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What was your favorite movie as a child?

Mine was The never ending story with Atreyu and G'mork, probably my favorite movie characters ever.

Now lets here yours, be it Snow white or beauty and the beast to The talented Mister Ripley.

I feel that the movies you see as a child sculpt you for your future
I used to love The Mask.
The earliest movie I remember watching was JAWS, and yes, it scared the hell out of me. Shocked I wouldn't take a bath for almost a solid week afterwards. (snicker) But it also became one of my all-time favorite films.
What you all mentioned were great movies, but came after my childhood: the 60s. When I was a young boy, my favourite movie was Ring of Bright Water. That otter just completely fascinated me.

After that, I also enjoyed Oliver! (which actually came a year earlier, but I saw it later), Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the original with Gene Wilder), and Call of the Wild.
My favori long time ago Dragon Ball but now no online on TV. Confused
Mine was Jumanji... I liked it a lot when I was a kid!!
Dj Redrum
my was Stand By Me, good classic film.
I was lucky enough to be 11 years old when Star Wars came out. At least that's what it was called at the time, now it's called Star Wars IV - A New Hope.

It's difficult for people today to see what an impact this film made. Before Star Wars, films had really bad special effects and were much slower paced. The film changed everything. I remember I went to the cinema with three new friends from my new secondary (high) school. I think it was the first time I had been to the cinema without my parents.

We sat on the front row with the screen towering above us and that massive orchestral chord burst over us like a bomb blast. Then the Imperial cruiser flying into the movie from over our heads. It was simply unforgettable, white knuckles from beginning to end. It was a stunning experience that I will never forget.
The movie which v stucked in my mind is star wars. I watched it in TV not in cinema.and I still love it.

Theres another movie its Aliens 2 , It made scard hell outa me and i was even afraid to goto kitchen alone at night for few days.
Super Mario Bros. and The Mighty Ducks 1 and 2. Very Happy Great movies Very Happy Very Happy
Star Wars would have to get my vote. We had never seen anything like it before that. The closest we had was the original star trek tv series, which I liked. But after seeing Star Wars in the theatre (age12 I think) I was like star trek what?

I remember the rumours started soon after about there being 9 episodes in total. I never thought I would have to wait as long as I did to see episode 1 which was episode 4 to me...oh never mind. Confused
I saw Monty Python and The Holy Grail when I was very young, and I have watched it over and over, and I love every minute of it.
POKEMON!!!it was suffered me Very Happy
My favorites were the Shirley Temple movies even though they are way before my time I use to love watching them when they came on tv. Some have been transfered to DVD but are kinda hard to find.
I was a fan of the Rocketeer and the Lion King. I practically memorized that movie, i was so obsessed Embarassed I also LOVED watching Indiana Jones. He was so badass.
Star Wars, Many of the Disney Classics such as Beauty and the Beast, Mulan ect. The Godfather, A real classic. Spaceball, Superman and The Nightmare before Christmas.
Dude, I totally loved any movie with horses in it.

I think National Velvet was my favorite.
Some Disney movies, I can't exactly remember what one exactly.
Milo and Otis, Homeward Bound, and Back to the Future were my favorites. Doesn't seem like any newer movies have the same impact that those did back then.
I liked Pinokio and Peter Penn...

Mine was The Super Mario Bros. Starring Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper etc. That had really some nice Special Effects! Wink Idea

Super Mario rules Exclamation Laughing
hey I must be really old cos min is Bridge Over The River Kwai. Ive changed now of course and love the likes of Braveheart, Lord of the Rings and harry Potter
My favourite was Rambo : First Blood and the other one was Cloak and Dagger. It was a fantasy movie about an imagination on a child that helped him solve a huge problem.

Another one was Project X (I think) it was about monkeys and labratories, I can't fully remember it.
All the Disneys, Pocahontas, Bambi... I looooved them all.
The new disneys really sucked, so sometimes when I feel nostalgic, I watch them again.
I got one word for you all:


the original, not those crappy 1 1/2 or 2 or sumthing
haha.. HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS.. haha.. great show.. i love to be that small.. muahaha..
the fox and the hound. i don't know what it MEANS, but it was my favorite. everyone always thought it would've been bambi because my name is jasmine and the skunk's name was flower so everyone bought me skunk t shirts and called me flower. it wasn't my favorite. i didn't even like it all that much. i loved fox and the hound.
My favourite films were Pretty in pink and K9. Pretty in Pinki was so romantic, and I do have red hair also, so maybe that was the reason I loved it. I haven't seen it for ten years now, and I don't remember almost at all, what was it like.

