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Buying HDTV...

I'm selling this 40 year old piano in my living room and with the money, im planning to buy an HDTV (our old tv doesn't work anymore). I want something that's less than $2000 CDN and at least 40 inches. However, I can't make up my mind on what type (dlp, lcd). All I know is that I don't want a plasma because it wears out in a short period of time. What do you guys think?
dlp has a higher image quality, LCD TVs are slimmer.
Now this may sound crazy, But try a real home theater system with LCD Projectors and Surround Sound in a dark soundproof room. That is the real Cinematic Experience. THX & Dolby Digital Surrond Sound. Thats what I call the ultimate experience even if you won't have 100 people in front of you laughing with you like the real movies.
the problem with a home theater is that I dont have a windowless nor a soundproof room in my house Sad . Thanks for the suggestion though Smile . I don't mind if the tv is fat or thin, I care mostly about screen size and screen quality.
HDTV will be required by the government soon, so that's a good decision. Come (what was it? June 2007?), you won't be picking up analog TV signals anymore, not even on RF.
I'd suggest DLP, but I can't say why myself. I'd highly suggest talking to the real techies around you--at a few stores, perhaps a repair shop, or look up an unbiased review on both TV's. You can't always trust the opinions people put up here. Wink

Personally, I say DLP because I've heard only good news about it from every (TV-savvy) person I know. HDTV isn't worth the extra money, IMO (though I don't know if the difference is that large for your area). Only a few channels here support it, and very few will be switching to HD in the near future. That's just what I've heard, always check it out for yourself.
I have a Sony 57" HDTV projection, the difference between HD and regular channels is amazing. Where I am they are adding more and more HD channels Very Happy , to be able to watch my soprts and such in HD is awesome. Also, when I use the DVD player it is crystal clear as well. Have had this tv for about 4 years now and have not had problem one with it.
The only channel I have is CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and it is supporting hd. Im buying an HD more for gaming (PS3) and watching movies (probably blu-ray in the future). I'll try and fit surround sound in my budget also. After searching the web for what seemed like hours I found a model I particularily liked:
I know its more than $2000 but Ill manage. What do you guys think? Is dlp better than this?
What is HDTV ??? Lcd TV ?
Zyrobot wrote:
What is HDTV ??? Lcd TV ?
Very Happy...And HDTV is a better and devoloped model of LCD Tvs and new conseles needs HDTVs for perfect performance...We can only play 640*480 with normal TVs...But HD(high defnotion TVs allows us to play like ATI 1900XT Very Happy
ocalhoun wrote:
HDTV will be required by the government soon, so that's a good decision. Come (what was it? June 2007?), you won't be picking up analog TV signals anymore, not even on RF.

It's also the best way today available to enjoy the power of the new X-Box 360... and maybe the PS/3.

In Italy our government is also planning to stop analog transimissions in 2008 and adopt the DVB standard.
HDTV's are amazing, especially if you play with consoles such as the XBOX360.

The game NBA2K6 on XBOX360 + an HDTV is unreal, its soooo realistic looking, you see the players sweat and everything, the facial expressions.

HDTV's ftw!
I am in the same possition some time now trying to chose my new HD TV.The pros and cons about LCD VS Plasma made me chose Lcd TV.My primary need is to have a TV so in the near future to be able to watch HD Video and play HD games.So i ended up on the Amoi 42"*.Even if it is a Chinise brand the feedback from about 50 ppl that mass buy , left me with good impresions.

*I do not intend to advertise this product and it is my personal choise,if it violates the rules please delete it.
man who needs expenisve HDTV's....thats right no one, why get one when you can just buy some old 1990s russian army TV thats like 100 inches, which was used, to spy on bill clinton and his...affairs.....just felt like being random
Nice to have maybe, but still much too expensive here in Indonesia.
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