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I dont exactly have WoW yet, but I will get it like in a month Very Happy

My will be: Dillydally *of course*
I want to be an Undead person Very Happy

have fun
I've been playing WoW for just under a year now I think. I loose track of when I actually got online.

This was my first MMORPG and aside from the addiction aspect of it I'm so very glad I started playing.

After a while I settled on my home server of Garona.

Currently I have 3 lvl 60s: Priest, Paladin, and hunter and am enjoying my game time in a new guild while I expierence most of the end game content for the first time.

In my expierence what makes/breaks this game is the people you find to play with. If you have friends that play make sure you make your chars on their server and if you do not have friends that play try out a couple servers before you get too far into your character. I'd highly recommend playing 4-5 characters to lvl 10-20 before you choose your "main" as it can be hard to determine which character most suits your play style.

In general I think they are fun but each does have its strengths and weaknesses.

In general I found most people are very helpful also as this game is huge and it takes a while to learn the ins/outs.

There are a cuple other good threads here. One on the first page here shows each character type and talks about each.

Do some reading on this game and then just go at it.

They are doing free 10 trials for anyone who wants them now so its not hard to check it out before having to buy the game and subscribe.

The only major complaint I have is sometimes Blizzard can have server issues but downtime really is very minimal. They seem to update content very frequently so at least some of our millions are going to good use!
been playing wow since open beta, been around it since closed beta. I have only one level 60 with over 120 days played time, almost fully dressed in epics. Almost exalted with hydraxian waterlords (loots of mc runs:P), exalted with all bgs and some factions... well what else? oh and rank 9
I wanna get wow but when i do i will probably be an ork or human
I played runescape first long ago and then guild wars but got bored with those. I finally got around to getting WOW and was very impressed i've been playing a few months u should definately get it it's very addictive Very Happy.
I've been playing World of Warcraft since the release in Europe. On Grim Batol I have a Warlock with some nice gear but currently I'm levelling up a Druid on one a new PvE realm: Killrog. I'm rerolling because I really dislike the PvP server ganking and I was looking for a fresh start.
i got a hunter lvl 60 on stormscale

Actually, i used to have it... quit like 8 months ago.

Hearing from my friends that still play, they are doing most of the endgame content, like MC and Onyxia are on farm status and last i checked a few of them were ranked in the top 5 in pvp on the server.

There's basically three stages to this game, in my opinion.

from Lvl 1-55, this is where you are basically grinding and doing quests and learning how to play your class properly.

lvl 56-60, this is where you do all the 5 man end game dungeons to really hone down your class as well as meet the people you'll be playing the game with for the last stage of your game 'career'. Your aim is to deck yourself out in blues, possibly get your class set for PvE.

Level 60--- Basically you've got a choice now, you can do tonnes of PvP in BGs, do end game 40 man dungeons like MC or BWL etc. (i'm not very current with the names of hte new dungeons now,b ut the idea is the same)

Once you get to level sixty, if your server isn't mature enough to have the people to do MC or Blackwing's layer, it gets relaly really boring. Cuz then it just becomes an FPS grind, and you might as well go play CS
Or pray for a server change:D
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