K9 was probably my favourite because of that wonderful dog, Jerry Lee. I did have the same bred dog at my own, when I was a child, and we had to give it up, because I got astma. It was the saddest thing in my life and I cried it for years. My favourite part in that movie was that when Jerry Lee got some whipped cream to his snout, and Jim Belushi asked, had he fall down in snow, or something like that.

I do have that movie still on VHS, and I still watch it time to time. It is one of my childrens favourite movie also.
gheh the Lion King and Star Wars by far
Wow, this topic really dates people. I don't remember star wars and pokemon was popular when I was in HS!

Some of my favorite movies were:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Legend (one of Tom Cruise's first flicks)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (with Steve Martin and Michael Caine...classic!)
The Princess Bride

What about TV shows?

Some of my favorites were
He-Man and She-Ra
The A-Team
The Smurfs
321 Contact
Full House
Family Ties
Family Matters

and i'm sure there were more, but that is all I can think of right now.
Mine were most definitely The Princess Bride and Labrynth (with David Bowie), two great movies that I love. When they were released on DVD I bought 'em up right away.

I also had great affinity toward the Gene Wilder starred version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
The Jungle Book was pretty rad. To me it was just dudes in a jungle having a blast. Plus they didn't stick in the obligatory Disney Love Subplot that I always thought were lame as a kid, until the very end.

And Ninja Turtles 2.
Yep Neverending Story, The Princess Bride are good examples of excellent movies i liked, but i also loved (and still do) pretty much every Terence Hill and Bud Spencer movie, Le Gendarme serie, Les Charlots films or Fantozzi serie Wink I would guess i still have "a thing" for light commedies that doesnt need to have some hidden agenda like most American ones :/
The Neverending Story was one of my faves too, along with Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Favorite Disney movies included The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King.
The Princess Bride was so good to me back then Smile
I cannot recall how many times i have watched it but it was heaps!!!
There is an old movie called The Greatest Show on Earth and it's about the circus. I just loved this movie and still do, I watched it not too long ago.
The Lion King. OMG. I'm 21 years old and I still cry when Simba's dad dies. Pathetic, I know. Embarassed
i had 3 what i can remember

labrinth - was and still is a brilliant film
charlie and the chocolate factory (gene wilder)

and i cant beleive no-one else loved this -

The Goonies ... i used to love this film and i can still watch it today absolute classic
Hoogeveense RAT
I think Space Jam. Michael Jordan played in a team with all Looney Tunes against a team with monsters.
child are really like cartoons, popoyee is one of the very popular hero for child, it is also for me in my olden days
Disney or Pixar movies
The Swan Princess
The Little Mermaid
A Goofy Movie
Toy Story
and all others except for Alice in Wonderland (I really don't like that movie, it's too out there).

Harriet the Spy (don't ask)
Space Jam
The Road to El Dorado
The Emperor's New Grove (just realized the last two should go under disney)
and The Blue Lagoon..?

I just remembered a random one that I really loved, Pippi Longstockings :]
Favorite movie was either the Princess Bride or the Last Unicorn. Both were totally awesome, IMO.
As a kid, I used to like animation movies. Among them 'Robot Taekwon V' was the best as I remember. The movie is as old as i'm and it was 30 years ago. I watched the movie recently and found out that the movie is not so impressive as it was ^^*
Hoogeveense RAT wrote:
I think Space Jam. Michael Jordan played in a team with all Looney Tunes against a team with monsters.

