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Favorite TV commercials

Recently, I saw the new burger king commercial for their something something whopper with jalapeno and cowboy stuff...Hmm, maybe it wasn't so effective.

But I thought it was great. It's the one where all these men sing "I Am Man, Hear Me Roar" to the tune of "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar" and the lyrics talk about how we men are not going to keep eating "chick food". It culminates with this guy jumping out of his minivan to join the crowd of men and they all, including him, toss the minivan over a bridge. I really want to go out and buy a something something whopper now.

Funny stuff. So since, I couldn't do a topic based on that one commercial, I wanted to know what everyone else's favorite commercial was...unless you TIVO them out.
Those Vee Dub commercials.

"It's not a flame, it's a LAME. Ju get an F."


"V Dub, Ja. Representin DEUTCHLAND."

I laughed so ****** hard I almost threw up.
I believe my signature says it all. Geico has some great ads.

My other favorite is the FedEx ad with the caveman (no theme here or anything) that gets fired for not using FedEx when it hasn't been invented yet. Great stuff.
HDirtwater wrote:
My other favorite is the FedEx ad with the caveman (no theme here or anything) that gets fired for not using FedEx when it hasn't been invented yet. Great stuff.

LMFAO yes.

THat commercial is so ****** hilarious. Those superbowl commercials are the best.
The beer ads always have the funniest ads. As anyone seen the Carlton Draft ad where all the men dress in these opera suits and all combine to form a huge picture of a guy drinking beer, Its amazing.

Also, the tooheys ad is pretty funni. All the people catapault their valuable things to the sky where the Gods are, hoping that the Gods will giv them beer. In the end, they catapualted the reindeer (logo for tooheys) into the skies, later, resulting in the whole place raining with beer.

Funni stuff

Should check out 'glue society' - a design company, they make the funniest ads.
My favorite commercials right now are the Coke and Pepsi ones. I like the Pepsi ad. Why is Parker Posey dancing in the streets of New York. I like the coke one for the visuals and the song.
jeremoi wrote:
I like the coke one for the visuals and the song.

That's a common statement. Sounds and background graphics are very important in commercials. They set the brain's mood, and determine your appreciation of the commercial and thus the product itself, if not already tried. Coca cola is a great example of this.
I like the new Welch's juice commercials i think the little girl in them are so cute and the wendy's commercials with the whopper burger son and dad they are hilarious.
I like the Nextel one with the guys dancing to "push it." It almost seems like something I'd see at work.
I really liked that Pepsi Commercial with two person dancing in the streets of NY, Btw does anyone know the name of the song, I got to have it.
I don't know if any of you remember this one but its one from a few years back. I was about Mac and Cheese. This kid had his bowl of Mac and Cheese in the Microwave and when it beeped he got so excited that he came rushing down the stairs. He was kinda tall and there was this metal hanging light at the bottom of the stairs and bam hits is head on the lamp and falls. I know it sounds stupid but it just so random that u cant help but to laugh at it. The first time i saw it i know i hit the replay on my Tivo like 3 times. An i guess in a way it worked cause now i want some Mac and Cheese LOL
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