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Orkut community


If you search around in your Gmail account, you could end up finding a rare gem. This is called the "Orkut" community. This is a group of people who share between themselves views on various topics.

The reason that I called this Orkut community a rare gem is because that people cant join in directly. You have to have an invitation to join this community of people.

The various topics for discussion here include "travel, food etc". You could also find great photographers and their display of some award winning photographs.

I had requested many of the members to give me an invitation, but unfortunately none came my way.

If anyone reading this piece can send me a invitation then I would be grateful.

Thanks and regards,
Umm... is it really that rare a gem ? I get invitations from friends every day. And Orkut isn't anything new, it has been there for ages.

One interesting thing about Orkut is that it shows the mapping between two people. Remember it has been hypothesised that any two people on this earth cannot be separated by more than 6 degrees. That is, there will be no more than (IIRC) 6 people between you and any random person. Till date I haven't seen any more than 5 degrees of separation.

One thing that irritates me about Orkut is that there is no way to revoke friendship requests after they have been accepted. When I was a newbie, I accepted a lot of requests from totally random people saying "Hi I want to be your friend". I have wised up and reject such random requests, but there is no way to remove these bogus people whom I've already accepted into my friends list.

Why do I want to remove them ? Well, I usually make my contact details available to my friends, so that they can contact me if they lose my contact details. Now these bogus people too have access to my contact details and often send me irritating chain mails. I tried marking them as spammers on my mail application, but that isn't a elegant solution.
i had heard about it so was just curious to recieve an invite to see what the fuzz was about.
when i finally recieved an invite from total stranger i tried to look for my friends and by the time i found 3 of them i recieved friends request from 15 of my friends, now that i should say was too fast. they didnt care to invitge me but once i was in they started scraping me.
how did you find the scrap thing..
for me it stands by its name.... just a scrap....
but my friends are really enjoying it.. i dont know why??
after all it seems like a kid getting a new game...
i had asked them to pm me instead of scrap but they just dont stop.
i thin k there is no privacy in scrap thing.
for me yahoo messenger is still the best communicator for friends till now ..
wriute yor experience here.
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