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Any body use Ham Radio&Cb Radio

I search Ham radio or Cb radio operator all of the world. Any body uses this Laughing
Of course, you and I have already chatted in PM, but I may as well start the public replies for your post.

My rig, here in Honduras, is an Icom IC-718 with a Pyramid PSV-200 power supply, an MFJ-902 antenna tuner, and a G5RV dipole antenna set up as an inverted vee. I'm somewhat limited by that (i.e. not a beam, and no linear), but it was donated to me for more local use rather than DX-ing. The longest I've reached, so far, is Michigan (about 1900 miles).

Otherwise, I have an Icom IC-W21AT, 2-meter HT, but there are no Echolink or IRLP nodes around here for me to use that for anything more than local repeater use.

The "local" purpose for which I received the HF equipment is to set up HF stations in medical clinics that don't have access telephone or cell phone service, but are also just the wrong distance or topography for using 2-meters.

In addition to all of the above, I am an ARRL Volunteer Examiner, and a few of us here have set things up so that Americans in Honduras (especially missionaries and community-development workers) may take the FCC exams here without having to fly back to the States to do so.

Yeahh my friend you working condision is very nice. But my Favori Radio is Yaesu FT-1000 MP MARK V its inside of amplifier Very Happy about 200 W. I save money of bank for this Radio but very difficult find thid radio. ı must buy. or its difficult. So i have also Ham friends of my city. We will make dipole + Yagi beam for 0-30 Mhz. And Starting QSO, and i will take Ham licence..... Wink
Edit : Travell do you know Link or banner exchange Ham radio Sites ???
dxhunter wrote:
I search Ham radio or Cb radio operator all of the world. Any body uses this Laughing

Another fellow Ham here. Been licensed about a year and a half, upgraded to General about 6 months ago, and I'll start studying for Extra in the new year. I'm in the local radio club and help out the county emergency management agency. Radio is great because all you need is a radio and an antenna; not dependent on phone company, cable company, etc. Anybody that thinks Ham radio is fading away hasn't seen it at work the last 100 years.
Getting it to HAM radio is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the money, time, or energy. That's great that there are still people out there involved in it. I did actually think it was becoming more rare.
I use to use a CB alot especially on the road. Now, not so much.
We use CB radio to communicate at work (i work in a Quarry) but dont use it for personal use
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