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Time spend on homework

Time spend on homework

How much time do you spend on doing homework each day and do you also work on weekends?

Have you found that if you work more often during the term that you marks really improve or not?

What are your meanings on these questions?
I try to spend as little time on homework as possible. I'm pretty sure no one wants to be inside doing homework all day after school. I usually procrastinate to after dinner or sometimes right before the class. I'd much rather be outside with my friends. Total I probably spend about an hour each night.
It ranges for me, due to the nature of assignments

When a programming assignment is released by my professor, ideally I spend 3-5 hours on it each day, and at times 10+ hours a day. Sometimes I have lab also which I spend 12 hours on it for consecutive days.
I spend not more than an hour. I feel so bored to do it............... But i do find time at school to complete it b4 classes. :> So not much trouble for me Smile

IMO a high school student should spend around 1hr(max 3 hrs) for doing homework.

I remember studying for like 4 hours before a big exam Rolling Eyes
I don't do homework Smile) . If i have one i thake it from my deskmate (if it isn't a serious homework) but i don't belive i'm a cheater and a lame student Smile. I have very good grades.

Hm....if it is a homework at math....and i want to write it...i spend max 1 H ...

1-2 Hours a day, The whole day when it comes to projects. I also do my homework while on the PC, It's not a good idea but atleast I get it done. 7 MOre school days before the big exams, So that means alot of studying will happen.
Yeah even I do spend an hour or so doin homwork, but that really does depend on its type. Well, I am always the deadline project and assignment submitter in my class, so I have strategies to cope up with extreme homework and working till late night.

Nice thread to start anyways.

Warm Regards,
I probably spend around 3 hours a day on homework except for Friday when I go to the bars. Saturday studying depends on Friday night and weather or not there was a football game in the morning. Sundays are a definite study day to get caught up and ready for the week.
Unless there is an assignment that needs to be done it's always under 2 hours of work maximum.
I usually try to rush through it as fast as possible. I like to spend time doing things i like, and who likes homework?! I guess my grades show it though... almost straight Cs...

oh, that reminds me! I have to write a lab report for tomorow... crap.
I just don't worry about stuff like that. Stuff takes as long as it takes, and I put in as much effort as needed. Life is much less stressed that way.
Duncan Idaho
1 hour. Im home schooled. More time for machinima YAY!
I do about 1-2 hours of homework each weekend, and I do more during the weekends. It's all relative to the courses--some terms I have no classes with out-of-class homework so it depends. Other times, if it's a class that just naturally comes easy, I can get away with doing the work in class and not have to bring it home at all.
Fortunitely ,I seldom have any homework now ,but quite often I have to spent a lot of time in preparing for exams.
I do not spend much time on homework; most of my time is spent browsing the internet, pretending to do my homework. I do work on the weekends when it is required; however, I usually try to get all my work done in the least amount of time possible.
Unlike some people in my class, I try to "have a life" (IE: Go for a bicycial ride, etc.), so I try only to spend 30mins of homework a day, though if I have lots of homework, of course i'll spend more time on it, maybe up to 1hr.
h2vidz wrote:
I try to spend as little time on homework as possible.

Likewise, which caused me some trouble Razz End of year soon there, time to shape up at university though.

If I have to do something, usually at school itself during other classes or late at night.
when I do my homework
I'd think a lot
and I can get more from that
We got homework from school really seldom, so i can nearly say that i don't work with school things at home at all. But sometimes.. Laughing
i try to split my time evenly into the things that matter in life:
school 10%
homework 10%
wife 25%
eating 5%
sleeping 25%
final fantasy 25%

Very Happy
depends on the work, I try to complete it. if its very big (maybe a project) then I may take a couple of hours.
I'm not being a wise-ass, but I rarely did homework.
i spend 1 to 2 hours doing homework and in the weekend half hour Laughing
i don't do homework at all,maybe sometime maximum 10 minutes...huh learn or study maximum 20 minutes...i just don't have nervs to study or learn something either read some book NO....but i am good student....
I tried not doing homework for the first part of my senior year... didn't work out so great. I nearly failed and almost got kicked out of my college of choice. Then I took up homework again and I started passing my classes.
I usually don't do any homework. I often think about when I come home, but then I can't make my self to do it and I sit the last night before it will be checked and do it all. (MSN has helped me A LOT)

Back in my glorydays I usually spent 1-2 hours on homework every day and some work in the weekends Wink
Quit posting in the forums and do your homework!!!! record is 40 hrs straight on a COBOL project a couple of years ago...phew..
Some times I sit several hours from the afternoon to late night with my homework, and I also have to work in the weekend...