XD Hahha, I watched that on TMN the other day..... enjoyed it, but very much in a 'reclamation of my childhood' kinda way.
Star Wars. I love that movie and am a diehard Star Wars geek.
Clueless, Anastasia, A Little Princess, Alice In Wonderland, and my absolute favorite: A Goofy Movie.
I used to love to watch the Phantom
When I was a kid I had two favorite movies. I used to love The Wiz and Disney's The Fox and the Hound.
The Princess Bride for sure. Other memorable ones were the Goonies and the Last Starfighter.
Star Wars movies and ET were the things that I would constantly watch over and over as a kid.
I love Star wars too, but my favourite movie were still some chinese oldies that was as funny and you would like to watch it over and over.
The movies I loved watching when I was a child (and still love up to now) are:

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Disney animations
and the Sound of Music.
Skouris wrote:
The Lion King. OMG. I'm 21 years old and I still cry when Simba's dad dies. Pathetic, I know. Embarassed
Eh, I'm 24... :p

Can't remember what my favourite movie was as a -kid-, I used to watch a lot of cartoons.. But I enjoyed (and still do a great deal) Terminator 2 and Aliens.... Shocked
Beetlejuice! I literally watched this movie dozens of times as a child. Now I own the DVD and still watch it frequently when the mood strikes. It's hilarious and appeals to all ages - I get different things out of it now than I did as a kid and vice versa. It's weird, because it's not like the greatest movie on Earth, but a comforting element from my childhood.

I also loved The Dark Crystal, Labrynth, and The Little Mermaid/ Smile
S3nd K3ys
Wizzard of Ozz Laughing
I know that is weird but my favorite movie when I was a kid was Nightmare On elm Street Twisted Evil
I'll never forget the Mighty Ducks movies. They'll always have a special part in my heart. The whole team spirit thing, and the never say die attitude kinda shaped my formative years.
Favourite TV-Shows as a kid: MacGyver & The A-Team

Movies: Magnificant Seven & Long Ships
I loved The Sound of Music. I think I must have watched it a 100 times :)
I really liked Toy Story 1. It was really well done, especially for that era. #2 was a bit of a wash.
My first favourite movie was

Terminator 2 Cool

Damn i loved that movie, i realy liked the first one but i was pretty young back then. But damn when i saw T2 it was the best thing ive ever saw.

So yea i basicly have seen that movie a 100 times lol Rolling Eyes
The Back To The Future Trilogy <33
Those tapes never left my tv.

I was a film fanatic when i was a kid though, watched all the films when they were on tv. The first time i ever went to the cinema was when i was 11 Rolling Eyes lol
DJ Gr3y
My Dog Skip, Terminator 2 and The Family Man great movie for family movie or something like that.
Speaking on my daughter's can't go past "The Little Mermaid" It has just been re-released on DVD. It has been given the 2-Disc treatment.One of the most beloved Disney films, "The Little Mermaid" returns on dvd, fully restored and remastered in an all new 2 disc set this October! Rather than talking about the film (c'mon we all know what it is all about and most of are quite familiar with its charm and beauty! Though the first "The Little mermaid" dvd released years ago was just a barebone disc with non-anamorphic transfer, this one will have everything to fulfill every mermaid fan's desire!

Here's what to look forward to in this special 2 disc set:

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Backstage Disney, including an all new commentary.
Treasures Untold: The Making of The Little Mermaid.
The Story Behind The Story.
Deleted Scenes, including Backstage With Sebastian, Sebastian Lost In The Castle, Advice From Sebastian and Fight With Ursula.
Music Video "Kiss The Girl"
Games and Activities inclue The Little Mermaid Under The Sea Adventure: The Virtual Ride, Behind The Ride That Almost Was With Disney Imagineers and DisneyPedia: Life Under The Sea....

....And much more!!

"The Little Mermaid" is surely one of the finest films Disney ever produced and this long awaited platinum edition of this classic would surely be a welcome addition in any dvd collector's shelf!
E.T, it was the frist movie that i saw in cinema, and it was instante love. it was without any question my favourite movie.
IceCameron wrote:
Mine was The never ending story with Atreyu and G'mork, probably my favorite movie characters ever.

Now lets here yours, be it Snow white or beauty and the beast to The talented Mister Ripley.

I feel that the movies you see as a child sculpt you for your future

Man you make me feel old. My favorite movie as a child was a rerun of South Pacific, you know, with songs like "Bali Hai" and "Some Enchanted Evening"... Ah, you probably know it only from reruns now. (Hmmm, come to think of it, there is no recent replay of ANY Broadway musical nowadays before Moulin Rouge! ) Think
My favourite movie was

Jurassic Park

Spider Man

back to the future...

love the show, all 3 of them..

and i love the car.. super cool..
Dean_The_Great wrote:
Mine were most definitely The Princess Bride and Labrynth (with David Bowie), two great movies that I love. When they were released on DVD I bought 'em up right away.

