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Music and Film Industry Gossip, News and More (May 20th)

Sorry for the late post forgot to post here when I finished writing on Sunday, Monday and today.

I know that a ton of you actually take the time to read these so here is my usual gossip, banter, news and other exciting stuff.

1. The Finals (Immortal) will be touring with Jupiter Sunrise this summer, so check out their profile and then check out the show when it comes to your town.

2. The Bleeding Alarm (Immortal) tour with Adair (Warcon) starts this week, this is a strictly Canadian tour that ends in Ottowa on June 5th.

3. Coretta Scott and The Bleeding Alarm (Immortal) will be touring together in June all along the West Coast so make sure you get out and show your love for the boys. Ask Coretta Scott about "Rawk Parties" and ask The Bleeding Alarm about "Beer Bottle Weiner Nights".

4. Scary Kids Scaring Kids (Immortal) will be touring with Haste The Day in August.

5. Avenged Sevenfold will be filming their next video "Seize the Day" in the coming month.

6. Avenged Sevenfold has also been added to Ozzfest this year.

7. Breaking Benjamin (Hollywood) new album "Phobia" drops August 8th.

8. He is Legend/Classic Case split CD to be released on June 6th through Future Tense.

9. At All Cost is looking for a drummer as Grant Anderson has left the band.

10. Dillinger Escape Plan i-Tunes ONLY EP drops on June 13th

11. The Bleeding Alarm (Immortal) "Beauty in Destruction" CD drops on June 13th.

12. Vans and Pure are giving you 15 free tracks to download from artists like The Finals, The Bleeding Alarm, Every Time I Die, Circa Survive, Waking Ashland, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Boy Sets Fire and more. DOWNLOAD NOW

13. Also enter HERE for your chance to win a trip to Europe to see your favorite band courtesy of Immortal Records.

14. Panic! at the Disco is touring with OK Go and The Hush Sound starting in June.

15. Rise Against has booked their next music video shoot with Kevin Kerslake for the single "Ready to Fall"

16. Jake Gravbrot (hXcHairstylist/My Warped Life) returns to Austin, TX on June 6th before leaving for this years Warped Tour (with yours truly).

17. Republic of Texas Bike Rally is June 1st through 4th in Austin, TX, headlining that event Joan Jett, Paul Rodgers and David Allen Coe.

18. Benefit concert for the reality TV show My Warped Life on Thursday at the Showbox in Seattle, WA. On The Last Day, Coretta Scott, The Royalty, Tysen, Fall From Grace, Lucky For Nothing and much MORE!

19. The Bleeding Alarm in conjunction with TagWorld, EssentiaL Media Group and Immortal Records will be giving away a signed guitar starting the first week of June, stay tuned here for more information.

20. The Phunk Junkeez (Suburban Noize) will be touring in June with OPM (I still love "Heaven is a Halfpipe"). You can catch the show at Red Eyed Fly on June 19th here in Austin, TX.

21. The Naos Project is changing their name and you can tell them what to change it to!! Check them out here, then send in your suggestions, winning entry gets a ton of free stuff AND MONEY!

1. Kevin Spacey and Judi Dench join the cast of "Joe Claus". Comedy.

2. Kirsten Dunst joins Jack Black for the new comedy "Be Kind Rewind"

3. LOST GEEKS: The season finale is next week and some of you have noticed the Hanso Foundation commercials that aired the last two weeks. I can't tell you all the secrets but I can offer you some help for those hopelessly addicted to the show.
A. Visit, click on "sign up for newsletter" (it won't really send you anything), when it asks for a password type in "breaking strain". See what that does and if you want to go further hit me up and I can offer you some hints.
B. it was on the commercial last week and a bunch of people emailed me asking "WTF?" well there is a hidden link on the right side of the compass rose. You will find a way to "hack" the server and even check the email boxes of Hanso employees. There are some very cool clues to the show in here if you look hard enough but enough said on that.
C. HINT of the DAY: The next password will be "the mouthpiece", don't lose that.

1. Scion xPress Fest voting is on now, enter HERE to vote and for a chance to win a new Scion.

Shane Jay Hayes
EssentiaL Media Group
essentialmedia wrote:

13. Also enter HERE for your chance to win a trip to Europe to see your favorite band courtesy of Immortal Records.

1. Scion xPress Fest voting is on now, enter HERE to vote and for a chance to win a new Scion.

These 'enter HERE' are really nice - keep them coming!
Don't be an ass, I write the article for a different site and only repost here because it is good stuff.

The HTML code doesn't work the same over here. Visit to vote for the Scion videos. OR just go to and read the blogs where you can find all the links you need.

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