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So, like in all great stories, there's this one girl...

I really like her, and I'm pretty sure she knows it. I'm pretty sure she knows it because I asked her to prom.

However, she responded with the ever-so-classic "I don't know if I'm going. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

I didn't really push the issue, because at that point our relationship felt kinda awkward. But now, like two weeks later, I'm sitting in class when I discover she decided to go to prom. By herself. However, when she was telling the various people in my class about it (I have a very laid back and very close-knit class. Thank you IB), I learned a few things.

First off, she had been asked out to prom by a lot of guys. This I didn't know. She's pretty popular and nice and all, but I have a nasty tendency to assume everyone else never gets asked out, and just goes home and studies every night. Furthermore, she decided to go to prom because the right person was going, but she was still going by herself. Moreover, it turns out that at a previous dance this year, she had gone to a dance with another buddy of mine. Something else I didn't know. She had gone as friends, and he had gone on a date, capiche?

Anyways, the point is, I'd really like to go out with her, but there's competition. I'm pretty sure she's into me; we chat a lot, and she keeps dropping hints (In my mind). Not sexual come ons, or anything, but oppurtunities to ask her. But when I do ask her, it gets all like, confusing. Like we were supposed to go out for Slurpees, but when we were supposed to go out for Slurpees, we um, didn't.

So here I am asking the internet for relationship advice. I love you, Internet.
Subsonic Sound
Well, she knows you want to go with her, and she decided to go alone - I'm afraid I'd probably take that as a sign she's not interested in you in that way, and that she doesn't want to go with you as a friend because of what happened last time she did that.

But still, you'll both be there, and just because you didn't arrive together doesn't mean you can't spent time together when you're there. Hang around with her. Be relaxed, be casual, and just take things as they happen. You may find there are quite a few others doing the same thing, if she's as sought after as you claim...

But not matter what the competition, the choice is obviously hers at the end of the day. If she starts dropping hints that she'd rather be with someone else there, don't push it if you want to keep her as a friend. But on the other hand if she's receptive, keep at it.

I went to our Leaver's Ball (basically a Prom) alone, and met up with a girl I'd met once or twice before, and had liked - we left together, and ended up going out for a good nine months.
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