Hey, you stole my two faves!!! Those two films had (and still have) more imagination and magic than most of Disney movies nowadays Very Happy I also loved The Wizard of Oz.
This is a very sweet thread.

The first movie I ever saw was Snow White with my dad. I think I was about 6 years old (that was a long time ago).

I also remember seeing "Dumbo" in a drive-in movie theater, maybe around the same time or just slightly older. To this day, I can't watch Dumbo -- I think it's the saddest movie ever made (when his mom is being taken away ? ::sob:: ::gasp:: ::wail::

Now, I take my nieces to movies all the time, so I see a lot of kids' movies. We recently saw Happy Feet. It was okay, great, great animation.

I can't see Charlotte's Web, 'coz I'll cry too much there too, I just know it!

And of course, Finding Nemo is the #1 classic kids movie of all time. Ever. Love it.
As child i liked west side story. but not any more.
Growing up my favourite movie was The Witches (Roald Dahl).

Don't think I could EVER watch it again the amount of times I did see it.
When I was really little I used to love this movie called "Casey's Shaddow", though I did not understand the language, or nearly anything at all. Except from the beautiful horse, a chicken on a pony and some cute story about love.
And later on I of course enjoyed Pocahontas, and The Neverending Story:)
phileplanet wrote:
I used to love The Mask.

hey mine too.. same choice
I was just plain crazy about jurassic park i was into dinosaurs and all Razz
Dean_The_Great wrote:
Mine were most definitely The Princess Bride and Labrynth (with David Bowie), two great movies that I love. When they were released on DVD I bought 'em up right away.

I also had great affinity toward the Gene Wilder starred version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Mine was Princess Bride too, it was hilarious.....Labrynth was up there too, as was Willow. The first movie I saw at the drive in was Milo and Oatis and the first at a cinema was the Little Mermaid. I still love all those movies and have them now on DVD.

This is a great thread!!!
either the princess bride or the goonies...those were and still are two great movies.

tv shows?

smurfs, gummi bears, duck tales, perfect strangers, ed.
My favorite movie as a kid was Lion King. That's when disney movies were at their prime Smile
I loved, loved, loved the National Lampoon's "Vacation" series with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo.

I guess i would have been around 6 when the Christmas Vacation movie came out in '89, and it has always been my favourite of the trilogy, which includes the original "Vacation" (1983) where they go to Wally World, and "European Vacation" (1985).

I know there was a 4th movie "Vegas Vacation", but as this is a thread about favourite movies as a child, i'll omit it.
(That, and the fact i was soooo disappointed with the comedic quality of Vegas Vacation... still can't talk about it... I was so excited for another Vacation movie, and so let down by the content)
Home Alone and The Mask. I watched them like 15 times each.
Sin Dasine
Raydon wrote:
Home Alone and The Mask. I watched them like 15 times each.

wigga,shut the ****** up Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
our best movie was that shit from know what i'm talkin' about Cool
on topic,ma best one was....Bad Boys 1 and 2,51. state,Public Enemy,Training Day.....
I loved every piece of Disney I could get.

I think my abolute favorites were Alladin and the Lion King.
Fright Knight
There are many movies that I used to love as a child. Too bad I couldn't remember their Titles. But there is one movie that really caught the attention of my sister and I. That is the movie THE LABIRYNTH staring Jenefer Conely, David Bowey, and a whole lot of puppets. It was a great movie. At first, as a child it seems like a terrifying movie but I started to love that film as the weeks goes by. I watch it almost every day when I was a child.

Right now, I have a copy of that movie and me and my sister couldn't stop watching it once a month at least. Well, I guess the one that I used to fear, turned out to be the once I couldn't help watching. Wink
Neverending Story definitely. I recently watched it again and I still liked it, although I wish it was longer. Now that I can follow the plot, I feel like they crammed it all in too much. I've read on message boards that the book is much better and I'm sure I'd agree if I read it.

