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How many people...

Do you use this feature?
 38%  [ 16 ]
 38%  [ 16 ]
 16%  [ 7 ]
Never heard of it!
 7%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 42

How many people around here, other than me, actually use the Notify me when a reply is posted feature? I have it on by default (in my profile), but I can't help but wonder if anyone else does this...Anyone?
Can't say that I do, well, all of the time. Since this is such a big forum, it's too much of a hassle to get about 30 emails coming from frihost for all the topics I replied to. There are very few threads that I seriously want to reply to and turn notify on, but that doesn't mean there are none. I rarely use it.
Since when I'm online I'm on MSN and I see the pop up saying somone replied so it's kind of handy...Since usualy i'm not floating around on FriH and doing other stuff I shouldnt be.
i use the feature only on threads i started. it's a nice thing to have but might send a large number of mails of a board this size. so when i log on to frihost i check the my articles link.
Well, it's nice to know that at least everyone's heard of it Laughing.
I rarely use it because, as a moderator, I view so many threads and reply in so many (some of which I am not very interested in).
Also, well, I login everyday and go through all the threads that interest me anyway...
I used to use it once upon a time, though, when I wasn't a moderator. I've also used it a couple of times in threads that I started which I was interested in hearing others' opinions on.

PS: Next time, while creating a new topic, I recommend you name it properly. For example, this topic... instead of calling it "How many people...", you could have called it "Do you use the Notify on reply?" or something similar. The topic of a thread must give a brief summary or at least a clear impression or idea as to what the thread is about.
Yea but the topic title gets readers. Anyhow i never use it. I am always here and have no reason for it.

I just see the topics i am interested in tab it at the top (I love FireFox) and then read them and reply if I need to. There is no reason to use it. It may be usefull in a support thing though.
The point of a thread's title is not to advertise itself. It's not to create curiosity and make readers open it and read it. It should be to give the users an idea of what the thread is about so that they can choose whether to spend their time going through it or just ignore it.

In some cases, it can get irritating to think a topic is about some bigger issues and then get into it and find out that it's actually about Barbie Dolls and whether blonde Barbie looks better than Brunette barbie or whatever. Wink
I don't know how many ppl here indeed
as I'm very busy these days
and have no time here
Crying or Very sad
i receive all of replies ofposted forums by e-mails...At least 15 e-mails from Frihost i gain daily...
I never used it on these forums really unless I posed something and I need to know when I get a response from it.
On any forum I've ever posted on I've never used the feature. I just don't like the clutter in my inbox, and even WITH filters, I get anal about having unread messages, so I have to go and at least mark them all as read and... too much hassle for me. Smile
I only do it as default, forums you make actually have it.
but its too many threads! usually I don't bother at all.
I dislike the amount of email i already recieve, i really don't need any more automated crap.

If I wanna know, I'll check the forum every day, otherwise I won't be on my computer, and thusly won't be checking my email anyhow
I don't use the feature because I don't like getting the email. Also if you want to know what's happened on things you've replied to you can click the "view your posts" link on the forum's index page.
I dont have it set to automatic though if I create a topi which I need to use again such as my contests, various $FRIH opportunities in the marketplace, I like to know when someones posted so I'll use the 'watch topic for replies' as in the stated examples it proves useful.
Otherwise as many have already said, many emails from stating a post has been made in a topic is rather annoying Mad
{name here}
I usually check here so often that I don't really bother to use it at all.
It's an annoying feature, I do other things besides post on forums and with the rate that these topics grow I'd be getting notified way to many times to handle
I use it quite often. Since FriHost has such a large forum with so many threads, I often forget which ones I posted in and such, or I just can't find them again Laughing. I find it very helpful, and not just on this forum. I use it for many others as well, especially ones I don't visit often.
I bearly start a new topic so I cannot say I know this feature.... what is this for?
I cant say I really knew it was there. I think that I will use it in the future but only on treads I have posted and really interested in others views. I take the point that setting it up on all posts would be quite over powering on the email front....there are other things in life to be doing.
well for those who really want help this is a gr8 feature, but for those who are here just to make their points, this feature is a Confused not good enough.
well, ive never used it although i know what it is Razz if i find any interesting topic, i prefer to bookmark it rather than chose notify. i just hate emails flooding my id . so that maybe the reason why i dont use notify
I use it all the time, just to remind me of all the topics that I've forgotten about.
never use the feature on by myself. usually i got the feature on automatically by the forum setting. then i change it right away since it's spamming my yahoo inbox.

i rarely making my own forum topic. i usually ask something on indonesian language forum not in english language Smile
I never used it, it makes my email full, and I don't like that, I'm a very unorganized person when it comes to ogranizing my mailbox. O.o
I don't use it because I hate getting emails each time a person posts in a thread I have posted in. If you have 100 posts in different threads and people reply to each thread you will have 100+ emails notifying you.
I use it if I definately want some feedback on what the thread is about or if I asked a question, but otherwise no. I get enough emails a day...
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