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Windows on a Apple computer

I really want an Apple computer. But I want the windows operating system. What should I do? Any ideas? Cool
Why would you want an apple pc to run Windows? You can run Windows on an Apple box that has an Intel cpu with a beta utility called Boot Camp, although at this time, neither Apple nor Microsoft supports if you have problems you're on your own.

I would buy a Windows box myself.I don't think I could live without my right click (alt click? how primative is that?)
Although I've heard rumors that Apple has finally come into the 20th century and now has a mouse that can right click..

Apple should just start making an OS for intel boxes and leave the hardware to people that know what they are doing Wink
right click works on any mouse that is recognized. I've had 3 different mice on my powerbook since last december. all of them worked without any configuration. i don't like apple's one button mice. ctl-click is no big deal when i am just using the touchpad, without a mouse.
just relased it and only Beta but i think it's your answer.But i've heard some of users couldn't return MAc after Windows but if you want try it...
well there is the mighty mouse that has like a gizzilion different buttons i got one and it works a treat but like the other guy i said i also dnt mind using cntrl-click when i'm tracking. got used to it really quickly.
and also i have a friend who has installed xp on his intel and said it works amazingly well as he can also use osx on it.
Linux can run on a mac, and windows can be emulated on linux... Not an efficient way to go about it, but it should work. Is there a Bochs or VMware for the mac?
There is Virtual PC for Mac, although I think I would prefer VMware if there is a Mac version of that.
Yup, there is some kind of a emulator out there(i forgot what they are called), and some of them can only emulate a specific type of apple os, I think. However, it is rather unstable. So I recommend you to get both an apple and windows. ;p
David Nagel (at DigitalMediaNet), has been testing the new Macs with the intel core duo chip. I believe he uses the bootcamp software... Anyway, running 3D programs, Adobe After Effects, etc, on Windows(not emulated but straight ahead booted-up Win XP), it kicks ass on these computers.

Some programs run faster in Windows than on the same computer using OSX software. You have to reboot each time you want to change operating systems, and you should partition your hard drive to give room for both. Other than that, your wish is granted.
yea, u could get a newer mac and use bootcamp to run windows on it...but i bootcamp is slow and you need to restard your computer each time you want to change operating systems...i would use an emulator, with an emulator u can run windows - or any other operating system i beleive - that meets the requirments of you mac
Ryan Marcus
Use a program called Parreles Desktop. It runs on OS X, and it will let you run XP at native speeds, and keep your mac in the background. I use it on my MacBook Pro.
Ryan Marcus wrote:
Use a program called Parreles Desktop. It runs on OS X, and it will let you run XP at native speeds, and keep your mac in the background. I use it on my MacBook Pro.

Well my opinion is very shared on this. Parralel is alright but can get very slow. However boot camp is still BETA and I have seen people getting stuck on XP, which is a simile for DEATH. I think that you and all you lucky macbook/macbook pro/imac owners should wait for OS 10.5 w/ built in Boot Camp

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