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WoW vs Knight Online

WoW or Ko
 40%  [ 10 ]
Knight Online
 60%  [ 15 ]
Total Votes : 25

Select Laughing I know WoW is best but other peoples said Ko is best Laughing Please write your comment.

This is WoW photo:

This is Ko Photo:

I have never played WoW but being as it cost $15 a month I think it is going to be better.

Graphics on Night Online are pretty bad but very good for a free game. Very Happy
free games all have 1 thing in common...

the players who don't "pay" to buy items or in game money from the gamemakers are in turn screwed... hardcore
KO is the best
Wow is by far the best. There is virtually unlimited thing to do and the cost is not that high for the hours of entertainment that it makes available.

I love the comment earlier about buying gold. People who think this way are hilarious imo. A little effort and some thought and it is usually not hard to figure out how to make a lot of gold in these types of games without buying.

In WoW playing the economy can be just as fun as playing the game. As many people do buy gold you can also find ways of making much of your own gold off of them.

My only complaint about the game really is that it is rather cartoony but in general the graphics are very nice.
KO can't be compared with WoW ?
WoW is like super customizable while KO has low-custamizability.
Get what I mean? LOLS.
There's alot more functions in WoW than in KO. So seriously, KO is good only as a free game and even then, there is a lot more games better than KO that is free. WoW is P2P and is one of the best P2P, so why bother comparing? Haha.
From what I've heard WoW has a worse community than KO. Also WoW is too addicting for me. Some games just do that to me, even though they might suck (reminiscing about RuneScape). KO's graphics are far more superior than WoW's; WoW has rather cartoony graphics. (Bad graphics aren't my pet-peeve in games anyways (You would mostly see me playing SNES)) The 15$ MONTHLY isn't that magnetic neither. All in all, KO > WoW (IMVFHO).
Absolutely WOW because only elit players play it!And the graphics,game machine etc...And the quality of Blizzard..
WoW is a the best game in world!!!!

---===For The Horde===---
Yeah, WoW pretty much can beat any games ass. It has really nice graphics, gameplay, and theres alot of stuff to do. Its not always grinding (well sometimes theres alot), but there are missions, proffessions, raids, and more. You can ride on mounts and well theres more to talk about this game, but ill leave it here. All free games that ive played have only had one thing better then wow; being FREE.
KO is better than WoW. Games from Azjatic countries are better than rest.

BTW. SA-MP the multiplayer for GTA SA Ruless.
WEll.. it's pretty ovious that WOW takes easilly.. in my opinion.. you get their more optioins, more reason to play... I like more WOW
Is there any game better than WoW?

--::[[[[[ NO ]]]]::--
Reasons WoW is better than Ko
¬Better name, what kind of a game would have the word "online" after it? it makes you think that Ko is, sort of, sad. World of Warcraft : Explains everything about the game, well, i mean the basics. Its a world which you craft war in... World of Warcrfat, another world. its not totally about war though, it has other peaceful things - nice scenery, wear all different types of clothes (not necessarily because of STATS, but because they look good), trading (making stuff and selling it or just kill monsters, get the duplicated loot which you already have, or do not want, and sell it.) and other stuff like sleeping, etc.

World of Warcraft has the best trading system I've ever seen or HEARD OF (by people who love other games, not WoW) Tell me a game which has a Auction House where you can BID and BUY NOW (sort of like eBay, i guess). When you win the bid, you dont have to go through the ultimate trouble of carrying it to your bank and all that, it gets SENT to your PERSONAL INBOX. That is not the only thing, you can open the list of people who wish to sell their items, you can search the item you want, you can list it by level, you can, you can, you can... Other ways of trade our quite common - trading beside another person who wishes to buy from you, phoning an RL mate and send to him from your mailbox.

