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Detective anime and whatever else

Hey, lately I'm into detective stuff, but I don't know too many series... Only Detective Academy Q and Kindaichi.

What I am looking for are series that show some mystery and people solving it... NOT Scooby tough Razz

I like scenes when they show what happened in retrospection basing only on few clues... Smile But some of the stories are too easy to quess...

Well, are you people interested in that stuff? Do you know any other comics, manga, anime about that?

Well... I hate starting topics... XD
Have you tried Detective Conan? It goes by Case Closed in the US, and the main character (and I'm assuming the creator is too) is obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and is a genius detective. There's a crime/murder in every episode, and it's over 100 episodes long. They're set up like Holmes stories, so you have to figure out who the killer is without any clues being pointed out to you.
Hmm...detective-wise, to be honest I don't really watch many. Though I would take quixotic's suggestion to try Meitantei Conan/Detective Conan/Case Closed. If you plan on investing in it, though, I wish you good luck. The anime is current at 440 episodes and counting, with the manga currently at 53 volumes. Of course, these numbers are significantly lower in the US (due to releasing schedules).
I hate how in America they made the whole Conan series really messed up, for example if you've ever paid attention to the intro it says "It was first centuuuury! In one hundred years!"

century = 100 years, no?

Anyway I was wondering what the original Japanese name for it was (Meitantei Conan) Thanks eku Wink
case closed it really good i havent seen it in forever though but it is a really good detective show.

i personally havnt watched the english or japanese version of that conan anime since i live in germany, but the german translated anime is alright, i watch it from time to time, even though its probably aimed at people that are younger than me xD

its called 'Detektiv Conan' here. and while its setup like holmes stories where you can try to find out who commited the crime, im pretty much always unable to find out who it is before they explain everything. an annoying part is that everyone always admits they did it at the end (even if it makes sense since you dont have any proof that you didnt commit a crime, but it gets old after a few episodes)

other than that i havnt watched any detective animes
Those who want to watch streaming Detective Conan episodes, you may want to take a look at my Detective Conan page at my blog. I update it whenever 'something comes up'. I hope many people find it useful because finding all the links and the other resources I needed and compiling them into a single page is a painful and excruciating task. Very Happy If you find better versions of subbed episodes/subbed episodes which haven't been included/dead links, then please add a comment. Here's the URL:
there's another better detective series than conan I think...

like QED (Quad Erad Demonstrandum - "that which was to have been demonstrated"), I prefer this one since it's not only murder case, but more to daily cases that maybe happened to us. Too bad It's underrated and I almost never find the scanlation on the net...

you can read the wiki preview here : Q.E.D_(Manga)
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