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Aproblem on my forum ..

Last 3 days I noticed that each time I tried to add a topic or a post in my forum and when I clicked on submit button , it took me to sign in again and all my thread went away ...

I think that I read about such problem once ...

Sorry I tried to search about such subject but didn't know to name such problem in the search box ...

Forgive me my friends ... but I need your help and I want to know if my forum's members facing the same problem or not ?

How can I solve this problem ?

Does this problem related to the main server in any way ?

This is my forum address

Thank you !!!
I'll try to take a look at your forum. However, I didn't manage to register, could you maybe make me a normal account (with English language, if possible) so I check it myself?
Thank you very much 4 your interest

I PM ed you a username and password 4 a normal account , I hope you can manage in some way as all the arabic headlines changed to unknown charactors and the buttons directions are typed in arabic language .

Anyway thank you very much .
Well I was able to post a new topic in your forums without a problem and then reply to it.

Maybe you disabled cookies in your browser? Do you get an sid=<very long> at the end of the url while browsing the forums (not just after logging in)?
Sorry , but I still have the same problem ...

When trying to post , it takes me to such this link

And when I sign in again I find all what I wrote was gone away ?

I didn't disabled cookies in my browser ...

Do you get an sid=<very long> at the end of the url while

browsing the forums (not just after logging in)?

Sorry , but I don't know what exactly you mean by

sid=<very long>

Good time
This is definately weird. I think this has rather something to do with your computer and not with the forum or something about them both.

The sid I was talking about was the last part of the url (sid=7a98875692bf975a6f74f905b2ff46a5 of the url you posted). PphBB places that one mostly if cookies aren't working/disabled. So that might be a part of the problem.
Ok ... I see

I will try to check again ...

God Bless
The thing is, it should be working with even without cookies, that's why the sid is there. And you are able to post here, which is also a phpbb forum.

It might be the modifications that you made to the forums that log you out while posting.
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