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MS Office 2007 Beta

I have a link for the MS Office 2007 beta and thought some of you might wanna try it out.

There are a few other packages there too like visio etc

Just remember no tech support from MS for betas and of course they don't guarantee your data will be intact after the install. I'd backup address books and any important emails before installing, just in case.
They don't have any screenshots of it Crying or Very sad

Anyone try it yet?
I installed it and the only problem that I had was trying to activate it. Kept telling me it couldn't detect an internet connection, but it was actually a problem with the activation servers. I've been able to activate it since and have had no problems yet. All of my settings and emails etc imported from Office 2002 and it seems to be working ok.
Although, I'm not really a big Office user, so I havent tried out a lot of it's features yet.

Here is a link to a blog that has several screenshots in it if anyone wants to see it:
Hi there,

What's the minimum PC requirements? Shocked

Basically 500Mhz cpu, XP with SP2 (or server 2003) and 256M ram
It also says you need a 1Ghz CPU for Outlook with business contacts manager. Although these arent final system reqs of course. The link at the top will give you all the info you need.
Eh, no intentions of installing it. But did want to see it, however, the link you gave doesn't work... what do you think of it? I hear they changed a lot of stuff up in it to 'maximize utility'.
I just tried the link directly from my old post. Works for me
Has anybody tried it? is it any good? I am thinking to switch to Star Office, because I don't really like Office XP. It's quite slow sometimes maybe it's because it's too big..
If you are thinking about changing office apps, you might want to try Easy Office, I've never used it myself (I don't have much use for office apps) but I just read an article the other day that said it was the best one they tried, they liked it even better than MS Office 2003, and it's freeware to boot.

They picked it above MS Office, Word Perfect Office 12, Open Office and a couple other packages. The only thing that really caught my eye with easy Office was tha it had built in pdf compatability...although pdf's annoy me as Adobe reader is a PoS
Quite looking forward to this release for some reason... probably because i'm sick of seeing the same boring interfaces in 2003.... Laughing

Nobody tried it yet?
I;ve tried it. I REALLY like it. It has a great look to it. I haven't used it that much yt, but from what I can see it will be very nice.
Downloaded it Smile Nice piece of sotware for a price of "free"! Smile
Transponder wrote:
Downloaded it Smile Nice piece of sotware for a price of "free"! Smile

free warez Very Happy i will wait for final reales, because ll these betas have more bugs than you can imagine, so it is worthless to use this kind of soft, especialy when you work with documents ...
Office 2003 is something I am used to. It is a part of my life now. Now comes Office 2007, dont know whether it is going to be my favorite, it will definetly be, if it is going to be simple to operate and fast to do common tasks. I am waiting for the final vertion to come. Now I am going to check the beta vertion. Hope it will be good enough.
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