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Eve Online

Do you or have you played Eve Online?
Never heard of it.
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Of course I do.
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Are we talking about Adam's woman?
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Total Votes : 1

I have ony really been playing computer games for about 5 years. I have experimented with WOW, Planetside, Guild Wars, Battlefield2, RF online and a few others. Of all the games I have played, I keep coming back to Eve Online. Actually I have not stopped playing it.

For me Eve was very slow starting as I had been recently playing Planetside, which was non-stop jump in the fray, kill, get killed, rinse and repeat. But once I had my first pvp experience in Eve I was hooked. In Eve you actually have a chance for loss of something like a ship or mods put on your ship that may have taken you a long time to acquire. So when you pvp it feels more real. The adrenaline rush was so strong I was actually shaking for about 30 minutes after the engagement. It is actually one of my fondest gaming memories now although I did not kill him, I was able to make him run from the fight. A real ego booster. Since then I jumped into the pvp side of the game head first.

In Eve there is almost no end to "professions" you can partake in. You can be a miner, a mission runner, a trader, a manufacturer, combat pilot or all of the above. There are players who have even set systems up to make loans. There is really something for everyone in this game. But for me there is only pvp and whatever else I have to do keep myself in combat ships.

There is a free trial of the game if anyone is interested Here

Do we have any other forum members who play?
i heard this game and i know a few about eve.some people say eve online is very good.but i didnt played.
I should not be surprised at the low response on this thread...but I am. This game has a bigger showing in Europe than the States, but US players are growing. Surely there are more in our forums who have heard of this game and even play it. I think I will post a short story of some recent battle...maybe I can get some response that way.

Story: I log in to system Y9G in my sniping Moa cruiser class ship. My set up allows me to hit at a range of 134km optimal. I can destroy mosty just frigates at that range because other ship types can get to warp before I can do enough damage. A communication comes in on comms that a good sized fleet of all frigates is enroute to my current system. There is only a couple of friendlies in system, but I head to a sniping point above the jump in gate to my system. The gate fires and my overview fills up with hostile ships...I start locking all the ships in my range, activate my guns...pop goes the first ship as many of the fleet tries to warp out. I get 3 kills before the last one warps out. I align to the jump gate that the enemy fleet warped to...warp to another sniping point there. Once i arrive at that gate I get another 2 kills. This repeats till I get up to 8 kills. During the last engagement, at least one pilot gets smart and approaches me at angles (this allows him to use my turret tracking speed against me) he finally gets in his range and starts to warp scramble me as his mates attempt to get in posistion to warp to him. Unknown to him I have fitted 2 light missle launchers as well as 3 combat drones. As soon as he is in range I release them on him. Pop... he goes down....I warp out to a safe spot and the fleet that started at 50, now down to 42, decides to leave system and hunt a prey that has a little less bite.

These kind of stories are a daily event....this is why I love Eve. Surely there are more of you out there?!
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