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what is your dream

my dream can be a rich man then i can travel around the world
Code of Ruin
I dream the world will stop turning around individuals. That people will be able to look at each other face to face and can have respect for each other instead of starting wars. I dream that little children can play again without having to be afraid for others meaning them harm. I hope the world of men will be at ease one day.
38club wrote:
my dream can be a rich man then i can travel around the world
Not to be healthy or happy and then rich? You could have all the money in the world but you could be sick or not happy. But some people say that you got all that money it makes me happy. My dream is to be healthy rich and happy.
Same as yours, Except with power, Control and Monopolize a few industries at the same time. Have a Enzo, McLauren ect.
I want to make video games. Very Happy
As if I were in a beauty pageant... world peace!
My dream is learn all...
To own my own IT business ^_^

I've been on that path for, oh say, 13 years already, so why not continue?
Being healthy!
Being happy!
Being a true man!
I dream I could see all people in the world could gather into one place for a special event.
Imagine there is somehting happen and it concerns with our lives in the world.
The first thought was that some aliens from the outer space/ some natural disasters/ or even God shows us his will for it.....
However, I am afraid such scene I couldnot meet in my remaining life, but, It's really great and touching!
To go to the Stripper Factory and Beer Volcano that Flying Spagetti Monsterism promises.
To have peace, tranquility, ect. Also, it'd be nice to have more "good' people in this world. I'm sick of hearing about people getting raped, murdered, and such.
To be the son of Bil Gates? Very Happy lol..

Seriously, being happy is good. More Money, good health, a comfortable life, etc etc.. I dream of visiting every placces in the whole world. Very Happy
I dream I can be a master adminstrater for a chariets website like american red cross.
I dream of being an astronaut and scientist Smile
I wsould love to be a top muscle car restorer (not like Chip Foose) and rebuild cool old cars back to their former glory (or better)

Like this:



my dreams are:
about Frihost
*Be a good member of Frihost(at least Addicted Frihost)
*Find a good project to host(Currently i host nothing because i don't have a unique project...)
about education
*Graduate from school as a member of Top 10 student...
*Deserve Computer Engineery.
about job
*Create my own host community Very Happy ...
*Work for Google Turkey
about anything
*Get married
*Stop all the wars Very Happy
I dream that one lovely day, an extremly hot, horny chick will sit in my bed and just wait for me, when I come home from school=P
I dont know. Really i does mean it, i doesnt know at all. :/

BTW you know the sayin: "There are only two sad moments in life, first when we can't achieve our dreams, and second when we achieved them all."
My dreams are:

Live with a girl, not get married, live in a beach, have my own business, work as a programmer, i'd like to join an open source project such a Linux system or an app for the system, do something real good for the systems, have my own web with many many visits, help peple with their projects, have health, and just have the enough money to have my house, a car, food, and some to spend (dinner with my girl, movies, and things) i do not wish to be rich, i think that if i'd be rich, i'd be paranoid all the time, evryone would like to kidnap you, they all ask for money, your stess become higer, i just want a relax, with no hungry nor much needs lifestyle, with my girl of course ^^
My dream is to graduate from college, get a good career, get married with the woman I love, have children, spend time with them, be the best Father I can be, and give my children what I never had: American Eagle clothing and bling bling!
My personal dream would be financial freedom, my dream for the world is Peace

I'm working on the first one but it's quite difficult for the second one to achieve. It would be great if the world will stop fighting and instead try to learn and understand other cultures. I hate people trying to "conquer" the world. They don't own this land or other people. I wish that they would realize that!
I'm assuming this dream is regarding personal only, so...

I wish I can be a pilot, and maybe someday open up flight school or air tours. Anything with flying.

And of course, a beautiful and lovely wife, and toss some kids in there too Laughing
My dream is to have a good life. By that I don't mean to be rich, not necessarily, but to live beyond material needs. As long as I can do things I want freely and do not need to worry about food and housing, I'm okay and happy.
I would love to read the news one day and hear about the wonderful things that happen in our world instead of the bd.

I would love to know that the world is a good, safe, accepting and happy place...instead of just hoping that one day it will be.

On a personal level...I would love to find a pair of red high heels that don't look too tarty!! Smile heehee
Lap dance from the following women
~Pamela Anderson
~Elisha Cuthbert
~and many more!!!
AJ, are you so sure? One of those women might be a bit.. umm.... used. When something is overused, it sags... Remember that. Laughing

As for my own dream, I guess I don't have some ultimate priority that I know I'll never reach. I'm working to get into the video game business--programming or graphic design--but it's becoming hard work. I guess my dream is to attend DigiPenn--probably the most accredited college for video game designers. But of thousands that apply each year, 200 actually attend, and an average of 33 will actually graduate. Yikes!
But at least I'm getting somewhere, whereas others can do nothing but dream.

Work to make your dreams a reality!
I live perfectly, so dreams have been slowly sliding out of my view.
@38club: I dream of no more spam topics... Wink
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