A few other favorites of mine were Explorers (ethan hawke & river phoenix), Ewoks: the Battle for Endor, Dark Crystal & A Christmas Story (I will never get sick of this movie).

A couple of movies I've seen more recently I know I would have liked had I seen them then were Labyrinth, The Gate (stephen dorff)

Edit: Pee Wee's Big Adventure! How could I forget about that one!?
The three first Star Wars movies. Razz
I remember watching labyrinth at a friends house and it scaired the bejeebers out of me but now later on in life it;s like the cutest thing same with the never ending story.
What I really loved watching was strictly ballroom that was my favourate.
Back in the day I used to love Star Wars VI: The Return of the Jedi
The ones I can remember right now are, Jumanji, Matilda, and Disney classics. Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory too, and Sound of Music.. I still love these movies even though I'm not a kid anymore. hehe.
i really like the little rascals the little princess and anything that had shirley temple in it my mom has all of her movies on dvd and we would sit and watch them every weekend.
why did I forget Little Rascals? thanks Gabriela. Love that movie, very cute~
Star wars was my favourite movie as a child. In fact its still up there now. I remember watching ET on a betamax copy and liked that but because of the poor quality I was not as memorable cinematically.
Well when I was younger I as always into Semi Trucks & Computers and other thing the ones I can remember are

Over the Top
War Games
about any Disney i mean come on i was younger
and so on
My favourite movie when I was younger was The Nightmare Before Christmas. I watched it so many times I'm surprised my VHS copy is still watchable! Though I must say, it amused me when I was watching the VHS, and my roommates came home and realized that I wasn't watching their DVD, and that I still had the original release of it...
Fern Gully was one of my favorites. It had a lot of fantasy and was probably not incredibly accurate as to what might really be happening while logging forests, but I LOVED IT. I watched it over and over and now I'm a thoughtful environmental activist who educates herself on the issues.

I had Fern Gully when I was a kid and had forgotten how truly wonderful it was! Tim Curry is wonderfully menacing as the villain (a big black smog)and Robin Williams as Batty is even better than as the Genie in Aladdin! As Batty (a bat from a scientific experimentation lab who keep picking up radio signals!) he has ample opportunity to play with the voice of one character, and does so in a suitably wonderful manner!
I am still a kid and I love the movie called Borat!

Very Happy
I don't remember many movies i've seen in my child hood.

One will be schindlers list for sure.

Tom & Jerry. LOL in childhood and now. Smile
Indiana Jones Smile
roger rabbit!!! and the mighty ducks in all its versions (were there three movies? I don't remember anymore, hehe)
I used to watch Marry Poppins so many times as a child. Smile
What is the age range for a kid? I liked cartoons, especially from Walt Disney. I was crazy about Mighty Mouse and Woody Woodpecker too. I always waited for Mighty Mouse's "Here I come to save the day!" phrase and Woody Woodpecker's laughter.
I also did like Indiana Jones when I was a bit older.
Satori wrote:
Wow, this topic really dates people. I don't remember star wars and pokemon was popular when I was in HS!

Some of my favorite movies were:
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Legend (one of Tom Cruise's first flicks)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (with Steve Martin and Michael Caine...classic!)
The Princess Bride

What about TV shows?

Some of my favorites were
He-Man and She-Ra
The A-Team
The Smurfs
321 Contact
Full House
Family Ties
Family Matters

and i'm sure there were more, but that is all I can think of right now.

Favorite movie was the Last Unicorn, but I too loved the Smurfs and MacGyver! I also loved Star Trek TNG.
MATILDA! I loved this movie because it had a happy ending and left a warm feeling in my little heart. The idea that you could move things with your mind (psychokinesis) was very interesting to me. And after I watched the show I went crazy and tried moving objects with my mind as well, failing of course. And even today I still try that every so often.
My favorite movies as a child (and still are) were the Star Wars trilogy movies.
Lady Elensar
Disneymovies were always great.

I liked also movies such as Matilda or Christmas movies like Home Alone, Santa Claus, A Christmas Carol.

