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Tomb raider legends

Do you know bug's in the tomb raider game. If you know please answer to this post! please!
Well I beat the game just yesterday and after it said what I had all unlocked from beating the game it went straight to a 'the disc you are using may be damaged or dirty' screen, I tried again and it did it again.. but I didnt actually check to see if the disc was actually dirty though... so I'll get back to you on that. I came across some minor glitches in the game I can let you know what those are if you like, but just curious as to why?
Nice game Smile

I reviewed it:
i dont know any bugs but i know where they put a whole load of pixles right here >>>( . )( . )<<<
they seem a bit smaller that previous games actually and less random camera close ups. Lara seems to have less barbie doll proportions.
well i havent seen any bugs yet and im just in thew middle of the game

this game really rocks not like the angel of darkness at all
cant stop playing it
i allways liked tomb raiders Smile
Great game although I find that it has lost the difficulty that the previous game, provided. However it did have that this is original feeling to it, which I thought was great. All in all I give it 8/10.
I am at 70% right now and can say - very nice and addictive game. Not very hard to pass, but enough to not be "just for kids". One thing don't like, nevertheless - "boss-battles". For my test they little... prolonged. Lara must be able to kill them(bosses) much faster. But on the whole my mark 9/10. And I don't detect any bugs in game.
Because it's tomb raider, and the fact that they were actually able to resurrect this title by ditching eidos and having a different team who litterally spent an entire year to carefully go through and pick apart the 2nd game of the series to figure out why it was so good and what the heck happened with the rest of them that sent it spiralling downwards worse and worse with each further installment, then work on this one making sure it had the magic the 2nd one did. If you ask me it does but it's too easy. The levels are very streamlined and you get your hand held throughout them on top of that with your friends on your radio. I beat it without trouble on the hardest setting. Even with that the game still rocks though 9/10 from me
the first tombraiders had their simplicity that made them good and their story
the new ones where more complicated
tomb raider fans wanted only an extention of the same type of game
just the same things but continueing an other episode + more grafics + more moves (not too much that it looses its semplicity)
* for me Tomb Raider 1 was good but it was way too hard and repetitive early half the game espacially against the mumies jumping all around
* Tomb Raider 2 was great in my openion, lots of original things that made the game rock for its time
*Tomb raider 3 was good too but the london missions were boaring and seemed too long.
* Tomb Raider 4 was a long game but its length wasnt what made it suck most. More its darkness and lack of originality in the location of the missions, nearly all in the desert and in tombs, that made the game very repetitive and boaring, the last part was good though but not worth playing it again in my openion, certainly not like the previos games.
* Tomb Raider 5 wasnt bad but some missions where boaring like the ones when she was a kid, that wasnt the type of tomb raider i like, what is Tomb Raider if she doesnt have guns man?
On the whole it wasnt a bad game but it lost a little of its semplicity in this game and i think thats the main reason y ppl didnt like much this game.
* Tomb Raider 6
well in this game Lara lost all its semplicity in it, and im sure that this is the reason y ppl didnt like this game, Lara manuvering sucked and even its targetting and camera sucked. When i got used to those things finilly i managed to analise the game on an other point of view.
Apart from the extream hardness of certain parts of the game it had some good things like the new abilities (crawling etc) + at a certain part of the game i felt myself some sens of freedom in the game, when i arrived in the city where i could do whatever i wanted to do like talking to ppl, and searching the place without the forced strait forward tomb Raider style, well that was cool for me but it wasnt well constructed in my openion it could have been better(ex. the climate and it could have been more realistic than that).
For sure other TR fans surly didnt like it much allready boared with the mauvering problem.
an other good thing was that the abilities where improving slowly though out the game, something original for TR games( apart that it effected its semplicity, TR fans would pretend Lara to be fit after all those missions she did, not so weak in jumps in the begining of the game :S )

* Tomb Raider legend (7) gained back much of its semplicity and added to it some other moves to lara that went well in other games like Prince of Persia. Lara manuvribility is good now and easy to contol and shoot, once u get used to it because at first i found some difficulty to shoot but then i got used to it.
gameplay is fun and you can feel the tombraider style in it too.
well over all its a good game and i like it Smile
i give it a 9.5/10
I am really enjoying it. I actually am playing it as two different games right now. By putting the combat difficulty on easy I am playing a fun exploration game, while by having another game on hard I am playing an over the top John-woo actionfest. It is really great.

I like the remodel of Lara. She is slightly (very slightly) more realistic, and I actually believe this adds to her sex appeal. Previously she was a doll, but now she's more like an athlete.
This one of best games I every played including Grand Theft auto San Andreas,Age Of empires,fifa 20000, I don't know really why.It has something special for me Smile
I appreciate that the designers have returned to the key development concept of the original: it is fun to jump, climb, and fight through tombs.

All the games after the first forgot this and tried to take Lara someplace else or tried to get in the way of the jumping, climbing and shooting. I love how forgiving the timing of jumps are. I love that Lara jumps when she reaches the edge and not before or after.
Laughing I love the way her skin glistens after Lara goes swimming. I love the detail they put into her bountiful bosoms. I love her sexy english accent and how she uses it with such feisty attitude..rawr..
djcaution wrote:
Laughing I love the way her skin glistens after Lara goes swimming. I love the detail they put into her bountiful bosoms. I love her sexy english accent and how she uses it with such feisty attitude..rawr..

Hey m8 u seem hot for lara lol Very Happy
Their is one bug in the game that wont let you finish. If you jump to the wrong place at the end of the Nepal level, it wont play the cut sceen to end the level and you are stuck. I had to download a saved game to get past the level. But the game was great overall, I loved it. The old ones were boring.
YEah i have heard a lot of good stuff about this game and i want to play it pretty bad lol. I wish it was out on Mac cuz thats what i use Sad . Actually i need a new comp to play it anyway, the system reqs are pretty high and my comp is damn slow lol.
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