I'm doing all my homework, and are getting good marks, but still... I hate it!

Oh, and right now I'm working on some sort of an essay I have to write about an english speaking country.
I chose Australia, because I have been there Very Happy Met many cute kangaroos and koala bears Very Happy
I have to finish it before some day in the next week when we have an english test
Erm... quite alot on some days because I like a normal person tend to leave things for the last minute so I end up having too do all the week's homework or revision in the night before causing me some havoc. But to be serious, on a general basis If I do it correctly and time efficiently I would say about 2 hours a day would be a good estimate.
15 mins per day, average.
i try to spend at least an hour but hings distract me
I do very well in school, i'm in the last year before tertiery studies(universites etc). When I have an assessed work coming up i study for it, if i have work to do in a subject i do the work. I'f im up to date i dont do any extra study. So sometimes i may spend all sunday working, and a few hours a nigth but mostly i dont have more than a few hours in a week to do.
I spend about 1~2 hours per day.
It differs everday. Sometimes I don't have much to do sometimes I do. If i don't cram it just night before the due, there' not much problem i guess.
I too get bored when doing regular homework. I do well on projects and tests though. I believe that's the time when you really shine.
I'm in year 10 (erm... grade something). I've got GCSE's (finals?) next year. I'm not doing that much per night. Some not at all but I expect nearing exams it'll be near 1 hour of revision.
Hmm... About 20-30 minutes, because i don't have so much homework Smile
I would try to finish my homework at school so that i can play after school.
30 minutes at the most. Always.

If the homework I have should take longer, I BS it and get it done in 30 minutes anyways.

But I learn so it's not a huge deal.
i have no more homework to do since i'm not on school or college. but when i'm a student i have to do some homework for hours.

yeah i know it's really sucks Evil or Very Mad
Well anytime between 0.9 seconds and 2 hours,
I am only in Yr. 7 atm. Yr. 8 varies from like 1 to 4 hours max
It depends. It depends on how hard the homework is or how lazy I am really. Sometimes I watch TV while I do my homework, then I end up witha lower grade on it. But when I put my mind on it, it usually takes me 30 minutes at least. And then I end up getting a 110! ^.^
if every 1 min that i spend on homework is like 1 cent i will be rich

i spend every day something like hour or two hours..

in this time i can play on the computer...

Spend around 2 hours, and it DEFINATELY improves your grades, I never thought so but it really does. So I suggest YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Razz
meet in rio
I don't work at weekends. Well, sometimes Sunday nights if I must, but the principle of the thing just irritates me. Weekends are for relaxation.

I will spend just over an hour on an English essay, 45 minutes on a language (French/Spanish) essay and an hour on a Latin translation. However, I get a lot of this stuff done during lunch hours/free periods and late-late at night, so my after-school time is pretty much free, and I can't really tell how much work I actually do per week. I am quite bad at prioritising and will often cut things short of Desperate Housewives is on!

Besides, there's a lot of difference between sitting down in silence to write for a solid hour and doing the same work with music blaring/msn up/chocolate wrappers accumulating.

Most nights--especially recently--I don't actually work; the stuff tends to build up and then I will finally power through everything, fuelled only by guilt, in order to feel good about myself.
I spend about 1 houre on my homework...
Sometimes more if i got a lot of homework Rolling Eyes
Well, i am a 12nd grader, so i don't really have lots of homework... only a project work from times to times... So i may spend an average of less than 10 minutes per day doing homework... i spent more time studying tho... but that's not homework... that's something u better do... you don't HAVE to...
I'm reading in a special way. Instead of having classes in each subject we're doing big projects.
Right now I'm working with a project about Psychology but it also includes swedish (my language), English, Science, hisotory and geography. We're going to work with this project every lesson for three weeks and then we're going to present it.

This leaves alot of resposibility to the pupils, too bad im not too good at taking that resposibility Cool Yesterday night i stayed up until 4a.m, writing with bleeding fingers to get the job done (we got the presentation today)
Im 18 years old and love this way of work because I have to learn to take my resposibility..

Is there any one ells who reads in about the same way? Smile
I still attend classes part-time, so as far as homework for my classes is only about [maybe] an hour or two weekly....but I also tele-commute to work 2 days a week and that would amount to approx. 20 hours a week....does working from home for your job count as homework? I also work on weekends if I am forced too.
As of last year (11th grade) I would rarely spend an hour max on homework. I will say that it has hurt me a bit on grades, however I can't stand doing homework for too long as I get extremely bored and often off-task.

Often times, I would finish my homework in school (study hall/resource) and extra time that I had in school. Usually I got the majority of homework done during that time.
we're in grade 9 and we like never get any
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