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Who uses photoshop?

Do you use photoshop?
 33%  [ 15 ]
I use it occasionally.
 48%  [ 22 ]
I rarely use it.
 11%  [ 5 ]
What's Photoshop?
 6%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 45

I would like to know how many people use Photoshop in this forum for whatever reason. Also try to post why you use it, what version you have (6, 7, CS, CS2), and how good you are at it.
i use photoshop.
I have CS2 and im fairly good at using it.
Mostly i use it for making cool banners of sigs...
We are using it in our office for our Website-graphics. I really like it.
Especially the Filters.

I am currently using Adobe Photoshop CS2 on my new PC and Adobe Photoshop CS on my old PC because CS2 is a bit of a bloatware.
I use it generally for making the necessary GUIs for my php scripts and a few wallpapers.
I use Photoshop CS2 once in a while, I usualy make sigs or avitars with it.
I use it occasionally. and i think the best graphic program is Photoshop...
I use it maybe once and month and it definately is a top of the line graphics editing program.
I use it pretty much =D
i have to say i love photoshop cs2 its the best but again i only use it once in a while as i neva need to edit photos 24/7 you know what i mean but it is the best photo editing software
I just got the CS2 Suite. I've been using Elements 2 for ages, so I finally decided to go all out with CS2. However, there are lots of new apps, and I am unsure to how to get a basic function out of them (I can do stuff with it, but I want to learn the right way). Does anyone know of a good site that runs through the basics? I see that Adobe has some links to trainers, but those cost money.

I got the CS2 Suite, the CS Suite, and all of the original software for my computer, because I used to be a heavy Halo modder and I made like characters for games such as Halo, Call of Duty and other stuff. Modifications, not the real games! Smile
Photoshop is indeed the best gfx prog. Is so easy to use, the best program to use, if you wants to create something from scratch. Web templates, sig, avatars.
yea totally agree photoshops amazing rocks my world
I use photoshop for a lot of things. I like to make signatures and lay-outs.
The bad thing is that it isn't cheap! But it is the best graphic software there is.
Use CS2 from time to time, when I need to create not complex picture or merge 2 or more existent pics in one collage.
Exactly, for merging pictures its perfect! Recently I found out the "warp"
option, where you can even bend persons!

But if you want to do simple work on pictures it is much quicker to use
ACDsee 7.0 - 8.0 is too heavy and lacks of good tools it had on 7.0 -
which is a very quick and allround tool as well.

The good thing also is, that if you have a lot of practice with the ACDsee, then you will find yourself ok with the CS2 after a while, the logical structure is similar. But with a lot lot more options!

Have fun

Photoshop is one of the best picture programs out there.
I think I started with it about 1 year ago, just for fun, and I created signatures/avatars with it.
At the moment, I'm creating banners with it for my clan's website.
Photoshop might be a bit hard to start working with. But once you try some stuff out, try some tutorials, start understanding it. And you can create some real nice stuff with it then. Just hang on Very Happy
I used it before but i found it very complicated so I changed to PSP... but the good thing about PS is that it has more functions and more effects.
I'm nowhere near as insanely proficient as the people who make the tutorials online or the stuff at DeviantArt, but I get around it pretty well. I use it mostly for touching up my digital photographs, but I will be redesigning my site from the ground up using photoshop to do the layout and some or the content on it. Yay!
I use Photoshop CS 8. I mainly use it to design web layouts and signatures. But at some times I just like to have fun with it and mess around with all my brushes, I have like 50 of em.
I use CS2...
I think it's really the best program for pixel-art, photo editing and so on…
But Gimp's the second best choise...
I mostly use Fireworks, i did a class in all the macromedia stuff, so I know my way around it.
I just can't get along with photoshop, the properties are completely different from fireworks'.
I'm using Photoshop CS!
It's the best graphic-program I know.
I would like to have CS2 but its too expensive for me.
I use it sometimes, it's an amazing software Smile
I use Photoshop 8 for just about everything. My sites graphics, the graphics for our widgets, ect. Good piece of software. Price is a little steep though. I don't plan on buying another version unless something tremendous happens.

-Gabe S.
Novis Design
I used photoshop 7 servearl years,I want to user photoshop cs2,But it need more money! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
Photoshop to me is as air to human lol Very Happy cannot live without it. Just updated from version 8.0 it to CS2 but I don't think there's many differences between the two. My advice is to keep using your current version and save money Laughing
I never used Photoshop. When I need some simple graphics, I just use MS Paint. When I need some particular effects, I google to find how to make it with The Gimp.

But it surely could be interesting to learn.
photoshop is great i use version 6
S3nd K3ys
So of all the people here using it, how many actually paid for it? It's not cheep, and I find it hard to believe that so many people (many being children it often seems) are able to afford it.

No, I'm not trying to cause problems, but I'll say this; if you ARE using Photoshop illegally and you post the results (in the form of images) on the web, Adobe often CAN find out and nail you for it.

My suggestion?


Does everything and more than I've seen Photoshop do. And it's 100% FREE.
I used to use it, but haven't got it back since the format. And can't really afford to buy it.
Don't know what version I had. Sad
I use Photoshop 7 now. I've been using it since Photoshop 5. The best feature of the program is for me the ability to create and make use of layers. I also use other programs like Corel Draw and Paintshop Pro, but Photoshop is easiest to use.
I use PS CS2 that came with the Adobe Production Bundle, primarily for DVD menus and some web site work. It's at the top fo te image editing pile for me, as far as image creation it shares the spot with mediachnace Real Draw and Creature House's Expression, now Microsoft 'Acrylic' and a freeware/shareware program called Project Dogwaffle.
Version : I'm using Photoshop Cs2.

Reason : For me, this software is used side by side with the other softwares such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, Illustrator and 3Ds Max. The reason of using Photoshop is this software has a lot of features to manipulated image, especially photograph but of course, it doesn't close any possibility for other purposes as well. I used it a lot for making website, editing images, making banner, giving effect on to logo, even simple animating.

Level : I cannot really measure my level, because whenever I think I have kept up to certain level, I just realize that there are a lot more that I still don't understand and have to push me even harder to cope with the current trend or skill. But, of course if I need to do something, I'm sure I can do it as long as it is realistic. So, level is the hardest part for me to mention because it is relative.
I'm currently using Photoshop CS2 and find it useful for my editing needs though there's still a lot to learn from it. Smile
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