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personal site for school - what do you think?

Hey people,

In a course at school i've been given the assignment to make a personal site. It's main purpose is to give information about myself to future employers. I've put something up at my frihost space on which i would like some feedback.
The links below the menu are national news topics, imported from the rss of a newsstation here on tv. I'm worried that the menu isn't recognisable enough, that the content area is too small, and that 2 colors might be a tad too dull.
What do you think?


- Fixed the font problem
- added a footer
- decided to keep the rss for now
- changed to filler text

Still looking to:
- make the buttons of the menu change color when you hover over them
- make an 'if' thing in php to make the content change when you click a button
- add something to the header. kinda empty now.

C&C most appreciated Wink
I like it. Good color scheme and background. Obviously you need some text in the header picture, as well as a footer.
You need to remember your purpose. As I understand it, the main purpose of the site is to promote yourself to an employer. How will the content help a future employer to hire you? The news RSS feed is nice, but what does it have to do with you? Unless it is news about you like "Reinart wins big contest," it doesn't seem like it belongs here. The design looks fine, just be sure the content behind it drives the main purpose.
Good luck on your project!
I agree with GB about the newsfeed.

I see you have added Verdana and some others fonts for #alles. But in your source code, there are no #alles. So on my browser, I see all your text as Times New Roman. Not a very appealing font on the web...

I would recommend having the headings bigger than the other text.

Why do you have a login box? Is it for your members? Or just you. If it is just for you, I would't put it on your front page. You could just as well link to your adminpages in your bookmarks/favourites.

Good luck on your school project!
K, i understand your point about the news feed. I put it there just to prove that i can implement an rss feed into a site. (Just to annoy some guys in my class really Wink ).
The login box is just for me .. though i'm playing with the idea to give logged-in users the ability to read a private blog i might put in there.
The verdana problem is something i was unaware of. Thanks for reporting that. I should have moved the font-markup when i deleted the div #alles (dutch for everything).
Do you think i need a footer? Footers are such obsolete and boring things.
footers tell people when the page has ended, google said a while ago that when they removed their footer on their main page, people got confused. People expect there to be some sort of copyright or author notice at the bottom of a web page.
Your design does have a good color scheme. I would suggest that once you add more to your banner, you might want to use a contrasting color to tone down the main color of your banner a little bit. You might want to incorporate the future job that you want to get into with the design of your website. Personally, I think that although you have a good design, but this looks more of a personal site not for a general audience and not for future empoyers. But I really love your color scheme. Smile
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