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Network Question..Router/switch/hub

Hey, I am wanting to know the diffrence between the three (router/switch/hub) a simple explination would be greatly apreciated.

    Router-Can manage a LAN and maintain a bridge between the LAN and a WAN, such as your ISP.. Most frequent choice for small home or office network. Easy and inexpensive to maintain.

    Network Switch-For a LAN network... Multiple devices can communicate at once. Bridges network.... Replaced Hub (sometimes known as intellegent hub)

    Ethernet Hub-One device transmitting data at time... For a LAN network.
Ok a hub its just like a repeater, it receive any data true a port and resend it true al the others port.
What the switch does it similar but instead of sending the data to all the ports he knows to witch port to send it.

So what you get is if u have 3 computer connected and 2 off them are playing lets say Quake in LAN and the other PC its surfing the internet. If u have a hub the internet data will go to all the 3 pc and the game data too, so u will have lag in the game and crappy internet search because of collusions in the data, but if u have a switch he will send the internet data only to the PC surfing and the data of the game to the 2 PC playing no collusion no lag.

And the router well actually its like a proxy in hardware, think of it like the one that let u SHARE your internet true the switch. His actual work its to get your internet IP and split it into INTERNAL IPS so all your PC can actually use the internet. Wink

Well hope it clear things a bit more for u. Rolling Eyes
And hope u can understand my crappy English, Spanish speaker here Embarassed
Hey, thanks guys that helped alot! just what i wanted
Wikipedia man. Try it out...

Abhinav Shah
ROUTER - it can share internet connection on the lan, it's work like switch + internet sharing.
SWITCH - you can connect computers in network, information is send from one to one computer (packets are sending depending on MAC addres of the card) it's much more secure than HUB.
HUB - you can connect computers in network, information sending from one computer is sending to all computers then computers thats not the reciver of the packet is rejecting it (but if you use some sniffing tools you can recive packet that wasen't sended to you), less secure than SWITCH and less efective in larg LAN (but will do just good in small home lan)
Wikipedia man. Try it out...

Google too.
davidag wrote:
Wikipedia man. Try it out...

Google too.

thanks for the usless posts guys why not build ur points up abit! Mad

Just maby I tryed these and wanted a comparison rarther than and explination of each and in a "simpler" way.

thanks for the helpful "tips" guys Rolling Eyes

Just a heads up BillyBob

I went to your site poxyproxy. Yikes! After about thirty lines of PHP errors the URL was there except every picture was broken. Every picture after each link was broken.

I think somebody needs to do a little work before you actually start to advertise the site...
Download short movie Warriors of the Net ( Its telling in a simple way about all this stuff and devices of which networks are built.

I was very impressed with it Cool
Hi Ryan,

The hub speed is terrible, switch will be faster. Router is connnecting
you with the net... Wink

Hub was designed in the older days, switch is what mostly people using

So when building your soho, always remember to get a switch... Wink
grantmaster wrote:
Just a heads up BillyBob

I went to your site poxyproxy. Yikes! After about thirty lines of PHP errors the URL was there except every picture was broken. Every picture after each link was broken.

I think somebody needs to do a little work before you actually start to advertise the site...

Yeah im awear of the errors they apeard last week some time (it was fine before) and i wasnt perposly advertising my site here its just in my sig Shocked
Jesus, and Moses used hubs and routers to connect to the internet, and it was widely regarded as the first miracle.

Nowadays we use switches and routers to connect to the internet!

You should notice the corelation in that statement...routers. Switches are much faster than hubs at the same job of basicly bringing a mess of network cables together in one place, but you have to have a computer (aka router) to handle who does what online, and what computers from the internet can talk to people behind the firewall that has been created.

Firewalls, simply defined, are the barier created by having one computer (a router) connecting many computers to the internet.
On a isolated network only one computer may transmit at a time (otherwise the signal on the cable is mashed together).

Hubs only couple two networks together, effectively creating one big network. They only do simple things like amplification so packets aren't lost between the two halves. Still, only one computer can ever transmit at a time over the entire network.

Switches are faster (on average) than hubs because they segment the network into and intelligently store and pass messages onto different sections if required. Therefore the maximum number of computers that can transmit at a time is equal to the number of seqments the switches separate the network into.

Routers are devices which convert between different networking protocols, nowadays they also double up as switches. So Ethernet can be linked to WiFi, ADSL, whatever.
Or you can check this website for more info on how to configure routers and dsl modems and check out what are there differences too. on this website all the jargons or computer terms are explained in the most simpliest terms.. hope you find this site helpful and useful

Hubs are only a passage way or like mouse holes as you can say

Switches are programmed to transfer network traffic much more faster it's like a network traffic regulator

Routers are almost the same as switches on how the way they work it's just that routers now adays can go wireless unlike switches

But if you ask me i would rather go wired than wireless..

wired is more reliable and prone to slow down

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