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Star Wars Republic Commando


Not a bad game, good game play, first person shooter (strategey game)

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I have been planning to get a copy of this game but unfortunately, still, no copy of this game can be found here in the deserts of saudi arabia. Sad
love the game very nice almost perfect the team comand system is easy to use the lvls are difficult but not over the top hard i like this game alot the only bad thing is the multplayer modes r not very good u would expect a co-op campain on a game like this.

Lord Kuat
I tried it, it was ok. I think Jedi Knight is the best Star Wars shooter, as old and archaic as it may seem.
When you think of Star Wars, the first two things that likely come to mind are probably Jedi and space combat in X-Wings and TIE fighters. So logically, a Star Wars game that features neither element would feel like it's missing something. Right? As it turns out, Star Wars Republic Commando's laserlike focus on squad-based, military-style combat makes it a refreshing change of pace for Star Wars games. Its well-paced, albeit brief, single-player campaign will keep adrenaline junkies thrilled from the first dropship landing to the final dust-off. A pedestrian and unimaginative multiplayer mode is the only notable flaw in a game that otherwise plays, looks, and sounds fantastic.
I'm a Star Wars fan since Episode I, and for some reason I've always avoided this game. Simply because I don't think it fits in the Star Wars genre. Am I wrong?
Hmm, haven't tried this game yet. KOTOR was good, as was KOTOR II. My friends tell me it's pretty sweet though - as is Battlefront...
Its a cheap rip off of Rainbow Six/Counter Strike Genre games, But if your a Star Warshead like I am, Then you definetely got to have this game, Its kewl.
i thought this game was great. pretty good story line, nice combat, pretty challenging (but i suck so...). Overall i liked it.
I was thinking of trying this game out. I wonder what happened to that plan? Probably the fact that I have a cruddy computer. Razz I'd love to try it, though.
It is a fun game, little bit of squad play which is nice compared to games like Doom 3 where you are always alone. Anyways, taking my time it took a whole 3 hrs to beat the game. And I haven't played it sence, so basicly if you think 3hrs one play is worth the cost of the game go ahead and get. But be real guys!! Star Wars could be the best games out, but LucasArts suxs, only the X-Wing games were any good, Tie Fighter was a good game. All the other games suck and thats just how it is, if you see a Star Wars title avoid it!!!
I played the game last year. It was an okay game. Nothing compared to other FPS like HL2, Far Cry, or even FEAR. But still it was a fun game to play when you have nothing else to do. If you want a good Star Wars game play Star Wars: Knights of the Old republic. Part two is good as well.
This game is really kickass, i bought it during vacations and i finished it the same day (14 hours non-stop:P). Really amazing but dissapointingly short. Plus no interest in replaying from the begining, no special weapons or characters or anything
this game is so extremely short just like the game reviewers everywhere say. i got through in 6 hours. but the graphics and system is nice. the squad thing is mad cool even though their "specialties" are appearance only (cuz they all can do the same thing using the same amount of time). nice game, but too short...
yup, it was indeed a good game. And as a loyal star wars fan, I am going for the Star Wars: Empire at Wars...
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