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new rig, need opinion

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so lets just say that i got a very decent amount of money for graduation this past week and now i need something to spend it on. So i figured, why not get a new PC, sure the one i have is OK, but it doesnt handle the games the same as it used to and its just starting to show its age...lets see what i can get.

here is the list i came up with:

-DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D Socket 939 MOBO
-AMD Opteron 144 Venus Core Socket 939
-1GB Corsair XMS DDR400
-FSP Group FSP530-60GNA 530W PSU
-XFX PV-T73G-UDE3 Geforce 7600GT 256MB GFX Card
-SAMSUNG 16X DVD±R DVD Burner With 5X DVD-RAM Write and LightScribe Black
ZALMAN ZM-MFC1 Fan Controller Panel
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS
ZALMAN VF900 – CU 2 Ball VGA Cooling Fan/Heatsink

after that im just gunna swap out my old hard drives that are in my current machine and im gunna scrap or sell the psu that comes with the case im getting.

So here it is, i want to know what you think of it and make any changes that you think i might benenfit from. Right now its gunna cost about $850USD and i would like to keep it around that if i can.

Nice spec! I will say go for it, I will just ad a HD too.
U can have slow down tnx too the old hard drive, think of adding a 76gigs 10.000RPM SATA disk as your primary disk or boot disk and leave your old HD as secondary disk or data disk.
Fast HD can make the difference too in a PC.
He has a point, you probably want to make sure your main disk is a 7200 or higher rpm drive. That is why I am saving to replace my 4400 RPM drive. My P4 machine is almost as fast as this one loading because of the stupid drive.

Ever consider getting the XClio?

It is a decent PSU and probably cheaper. Good choice going with the stock Opty cooler, it is one of the best. Are you getting 2x 512 sticks or 1x 1gb stick? Get the latter option if you plan to upgrade, and the former if you are going to stay at a gig.
thanks guys, im thinking of upgrading to 2 gigs eventually so i went with 1 1GB stick, and in fact, i may or may not do that now since i have lets just say a lot more money after the actual graduation happened tonight, so another 100 into the machine wont make that much of a dent in the wallet like it would have before. Also, i have 350Gb's of 7200RPM drives, and personally, i dont see it necessary to go with the 10000RPM drives just yet, i may in the future but right now i am in more need for capacity than speed.

Ill be ordering the parts this Monday May 29th so ill take suggestions up to that day and then ill post a new topic with the results from benchmarks and game FPS.

keep the suggestions coming
I would get a little bit more RAM, especially since you are going to be using the machine as a gaming PC. Windows is notorious for eating RAM, so it's always best to be on the safe side and have a little more than is required. I would say maybe 1.5 GB would do it. But for now, the gig should suffice. And try not to put too many hot things in there (excessively fast HD, over-clocked CPU). Obviously, these things will heat your computer, and putting in some sort of cooling system is just one more thing that can break (not to mention making it louder). Anyway, that's my 2 cents.

thanks for the advice.

Yes, i am planning to upgrade to 2GB in the near future, if i dont just go ahead and start off with 2GB since i can afford it now.

As for the heat thing. Honestly im not too worried about that. The cpu runs extremely cool from what iv heard and seen so overclocking it the little that i am going to wont hurt the in case heat that much. Plus i have 2 scion tornado fans that are going into the thing to keep it cool, so i dont think cooling will be that big of a factor in the long if it turns out to be a problem, im getting a liquid cooling kit for it eventually so that should take care of any other problems i might have....
Remember with liquid cooling, you always have the potential of it breaking, and possibly damaging your internals, rendering it to a highly priced paperweight. Also, I would try to make it as cool as possible, as you don't want your computer to outperform your Hoover vacuum Wink

Well look that the HD u have are ok and if u add 1 gig more it’s a rock solid gamer PC. Laughing
Hmm yep I will change the CPU cooling for ho knows some over clocking experience and press that little baby to the max. Twisted Evil
Hope it go ok for u there and keep us posted on how it went. Wink
Liquid Cooling is safer if you use non conductive liquids so im gunna do that if i do liquid cool. Notice i said liquid not water, water causes problems, non conductive liquids dont, they might just make a mess if a line breaks or something.
I might wait till AM2, simply for upgradability, since 939 is starting to be outdated. Also DDR is probably gonna start going up in price as DDR2 starts being the norm, so upgrading RAM might be more expensive later on.
They make a great point 10,000 RPMs helps. Even at 7,600 RPMs if you don't want to shell out for the 10k make sure its SATA because that in itself makes a noticeable diffrence. The specs look great!