Quite honest really, I think WoW is the only game which has an IN GAME mailing system. Not only is it cool, but really realistic- pay for postage and packagin (small fee: few coppers), sned enclosed items, send money, blah blah blah. I've seen MU mail system, i hate it because it costs A LOT to send a few words or letters or things. WoW you can send stuff straight from level one, with only a few coppers (coppers are quite like GBP £0.10 = 1 copper . silver = GBP £10.00 and gold is GBP £100 ).

Honestly, i would have thought (before i got the game) that WoW would have a REALLY bad comunity,,, ITS NOT AT ALL... Because i thought that good games usually have bad comunity because people are just getting on with the game, well, World of Warcraft is quite a big exception here, THE COMUNITY IS JUST LIKE REAL LIFE CHATTING FRIENDS- and you might not even be talking about the game, you could be talking about anything. There are language filters which you can change yourself, or your parent through a high Parental Control were parents can easily change for how long you can go on WoW, what times your allowed on, which days and so on. Parental Control is set with a password for children safety. You could set the game to go with stars (*) instead of bad words, partially bad words like f*** or no filters at all.

[woops i have to go now]
THE point is that World of warcraft is better not just than Ko, but than any games! Very Happy Smile
Arctos wrote:
KO is better than WoW. Games from Azjatic countries are better than rest.

BTW. SA-MP the multiplayer for GTA SA Ruless.

Your jokeing arnt you? YES YOU ARE (i mean please dont answer back to me...)
Saying that KO is better WoW is just plain foolish and such a foolishness can be only accepted from someone who never actually played WoW for couple of days.

IMHO comparing WoW to KO is like comparing today's mobile phones and good old Bell's one. Smile WoW has so many dimensions and ways how to play the game that its almost unbelievable yet rather truly enjoyable Smile

Yes I am a WoW addict (not that bad, just hour or 2 a day), been playing Lineage2 (for over 2 years), RO, RFOnline, GW and Ultima Online but WoW beats em all up pretty easily. Thats just it.
My brother was playing WoW , KnightOnline and in his opinion the best is ...
Lineage 2 C4 on a free shard (existence)Smile
Lineage 2 have nice graphic (especialy textures from C4) just look on official site or any shard (fre servers - there is a lot of them on internet).

I was playing only in KO and WoW and i think, that both of games are ok ... dhey are different then i can't compare them ...
But FinalFantasy 7 , Homeworld 2, C&C Generals - thats games for me - i just dont like games whitchout option to Win , finish Razz
Now i'm not playing - i just writing html... css ... ah , maybe sometimes german browser game Quest of Galaxies (nice one Very Happy )
Ko Is a ripoff of wow tbh but it was rather good some time ago before their servers became laggy.... when that happened... i started to play wow
It's a good thing that people create a free game, but it juts can't get as high quality as a paid one... I have a few friends that play KO, and they say it has way too much lag....
personaly.. and thats all these posts are..
Based off the images, I feel:
-Graphics-WoW Sure they are cartoony... but that doesnt mater, its well done.
-Graphics-Knights they dont seem to work well with each other.. It sorta hurts my eyes to look at it.(also reminds me of early guild wars)

-Game UI-
-WoW- looks very custom, your able to do more than just what you start off with.
-Knights- Limited to few hot keys and actions(also reminds me of guildwars)

-Kind of game-
-WoW- With the less limited UI showing that it involves much more than just a click and a button everynow and then. Also Wow has more than just fighting in it..,and theres a party feel(playing with other.. not just others around you)
-Knights- seems to be a click and sit.. with few other abilities... just clicking... and maybe a skill every now and then..

Over all I would want to play WoW before playing Knights, even that the language in the photos is Chinese(I can deal with that.. even that I dont remember much of my chinese). I wouldnt shove Knights to be never to be played, Im sure that there are things in it that would be better than WoW. But at this time... I dont think there would be anything to make me want to play either.
Well, don't like either of those. Judging from the graphics, WoW seems better tho (must be since it's not free?). hehe
There is virtually unlimited thing to do and the cost is not that high for the hours of entertainment that it makes available.
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