and problems in Iraq...
Armies can be beaten but not nations!
People's ideas of America are too stereotypical, and I admit, I have stereotypes of Muslim countries as well, it's those stereotypes that cause trouble. If we could get over them. If the Muslims would try to embrace Western culture and if we would try and embrace the Eastern culture, things would be a lot better. The bad thing is, neither side is willing to do it. Muslims think our entire way of life is sinful. We think they're all terrorists. If we could change those pre-existing, prejudice thoughts, we might get somewhere.

Now, to my point - the U.S. has historically always backed Israel. I believe we use it as an "outpost" in the Middle East. I think we should remain loyal to Israel, because as we've seen in the past, helping someone and then abandoning them only produces bad results, and that's just one more nation who would hate us.

But, to not leave the Palestinians out, why not create the State of Palestine? Just as the U.N. created Israel, the U.N. could create Palestine as a neighbor to Israel. The only issue is, would the Arabs be up to it? I think that Israel wouldn't put up as much a fuss about it as the Arabs would.

And that's a step, small or not, towards peace.
Given time I believe the situation could resolve peacefully. Both sides have made concessions which show that diplomacy is working (albeit slowly). I agree though that intervention by the UN could benefit both countries considerably, and help stabilise the situation.
In my opinion I would personally ask Bush this, from what will you defend Israel from? You have already taken all power from the Palestineans and given it to the Israelis! You have taken all their weapons and added in some more and given it to the Israelis as well. Also if I remember clearly was not Israel making Nuclear weapons and America told them to stop but they did not want to or something like that so America pulled away!

If you ask me America should be worried rather than saying something like that. I mean Israel is becoming powr hungry, who is to tell that they will not attack countries outside the middle east and Europe, such as America who created it!!!

These are only my ideas!
Israel is the U.S.'s little brother so of course they are going to stick with them no matter what. If I ran attacked Israel, I think america would retaliate, along with Israel of course. I hope we never actually have to find out how far America is willing to go for Israel!!
Terrorist- I have just one word for you- Dirka dirka
if israili is really willing to stop terrorism they just should let phalestenưn be free.they must stop the invasion and stop making people live like they are in prison.this is basicly torturing people.israil being nuclear in the area is crazy.if
some day war start in middle east it is almost certain that israil will blow up the whole arabs and whomever challanges israils big brother has killed thosands of iraqis and thousands of non iraqis by using israil in that region.thats why muslims see us as satan -not because how they live-

live the middle east alone americans
Isreal has a Military right? Isn't that what it is for? They have a semi stable government. I don't think its right for us to send our boys to die for a forign cause. I would be totally different minded if it was defending our own soil. Those are my two cents.
JayRod wrote:
Isreal has a Military right? Isn't that what it is for? They have a semi stable government. I don't think its right for us to send our boys to die for a forign cause. I would be totally different minded if it was defending our own soil. Those are my two cents.

War is contagious (Spelling?). Conflicts that occur over in other parts of the world will only stay there for so long. America has learned time and time again that avoiding war and pretending that the ocean gives us invulnerability is not true whatsoever. The best examples I can think of are Pearl Harbor and September 11th, 2001.
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