As for liquid cooling, I have never done it to my computers but my friend did awhile back. I helped him and the way we set it up there was really no easy way for him to upgrade componets. I don't know if it was just the kit or if that's how they all are. Something to keep in mind.
thanks for all the advice.

as for the AM2 socket....NO, big no, from what iv heard, there will be NO reason to get this right away. And once there is a reason to get it, it will be alot cheaper than it is now.

As for 939 becoming obsolete or whatever... thats not true, the 939 will be getting phased out, EVENTUALLY, but not anytime within the next year or two. And by then ill probably upgrade the mobo and processor again as there is bound to be a neccesary reason at that point. As for DDR becoming more expensive, that is also not likely because if anything it will just become hard to find and cheaper because its out of date. But that isnt likely to happen for a few years because there are always gunna be people out there still using slightly older technology. Much like how there is still PC2100 around when almost no one uses less than 2700 now even for a low end pc. DDR400 wont be going out of production for many years if they follow the same trend cuz im sure that even with AM2 out there will still be intel and lower end AMD boards using DDR.

thanks for the suggestion though, and the liquid cooling is still up in the air, im ordering all the parts i have listed right now as we speak, and the liquid cooling will probably come in a few months im guessing, if i decide i need it, which i probably wont, but its a fun idea to think about...and as for it getting in the way of upgrades, thats probably true, however, i think it may have been just the kit your friend used or the size of the case he used, because if i were to go with water cooling i would definatly go with a full sized atx case and not a mid tower case like i have now or like your friend probably had.
Nice system, Good solid CPU, okay Video - not the highest specs, but for the price it is a sweet deal really. DFI MoBos rock, if you got the cash they are the way to go for gamin. And the socket will be around for a while if you play the wait game you will never have a system....

As far as RAM goes a lot of games I know a lot of gamers only have 1 gig and run games fine it really matters mostly on the video card. Really you only need 512 MB of ram to run XP and most games with out slowing them down. You do see a nice incress in overall system preformance going from 512 MB to 1 Gb many if you like to run more than one program at a time, like file sharing, backing up a DVD, and playing Counter-Strike Source all at the same time. I didn't see much improvement at all going from 1Gb to 2Gb, so you can hold off on that, it makes an easy upgrade for later.

And hard drives have little to no effect on overall preformance (just load times), as long as they are 7200 RPM your fine, and there is no reason the upgrade to SATA because there is NO PREFORMANCE IMPACT, come on guys.

ZALMAN VF900 – CU 2 Ball VGA Cooling Fan/Heatsink is a sweet cooler and will do you fine, I personally am not too a big fan of Water coolers, it is just not worth the cash and upkeep. But thats total up to you. Have fun setting it up! Smile
Thank you for your input.

I just ordered the parts about 5 hours ago so now i get to play the wait game and see if it all comes in on time lol...

I changed the specs around a little, instead of the opti 144 i went with the 148 so i wouldnt have to do any overclocking to it, then i opted not to get the sound card just yet because i read the specs of the mobo and it turns out that it HAS 6 channel onboard that should suit just fine cuz i only got the sound card so i could have 6 channel it turns out that wasnt necessary. I also changed to a different case, because i liked the layout of the interals better and it was about 5 bucks cheaper overall and was aluminum instead of steel. im also holding off on the VGA cooler for now, im gunna wait and make sure it runs stable on all stock settings before i try to do anything interesting with it.

If you guys can think of anything you would add in the future lemme know, cuz there will be a phaze two eventually, i just gotta make sure phaze one works first lol.
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