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AMD Athlon 64 in a Notebook???

Do they put an AMD Athlon 64 in any kind of dell or gateway or hp? I have been looking and I dont see one...I see ones with a mobile AMD Athlon 64 but I was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their heads if they make one? I have checked all their websites but dont see one....
Desktop processers in a laptop really add to heat and mass. Why do you need an Athlon 64 in a laptop, anyway? Confused
As far as I know, Dell's been sticking to Intel's set of processors. To date, I haven't seen a Dell machine with an AMD chip in it. I would get a laptop with a processor that's low on battery usage when unplugged, as that could suck a lot of power away. I had a laptop with a Pentium 4 chip in it (from 2003, sold it because the thing smoked up from the poor design) and the battery life was horrible. Now I have a laptop with a Centrino chip in it.

- Mike.
AMD Athlon processers is for desktop, for notebook use AMD Turion64. I use now Amd Turion64 MT-37 2.0 Ghz. - Msi Megabook 635 Wink
Perhaps you can request? If you really want AMD, Stick with other brands if your preferred choice doesnt have it.
I need an AMD for game design on the laptop...I heard there really good for gaming too and i know they can heat up quite a bit and battery usage isnt as good...... as for a turion they cant handle as much as an athlon...I need something w/ EXTREME performance wether it be games or multiple aps i figured an athlon would be my best choice....Unless anyone has good advice to go something different? Weight isnt really a factor to me and battery life kind of is....
ALSO i need the name brands like dell/gateway or hp because i can get huge discounts on those specific brands...i actually went to best buy today and seen a laptop w/ an amd athlon 64 inside but it only had an ATI radeon and 128mb DDR....maybe something w/ 512DDR would be better but i think 128 is a bit to low..
Have you ever looked into Dell's line of XPS gaming notebooks ? I've seen photos of them online and they're HUGE, where they really are meant to sit on a table instead of your lap I'm guessing. They're backed with a lot of horsepower. I haven't tried Alienware's computers, but they're known for making high-end gaming machines. I get their catalogs in the mail periodically, as I asked for them to get mailed to me. That also goes for Dell, HP, and Gateway. Very Happy I'm trying to keep up with the times.

Aha !! Here we go - one I seen that looks like what you're describing -

- Mike.
Scotty Too Hotty
dell typically doesnt offer AMD like it was siad earlier they stick to intel Brandings.
I say again i have Msi M635 and its has Ati X700 128 Mb. VGA cart i play need for speed most wanted FULL Details. If you play a hard game ? Your notebook Vga cart must be External. Share display not good for game.

Nvidia 6600....

More details this link
i will buy the notebook if there is Athlon64 inside

i think AMD is much more better than Intel

do you think so?
Intel for Desktop Software <<>> AMD For Game
My Choose Always AMD
yes my opinion is AMD is far better than intel..if it can handle games well it must be able to handle apps well too Smile
Scotty Too Hotty wrote:
dell typically doesnt offer AMD like it was siad earlier they stick to intel Brandings.

Rumors has it that Dell is considering AMD, But thats a rumor.
I myself am using an AMD64 processor on a HP laptop. (ZV5410US, 1.8GHz)
It's not really a top choice laptop for most hardcore users, but works well for me as I am always on A/C power and VERY seldom use the batteries. Laughing
AMD processors are slowly developing, but right now Intel has the upperhand with its new Duo core. My dad, who works in the industry, is convinced this is the direction that notebook processors are headed towards. I haven't yet used one, but all the reviews are extremely favorable & emphasis the idealness for notebook computing (quick without too much heat or overloading).
izcool wrote:
As far as I know, Dell's been sticking to Intel's set of processors. To date, I haven't seen a Dell machine with an AMD chip in it.

Intel pays them well to do so Wink

Refering to your link, Alienware are as far as I know the only people selling laptops with AMD desktop processors (supports 64 range to x2 and the FX-60 Shocked )
AMD makes a processor called the Turion, i suggest that if you want a laptop with an AMD processor that you look into this one because it works much the same as the Centrino processors from intel do so they don't produce as much heat as a standard desktop PC processor.

I know that Alienware carries Laptops using the Turion though its gunna be very overpriced compared to most laptops...I know that Compaq also makes some with Semprons and Turions but as for dell and HP im not sure though i think HP should...
Yeah, Dell uses Intel and I doubt they've ever used AMD. HP has some laptops with AMD, and I'm not sure about Gateway. I know that Alienware does have AMD 64 (even the FX 60) in their laptops. Though, I don't think you need a desktop processor on a laptop, unless it's meant to stay on your desk. And, I also agree, if you're getting an AMD, check out the Turion.
My room partner just purchased AMD Turion 64 based laptop. Its an Acer laptop with name Aspire 5000. Its really good but u need enough amount of RAM. It had only 256 MB. Also one should look for what motherboard and chipset is used. If mobo is not good AMD can't do much.
OS should also be 64 bit like Windows XP 64 or 64 bit versions of Linux (Ubuntu, Suse work great).
Fujitsu Siemens do at least two notebooks with AMD 64's in. One has a Sempron 64 and the other has an Athlon 64. Both notebooks are in the Amilo range.

FS Notebooks are extremely good, and have very good and inexpensive warranty options. Highlky recommend them.

Dell will never do AMD, they get far too much support from Intel.
I stand corrected. I was reading in my one issue of "Processor" magazine ( that Dell is considering on offering computers with AMD CPU chips.

- Mike.
nilsmo wrote:
Desktop processers in a laptop really add to heat and mass. Why do you need an Athlon 64 in a laptop, anyway? Confused

Yes, AMD 64 Turion!!!!!
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