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Ragnarok Online

Are you playing Ro?
 72%  [ 13 ]
 27%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 18

who know this game?you can see everything about ro in this site.Offical WEb Site: . This is europe server.
Servers; Chaos and Loki(if new servers be,i dont know).

Who played ro?
Whats your class?
Whats your server?
Do you like Ro?
Yes, I play RO, my class is High Wizard or Champion, but mostly High Wizard.
Actually i am not in a server, and yes i like RO, its my favorite MMORPG. Wink
i dont play ..... yet can u give me a link i want to try it
Hehe I play High Wizard too^^ But I play the Taiwan Version which have many bots and KSers... Good game but stupid players...
Ever since it became a P2P game, I gave up on it. There's alot of F2P games out there that has better quality than Ragnarok.
I dont play but it looks good!
Can someone post something about it? Cool
I play this game and I love it. I play both at official server [idRO], and private server [Kumprang].
My char :
idRO : Priest, Crusader, Merchant, Thief & Acolyte.
PS : Sniper & Assassin Cross.
I uesed to "play" Ro... on the us server they have a free 15 day trial, and thus I would make an account play it for 14 days, and then trade all my stuff to a new account I made... its a decent game, fun (sometimes) and many many wasted hours....
oh..this subject bring me back to those wonderfull times with Ro.
its about 3 yrs ago...
my class:Wizard.
lvl:about 70s(i forget it...)
yes i love Ro very much!

BTW, i've heard there was a game called "Ragnarok offline"....
I like watching my friend when he is ragnarok, but i don't play it.. It's fun battling with monsters!
Meh, I only played once of the 15 days free trial...Then I gave up on it. I can't wait til Ragnarok II comes out. Its gonna be 3D and have really great graphics. But, it won't begin being translated until about 2007-2008.
I played ragnarok online a while back for a few months but switched to Conquer Online later on as I found it to be better.
i dont even know what it is, never heard of it until now
erm, not a fan of those kinds of games, but yeah goodluck with it Razz
I'm in Very Happy

I'm playing in Official Server [idRo - Indonesian] and do some calculate using own server [offline mode]

I have an Assassin, Blacksmith, 2 acolyte [1 battle 1 support], rogue, swordman, and a novice Smile)

I like it very much, but since there are bots and rule breaker, I'm a bit dissapointed about this game, moreover, it's cost me enough to say stop for this game Sad but I'm sometimes still play this game XD
I'm playing ragnarok too. currently i'm playing in International server (US server) i have been playing this game for almost 3 years and yes i'm addicted to it. for those who would like to try just go to

there is a FREE account for you to try whether you like the game or not (15 days trial) the fee for each month is about 12$ (less if pay for 6-12 months) install file is a bit big to d/l (about 1gig but not really a problem) try it and welcome to great game and nice community.

I'm playingin Chaos server
My main character is blacksmith name is CeciliaMk II ask ppl they might knew me ^^

Welcome to RO world ! Best MMORPG game ever !
I dislike this game. I really hate to play game that has no goal.
So I finally get to speak out on one of my addictions.
I guess I should start out saying I've been playing RO since the end of Alpha.
Sometime near the end of 2001 I think it was.
Back then it was pretty horrible though, but ya...

RO these days is pretty f'ing awesome.
I don't play official anymore cause Grav. hates me and constantly reams me bum.
I actually used to run my own server for awhile, but I got tired of having to input all the items and mess w/ other ppl, I really dislike blatant disrespect.
But I still play a P.Serv, CakeRO.
It's not hard actually, I play both Mid-Rate and High-Rate, mainly cause I don't have all the time in the world to level like I used to on the official servers.

I left behind a few chars on iRO, like 5 2nd classes (not advanced, I quit before they came out w/ them) and some nub chars (30-45 I believe.)
So ya, aside from the occasional probs, I've recruited quite a few ppl from different games (L2, FlyFF, Infantry, etc) to RO, they all thought it was a great game.
I highly suggest checking it out sometime.
i played ragnarok online a long time ago, about 5 years ago or so when it was still free. i liked the game a lot, was fun running around and doing stuff with friends. sadly i quit after a while because my pc had some problems with the game (has a 333MHz computer at the time). i dont think ill ever start playing again since i have been playing ffxi lately
Pikokola wrote:
I'm playing in Official Server [idRo - Indonesian]

Really? Me too! I played on Loki server, how about you?
ashen wrote:
Pikokola wrote:
I'm playing in Official Server [idRo - Indonesian]

Really? Me too! I played on Loki server, how about you?

Loki too Very Happy Curently inactive, but i'll be there again after august Very Happy

Ususally play as a Hybrid Assassin - whisp me : Masamune_30 [of course it's hard to find me Very Happy
Pikokola wrote:

Loki too Very Happy

Great! I often use my Priest, ryuukossei. Maybe oneday we can meet and talk together. ^^
I play RO a lot after I found thsi pv server.
Im a priest, because they are wonderful <3
Why I play RO instead of WoW and other games is just because I'm a real fan of both the anime and the manga. And the game has just so many connections in the graphics to manga/anime <3
well i not playing now... after i sell my account for instant cash!!
last time... accually 3 month ago..
i play on malaysia official Ragnarok online server chaos
i train a sniper till lvl 91,kiling me.. accually the internet bill kill me first!1
sell for a good price, loving it.

but now i only help people to train the hunter n sniper class , because for me.. they are easy to train and helpfull in guild war.. even some time powerfull in PVP or GVG!!

Last time, 1 year ago, sniper and hunter rule the game!
but their popularities fall went the new system implemented! (acher , hunter, and sniper skill consume arrow) headach for ADV type hunter... ME!!

since then... bye bye hunter.. bye bye sniper... till now!!
Very Happy I love this game.
i love PVP and guildwar.
RO is my favorite MMORPG.
I used to play iRO on trial and only got up to archer or so >_>. But I've been to quite a bit of private servers (dramaRO xD) and usually play a professor/scholar. I don't like how on the ragnarok helpsites that they're all strict on discussion about private servers. It's not like private servers are illegal or anything, they were taken to court and won. So banning people for talking about private servers isn't nice ;_;.
I've got 4 or 5 different 99s, but I quit a while ago.

A new game similar to RO but more advanced is Trickster Online... google it. Smile
ashen.. are you Ragnafilians??? I gues I add your name in my Yahoo Massanger....

Fou-Lunx Ornitier in Ragnadilia or Fudo Masamune in Yahoo Massanger... That's me ^^ If like this.. it'll be more easier for us to meet ^^
I always been playing Assassin, then upgrade to the Assassin Cross class.

Though I sometimes play as a High Priest or Stalker.

I only play on private servers cause of a bit faster rate <= x20 cause I can't THAT much time to grind away.
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