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dop you wnat alternate forms of payment?
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It has come to my attention, and I am sure many others have notices too, that many people post here only because they must, and therefore have no interest in talking on here (like me sometimes.)

I propose that we find some way to work around this, like other options and stuff. I suggest maybe that other forms of payment could be, like putting a banner on your site, getting new posters, or perhaps CONVINCING EXISTING, POSTING GROUPS TO SWITCH TO POSTING ON A SUBBOARD IN THE FRIHOST FORUMS. Then you get to keep good conversations and satisfy your needs to hear people talk, and we get to keep our website and still pay you.

What is the staff's opoinion of this? I would love some alternative forms of payment for you, as posying is irrelgular and boorish from me.

I suggest maybe that other forms of payment could be, like putting a banner on your site

Not to be suggested cause bondings will never do it

and satisfy your needs to hear people talk

What is this? Bondings is not interested in hearing you and me talk.
He wants to make a profit on his site. So by "talking" more we actually have more chance to look at ads and click on them, and get him money for the servers and bandwidth he is giving us for free.
Ok, let me explain how this free hosting works...

We attract visitors by being the best free hosting service available on the internet. To do this, we don't make you put any ads or banners on your site.

However, providing hosting costs money, so we recover that cost through advertising. We get a regular income from visitors clicking the ads, or just looking at them, so if people stop coming to the forum, the money stops coming in, and the free hosting stops.

If posting once or twice a week is too much for you to manage, I would suggest that you try getting a paid host instead.

Frihost will not ever charge you for your hosting account, nor will we ever make you place ads on your site. The way it works is using the forum.

As Animal pointed out, we don't put advertisements on the websites and we never will. The hosting is a service we provide to all active forum members.

If you don't like posting, there are plenty of free hosts supported by advertisements on the websites. It's a different concept.
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