And the Looney Toons from Warner Bros Studios of course Very Happy (or Scooby Doo, Batman, etc. )
There were so many...Matilda, Harriet the Spy, Far From Home.
I'm not sure why, but Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was my favorite for a long time. I used to watch it all the time. I loved all the action, and I thought the outlaws living in the treehouses was pretty cool. The witch was pretty scary when I was really young, too.

- Walkere
As a child I liked Goonies very much.
They were cool and fun. Oh, and Gremlins too.
IceCameron wrote:
Mine was The never ending story with Atreyu and G'mork, probably my favorite movie characters ever.

Now lets here yours, be it Snow white or beauty and the beast to The talented Mister Ripley.

I feel that the movies you see as a child sculpt you for your future

Laughing Dun remember the title correctly: Crate Kid was my favorite movie I watched all the time... Huh, It was not disney features, However, as a child, I used to love it!

The Mask is good children movie, however I don't liked it that time!
Mine was Alien II Cool
When I was a child, "My girl"(1991) was my favourite movie. It always makes me cry... great movie, i hope you will be able to watch it some day. It's with Dan Aykroyd , Jamie Lee Curtis, Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky.
Does anyone know this movie? It's quite differement frome lion king, and star wars^^
my favorite movie when i was a kid was uhhh....terminator. arnold i cant spell his last name the part was so fake when he had to cut out his eye. like in the movie when he puts on he sunglasses you can see his eye. the one that supposedly was cut out hahaha.but it was epic all good i give that movie an haha im not gonna rate im not really good at that. but good movie nonetheless
STAR WARS.... that was my very first movie I saw as a kid on a big screen. I was 12 I think at that time. What a great experience that was. I'm hooked to movie watching since... But I guess time changes. As we grew older it is harder to get entertain by a mivie. As a kid, we never bother about the plot, acting, script, effect etc. Just enjoying a good movie...
When I was little the one movie that I loved and still do to this day would have to be Matilda. I think I was so hooked on to this movie because it was about a girl who had powers and she was very smart. When I first saw this movie I was about 7 or 8. The movie was good because this girls parents told her that she would never amount to anything and she ended up being the smartest kid you'd ever meet on a screen. This movie is so unique and later on I read the book. Oh and I like how she used her powers against her enemies like when she super glued her dad's hat to his head.
I like the "Home Alone" Movies. It gives me laughter and a little bit of excitement especially in the times when the boy escapes from those burglars (in 1 and 2)... Smile

I also like Jumanji (starring Robin Williams, etc.)... In the 20th Century, those effects were awesome... It's like similar to the effects of today's technology (but the recent is much better)... Smile)
My favourite movie when I was a child was the Super Mario Bros. Very Happy
Star Wars all the way. I still love it, not so much the new trilogy but the originals are the best.
My favourite movie when I was a child was Naked Gun, though I understood it better when I grew up, obviously Cool Anyway, in my opinion it's one of the best movies ever (the other two would be the sequels Laughing )
I would definitely recomend it for anyone who wants to have a good laugh! Wink

Light Year
StarChaser: Legend of Orin (I think that's the name of it)
Neverending Story
Return To Oz
Fraggle Rock
Just As a child,

I was very much interested in watching HOME ALONE parts ------ Hurray they are very much funny and gives confidence for all the littles.
I also agree with Home Alone movies, except the last one which replaced Macaulay Culkin with someone else.

One movie I remembered watching as a child was Robinson Crusoe. Wish I can watch it again. Smile
All disney movies are acceptabel for childhood, i think....
My favorite movies, as a child, were cartoons... Especially Sailor Moon series, which I still like!
Beethoven is one of the favourites. I stopped liking the movie after Beethoven got married to another Saint Bernard and had puppies. Similar to Home Alone which was one of my favourites as a child. The last Home Alone movie changed so much, including the actor.
Ninja Turtles^^
Beethoven was one of my favourites. It's a dog movie. Razz
My absolute favoiret film from when I was a child has to be the lion king.

I used to know the film word for word and watched it atleast three \ four times a week for about two years and still sit down and watch the film ocasionaly.
My favorite childhood movies were Toy Story 1-2 and Batman (all of 'em!)!!! I'm just a teen Razz
I watched a lot of films when I was little, but my all time favorite was The Wizard of Oz. We had an annual party to watch it with some family friends, and my childhood buddy and I would dance around the living room acting out the parts.

