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Stupidity At It's Finest

Just yesterday I got into it pretty hard with my brother over some things I did'nt like him doing, Oxycontin for example. So we started screaming at each other and yelling, things escaladed a bit more untill we almost started fighting. Then after it was over with I was clouded with anger so I walked outside and punched the garage. Dislocated 2 bones, fractured 1 and now wednesday I have to go in to have surgery because my bones won't stay in place. Why'd I do it? Good Question...You have your brother do drugs for 3-4 years straight and burn himself out untill he's beyond retarded and then confront him about it and see how much it anger's you. It pisses me off because an addict is'nt going to change untill they decide too, no one can influence them to stop drugs. I just dont understand what influences a person to do hard drugs in the first place. It just sucks because, you know, there was a time in my life when I could carry on a conversation with him and he was'nt so stupid, he was actually smart....Now...He's just...him...Maybe some of you people out there do drugs now and I cant say something strong enough to make you quit. But next time when you see how badly people have messed their lives up from it just remember your doing the same thing to yourself. I know a few people doing a few years from the stuff, It makes no sense..Go get high....get caught...get locked up for a few years...It's worth it...Isnt it?.........I just hope no one's as dumb as some of the people I know, Because if your are it's a tragedy.
My friend went to rehab and jail for doing drugs and such. His brother didnt seem to mind but Im not too sure. He was only 16. btw, doesnt it hurt to type if you have all those injuries?
Well I'm right handed and im using the mouse with my left hand...the only finger im typing with on my right hand is my middle one ( lol ) kinda complicated but im gettin used to it and my hand doesnt hurt that much despite how broke it is...i have a picture of it b4 i went to the ER as it didnt hurt to the point i was screaming....i mean i hit the garage walked away looked to see if my knuckles were bleeding and sort of noticed how disformed it was....if u wanna see the pic
Of course, the further irony of the whole thing is that they probably prescribed Oxycontin for the pain from your fractured hand. Rolling Eyes

This reminds me of my favourite quote from the movie Snatch: "You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity."
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