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If you ever commit a crime and get locked up...

Just out of boredom, I'm sure many of you guys may have heard your parents tell you one day after you've almost got in some serious trouble "If your going to commit a crime and get locked up, At least do something worth getting locked up for like murder and not petty theft like shoplifting" Do you guys agree with this?

I think this is true even if it's wrong. It's better to spend 25 to life for killing someone than 20 years for tax evasion.
Yea the problem with killing someone though is that you just messed up a family and you will have to live with that regreat. I think it would be cool to go to jail for like stealing nice cars and speeding off rather then tax invasion. It should be cool but not on the break of killing someone. If you kill someone you could screw up a family. How would you feel if this happend to you?
Since when did the idea of going to jail become... cool? Confused
I can kinda understand it if you're, like, 11 years old.

Being raped by sexually deviant men, beaten senseless by testosterone-laden guards, constant paranoia about diseases, being watched by multiple pairs of eyes at all times of the day & night, having no freedom whatsoever and eating food that most farmers wouldn't slop their hogs with can hardly be called "cool".

As for me, neither of my parents or any of my step-parents ever told me that "if you're gonna go, go big."

But if you insist on finding some sort of ego-trip in the idea of doing time, then consider an alternate view of getting busted for many years worth of tax evasion - you got away with it for a long time and you'll probably never live long enough for them to get their money anyway.
I dont' want to go to jail at all. That would go on my record and make it harder to get a good job and stuff. Its smarter to stay out of trouble. I doubt i would go to jail. I never even got even a little teacher dention. Dont' mean i dont' do bad things but nothing like some do. I dont' do drugs or any of that shit. Worst thing i ever really done was out past curfew and disrupeting neighbors and got the cops called on us. The dumbasses coudlnt' find the street though.
lol my dad tells me that if I were ever to get locked up, it better be a good reason (such as mass robery, scamming, corporate insider trading) or he'd show up at my cell and kick my ass
Wait, wait, wait.

WHY on earth would be killing somebody better than evading tax? Evading tax is wrong, and murder is INCREDIBLY wrong. Seriously, wtf.
As one of the unlucky few who have had the "opportunity" to get locked up, I'd say it's not glamorous at all.
It kills your spirit, honestly.
You literally have someone telling you what to do 24/7.

I was a really really stupid kid, I know that now.
I had borrowed my bro's car, he told me I could use it to go to a party.
Except I forgot to turn on the headlights (it was 1am) and cops spotted me.
So that's no license, no insurance, MIP (I had a case of budweiser in the back), and 1 other thing I forgot.
Fortunately they counted time served in my bond/bail or whatever.
So I got out without having to pay anything.

One good thing is that I was drinking, and I keep the bottlecaps in my pocket to know how much I drink at the end of the night.
I had at least 12-15. Possibly 20.
Thank god for Orbitz, it hid the smell on my breath and I acted cool in front of the cop.

So ya, I regret it immensely.
But I don't wish I did something more that woulda gotten me in the same amount of trouble.
Yah i agree but im sure surprized this isn't - locked - Oh yah i remember n0obs isnt a moderator any more so i guess it will stay oppen.
To be honest, my parents have never entertained the possibility of me doing something illegal. My dad pays his taxes properly, and mum doesn't drive because she doesn't know how to Razz... all the vehicles' certificates are in order, etc etc.

But well, when you're in India, you can't avoid skipping a couple of red lights, especially at 7.40am when there's absolutely no traffic. You also can't avoid jaywalking or switching lanes because there are no realy road-crossing zones, nor are there properly defined lane defining lines Razz

Anyway, I think my family's opinion on going to jail can be summarised in one line "If you ever get thrown into jail, I'll get you thrown into jail for it." Very Happy
I just recently faced court, and for the last few months i have been attending court thinking that i would be facing jail time. now that its over and im not in jail i can say... jail is not a good thing
tax evaision leads to less funding for public amenities

which can lead to large cutbacks to places like hospitals

people can die in hospitals because of mistreatment or the conditions of the staff

therefore by evading tax you could be commiting many murders....think about it Razz
It's a bit offending playing with the idea, I must say.
Many of those who have comitted murder, or other crimes, didn't mean
to from the beginning. Of those who did there are often explanations
to be found if you look at society, social situation, family background, etc.

One thing I think I can say for sure without checking the fact's, is that
very few of them looked at the punishment and let that stand behind
their descition, if any. Mabye the multiple offenders, who already knew
they where f**ked, but I doubt it.

So, to answer your question, to be a misfit is not something you choose,
and if you do you're seldom as bold as choosing crime. It's something you
for one reason or another is forced into doing, and sentance comes as a
consequense, not a choice.
I learned that if some guy tries to rape you, just run behind him and try to rape him. Then it'll either go icepick-made-out-of-toothbrush stab or "Don't ****** with him, because he'll ****** with you right back."
Perhaps many of you guys didnt really get the question, What I was trying to say is, If ever you ended up in jail for example even if it was unexpected. Is it better to be in jail for stupidity or something smart.
I understand, but I didn't really know, since the lesser the crime, the less severe your sentence. If it was going to be for murder, then I would either get the death sentence or have life. If I was in for, say, shoplifting, I may not even go to jail at all, I might just have probation or a fine. So, really, I stand by my "rape them back" statement.
im just gonna try to avoid it.. but yes i do agree
I'd prefer to stay out of prison. Wink
You wanna go to prison? try it here in Indonesia.

A freind of mine was in for three months, and that was just waiting for his trial, he lost 10 kilos in that time. They don't actually feesd you here. 1 litre of water and a bit of rice and spinach once or maybe twice a day if you're lucky.

Lucky he bribed the judge $400 and got off light so he was released about a month after the trial.

His crime? Attempted murder.
Some guys jumped him with knives one night on his way home from my house. He got one of their knives from them and nearly cut one guys head off. he was in hospital for months. Self defence really but when the police wanted to let him go without charging him some people from the area the thugs lived in threatened to burn down the police station, so they decided to charge him anyway, even though they had decided not to before.

A great justice system in this country. Just come and see for yourself.
alkady wrote:
Just out of boredom, I'm sure many of you guys may have heard your parents tell you one day after you've almost got in some serious trouble "If your going to commit a crime and get locked up, At least do something worth getting locked up for like murder and not petty theft like shoplifting" Do you guys agree with this?

I think this is true even if it's wrong. It's better to spend 25 to life for killing someone than 20 years for tax evasion.

tax evation would be finacially more benificial than murder.

I don't agree with theft but I always say that if ya gonna get nicked for stealing ya gotta steal something worth while, some idiots that get caught stealing a 1.50 pack of batteries or something like that are gonna get a similar punishment as they would if they'd nicked the stereo to put them in.

It also gets up my nose when some little scrote does some mindless act like stealing a motor, driving it 500yrds then tourching it, if they nick it to strip it for parts to fix their own I can see a point, even if they sell the bits but when they just destroy it then it just seams such a waste Rolling Eyes
As many others have said, I think it's best not to do anything dumb and especially not to get caught doing anything dumb.
Lock you up in prison is jus a physical constraint unto a cimrinal..
The true penalty is what loaded in your inside body..
Imagine you really kill someone, what mentel effect would be on you?
Maybe their family would curse you, or when you think of their sons/ daughters become alone, or take revenge on you......these kind of things burden you far more than "in prison"
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