Good times. Smile
Lion King.
When I was a child, I had watched this movie for times and times!
Indiana Jones the whole series AND Jurassic Park
It was Cinderella (and all Disney-like movies) and all Home alone serie...

I've watched it over and over and over....
When I was young. I almost like jungle book, Lion King(disney) and all power rangers series Cool
now Jim carey's movies are my favorite. because I like laughing Laughing
Star Wars..... I still remember when I was 10, I think, my brother bring me to the theater to watch Star Wars. Wow, I was mesmerize with the visual and sound of the big screen. I became an addict to the movies since. It was the best movie ever for me as it was the first movie I ever watch on the big screen and with an awesome effect and that time.
It was Home alone Smile This movie sure did influence me Smile I made some helluva "devices" Smile
tom n jerry
mickey mouse shows
I don't recall any truly "favorite" film as a child, my movie-going began as a teenager. If this still counts then here are a few I happen to recall, some rather well known, others have been more or less forgotten. (not included are some of the box-office hits {Jaws, Star Wars, ...} everyone remembers anyway).

And many thanks to ...
Dj Redrum wrote:
my was Stand By Me, good classic film.

... for having me recall this one which is not included above only because it was released in too late to qualify (1986).
Hm..I think mine would be a close tie between the Lion King and The Night Before Christmas Very Happy
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers the Movie would have to be my favorite. I was a fan, and still am. Smile
I used to be hooked on Ninja Turtles as a child, especially the real-life movie, not the animated cartoon. I also liked the cartoon series.
How can I forget E.T.?? One of my favorites as a kid. Drew Barrymore was so cute there. E.T was shown on TV today and it was nice watching it again. Brings back memories.
Mine would probably be Mary Poppins and Singing in the Rain... I know it like decades before I was born, but I love old musical movies! Smile
ET, The Flight of the Navigator. I still love sci fi.

And musicals. Oliver, Mary Poppins, Annie, Rocky Horror.

And Astro Boy.
i like the never ending story and back to the future.....and until now, I keep on watching back to the future.....
OooooO Back to the Future as well lol. (I have the box set...)
As a child, my favorite movie was Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
Mine was Bugsy Malone(1976). It's such a sweet memory!
Apart from Cartoons I liked Home Alone movies. Only first, second and third movies. Also I liked Star wars from the first day I watched it.
google V and voltus Smile
captain planet, sound of music, snow white, beauty and the beast just to mention a few. i love all the movies i used to watch as a child.
A Lagoa Azul
O Retorno da Lagoa Azul

Harry Potter, certainly!
All Harry Potter movies!
i always love to watch lion king son likes to watch lion king everyday as well....he can memorize some of the lines and the songs.....
As a child I loved watching Disney's animated features..I mean I could sit and watch them all day long. Now that's changed. I can't say I feel tired but there are more animated films which I can watch all day.
As a child, I really enjoyed watching the classics from Spielberg and Lucas. The movies that defined their careers - ET, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Star Wars - were movies that defined my childhood.
pokemon is my favorite still watching online
abhizz wrote:
pokemon is my favorite still watching online

I almost completely forget about those movies, but yes, they were surprisingly good.
trashing and goonies of course ))
I can also recall films like Labyrinth and Neverending story. Those were the times.
Rambo, Rocky, Superman, Robocop
The Godfather serie, specially I and II, I don't know how many times I watched it... almost knew all the dialogues by heart
Cinderela and The Beauty and The Beast
My favorite movie as a kid was Clash of the Titans. Not the newer one, but the 1981 version with Harry Hamlim. I must have watched that movie over 30 times over. It was a common movie that was shown on tv a lot. It's just one of those films that just keeps me glued to the set whenever it is on. It looks ridiculous now, but it was pretty awesome as a kid. I still would watch it if it ever happens to be on tv. Then again, I rarely watch tv if all anymore.
I like these movies when I was in childhood.
- Disney movie
- Ali baba chali Chor
- Tarzon
I can't pick one because there were several. Star Wars old movies, Aliens 2 movie etc.
Always orignial Starwars films, used to be disappointed when the 20th century theme was played in other films with no Starwars theme afterwards
Tarzan movies and of cource westers.
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