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Hey all, I kinda made mention of this in the computer-related obsession topic, but now i'm just wondering.. how many of you play MMORPGs for your hobby?

I have lots of hobbies, but sometimes i like to log onto Final Fantasy XI and join the community of friends i've established on there to do some things that would never be possible in real life.. its kind of fun, as long as you realize that its not real.

anyway, post here with your favorite!

as a secondary, i also play Guild Wars

Final Fantasy XI - Seraph server
Thief Lv71/Ninja Lv40

Guild Wars
I've played a couple. I started off on WoW and played that for a few months solid, probably racking up 400 hours. It kinda took over my life to the point where I was having breakfast in front of the computer etc. Eventually though it got a bit tiresome.

I have also played Guild Wars although I wasn't a huge fan of this. The storyline component was good, but with the whole world being instanced I felt that it was missing that feeling of being alive and vibrant. Not a bad game but just not as good as WoW for me.

I am now waiting for an MMO that I can play that allows me to play on a more casual basis, rather than taking up my whole life. Wink
I've been playing MMORPG'ss off and on for the last five years now *haha, has it really been that long? geez*

I started with EQ, then the expansion ruins of kunark came out, which was a big deal.

then shadows of luclin
then planes of power
then gods of war
and good god, the expansions never stopped.

Finially I got sick of handing sony all my money, and decided to give it to blizzard instead and pick up WoW.

Since then I've been playing for about a month at a time with long breaks in between, but I always enjoy coming back for a quick immersion.
Well i DID play FF XI.....and I would love to play WoW! But right now im installing guild wars! Can you give me your account? I would love to play witcha. PEACE OUT-y lol
The only MMORPGs i play are browser based,,, sometimes runescape which is not browser based but is also light on the system and the connection.
Game Fortress
I havent played harly any mmorpgs but I sure hear alot about Runescape and Maple Story.
I've been playing of MMORPG's for a while. Right now I'm playing Guild Wars and Battletech 3030. Don't know if you would consider Battletech 3030 a real MMORPG. It's a text based multiplayer MUX (Multi User eXperience). telnet://
MMORPGs are great hobbies, in my opinion, as long as you don't become obsessed and know when to stop.
Catastrophic Fairy
I used to before my CDrom drive died. I left my soul somewhere in Baldur's Gate 2, I think. D:
I make one as a hobby, although it certainly isn't far enough along to play yet.
I WAS playing this kind of games and i've lost a entire summer playing.... than i've concluded that this kind of game is dangerous.... it really creates addiction. So...if u play such a game...throw it away.
I used to play World of Warcraft on my friends account. Then I got bored of it. It was too much of a time consumer. My friend still drags me into it though time and time again.

I used to play runescape, but then that got boring.

The graphics on that game are just horrible.

I want to get guildwars, but I am not sure.
Game Fortress
I dont really play MMORPG's because they seem like harsh worlds. There are so many people who do nothing but play it that it is hard to keep your head above water without being killed.
I used to play Ultima Online. That game sucked about 2 years of my life away while I was in high school. I played almost every day, and sometimes even if I didn't play, I'd at least sign on in the mornings to try and collect items that spawned only once a day. What a waste though! It would all have been worth it had I put some effort into selling my account when I was through with it. I could've sold it for $400-500 for all the crap I had (big house, 5 high level characters...etc.) But I was too lazy to go through and itemize everything I had. So instead I just let it die out.....such a waste! Oh well, never again will I get sucked into another mmorpg. Sure they're fun, but they can become an addiction like anything else. I also have a friend who plays WOW (world of warcraft.) We invite him to do stuff sometimes and on occasion he'll turn us down because there's some stupid event going on in WOW. You know you have a problem when you play an mmorpg instead of hanging out with your friends and doing something fun and productive.
Ive played few MMOs, latest was World of Warcraft, but that one got boring after some time.

I suppose the game i played before that, spoiled me. After that i have been looking for anything remotly like that, but without any luck.
What made neocron different from other MMOs was the PVP and the first person shooter type of combat. It still has all of the typical MMO features like character skills and crafting etc. which was nice. Well several years of neocron got boring aswell, so currently im just lurking around and waiting for something nice to come out.
I have been playing World Of Warcraft for 2,5 years, but then it started to bore me, because the game didn't have enough changes, I think.

Then I started playing EVE Online, until this day (already playing about 3 months I think now)
One of them that sucks time is OGame. So addictive. Then again, the internet in general sucks your time...
wow is boring
joostvane wrote:
(already playing about 3 months I think now)

He started playing a year and 9 months after the most recent post in this thread...

Nice bump!
i play wow
I casually play Runescape cause my computer can't run WoW or EvE ^_^
I play Bootleggers. It's text based but I like the game and the way it all works.
Game Fortress wrote:
I havent played harly any mmorpgs but I sure hear alot about Runescape and Maple Story.

MapleStory is Pretty awesome but it can take over your life, like bad! Sad
If you want a good MMORPG, try Guild Wars. It's not very expensive and it doesn't have monthly taxes. Smile
yeah i play maplestory too and i feel it takes up too much time. All MMORPGs take up a lot of our time as you need loads of it to even get anywhere in these games. I've also tried trickster online and Outspark's 'secret of the solstice' & 'fiesta'. Even read of ppl dying because of fatigue due to days of playing MMOPRG non stop..... so watch yourself when you indulge in these games. There must be balance to everything. Wink
I did the trial of WoW. Although is was fun I didn't get the addictive experience that everyone else. i lost interest about 4 hour into it. Can anyone comment on the new Conan game. It looks really fun but I don't know anyone who has played it.
I play a game called Bootleggers. The game is text based however so that's probably not the thing you're looking for.
i think that mmorpgs are very intersting games because you can like, interact with so many other people... its kinda cool, and you can train together and shit. like wow, or world of warcraft, lol. i bet so many people know abaout that game. or maplestory, which is less popular, but still really fun. anyone else has the same views as me?
I think the only MMORPG I've ever played was maplestory. It was the very first game that I actually spent time on, even though it was costly but I thought that it would be worth it. Things like making my maple character look cooler and better, or buying special items that boosts the rewards of the games tempted me to spend more and more cash on maplestory.

After awhile, I finally realised how much money I've actually wasted on maplestory, and I thought, I could have used my money in a much better way instead of spending it on games.

I finally quit maple a year ago. Even though I still play the game once in awhile, I've stopped buying cash and started spending my money well. Instead of playing the real maplestory, I've created my own private server which allows me to try out all the different jobs and classes, getting whatever items I want without spending a single wad of cash.
I play WoW in moderation. Its entertaining to go raiding with mates.
I play maplestory. It is pretty addicting. Though its free, it could be better than come paid games. I don't like WoW
Cool Topic.

I've played Maplestory, Guild Wars, WoW, and Lotro.
I didn't like maplestory alot, but it was a okay game. Guild Wars was fun at first, but than got boring. World Of Warcraft was addicting, but thats about. So I've recently been playing a game called Lord Of The Rings Online. Its fun, its not too expensive. They have a free trial at there website. But, its the game i've enjoyed playing the most.
Wow beats all other mmo's. Just look at the numbers and you will see. I personally have played wow for three years and find it to be much better than any other mmo.
I Dont Know Jessic. Lotro was voted game of year, and it is generaly more player friendly, but i guess it depends on the gamers style.
I played a game called Faith for a while. It's browser based and things take time to build and happen so you can play for 20 minutes and come back a day later to see what happened. Wasn't a life killer but fairly fun.

I often play World of Warcraft. I like it.
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