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Hitman: Blood Money


Just finished the game today!
It was great Very Happy

So, will you buy it?

I think you should Smile
yeah i liked all of Hitman series and i hadn't heard it before but now i'm reading the rewiews and i think i will buy it...The publisher of the game is Eidos so i will buy it immediality...
After finishing it, I can proudly announce that, in my opinion, it is a great game Smile

I will re-install it when the first patch comes out.
yeah hitman is good game.i'm not complete this game but i must complete Laughing
oh i cant wait to get this game, i loved hitman contracts.
It's a pretty good game. The trial and error nature of it undermines the experience for me a bit. I don't exactly feel like a super efficient hitman when I'm being discovered every 30 seconds and have to hit reload. It's not as if I'm an oaf either, I'm being very careful and playing on a low difficulty.

Compare this to say Splinter Cell and you actually feel a bit more like a covert spy, there's some trial and error, sure, but not to the level of Hitman. Just my thoughts.
Well... in the next few days maybe i will buy the game... or get him...
But I don't sure if he will work at my computer.. cos I have 256Ram, someone can tell me if the game gonna work on my copmuter ?
skynet, i'm afraid it won't Sad
Get at least 512MB...
hhmm, i wanted this game, but dont know if its any good, never had a hitman game, anyone recommend it? dont want peoples opinions who play games like WoW Razz
Contracts was great, so I'll be getting this one in time. It sounds very good.
It's a great game. Really liked playing it Smile

And I hate WoW Razz
Yeah I enjoyed the Hitman games, Contracts was pretty sweet. I won't get it until it drops in price though - I only buy games I really want for full price. This title doesn't seem worth it, I'd rather save up for Kingdom Hearts 2.
'Open-ended stealth action gameplay lets you sneak or run and gun; beautifully crafted mission set pieces seem appropriately big and complex; large variety of realistic weapons, but they're not the only way to do the job; good replay value for a single-player-only game.'-Gamespot

Agree with it all the way.
Yeah I bought this game for the PS2, and its a great game. I have to say though, I find it to be stupidly difficult, even on the low difficulties. The only real way to find good methods of completing the levels is by trial an error, which does really bypass the whole point of the game. However, its still awesome fun. I loved getting the pretend soldier to shoot the opera singer with the WWII pistol Very Happy

I don't have Hitman: Blood Money yet, but I'll definitely buy it as soon as my exams are over Smile If it's as good as the other Hitman's ...
I think that the trial-and-error is really a good thing about Hitman. It creates the necessity to absorb every vital piece of information that you get. You get the briefing, which sometimes has some hints in it. You have a complete map, with some POI's. And you have your own whit. Ok sometimes it's irritating that something doesn't go according to plan, but doing it better the next time, you've achieved in boosting your playing skills.
So I think Hitman and Splinter Cell as well, are good games because each time you play through it (even with a walkthrough besides you) you discover new things.
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