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my love story

Not displaying this anymore
she's a waste of time
you love her because she's your first
your first will always do this to you, no matter how hard you try to be sensible, you can't see anything else

it's not love, it's infactuation

she's cheated on you how many times? lied, gone behind your back..
i've been there, and i took said person back many more times than i should have... but now i'm not with said person because i got a clue.

and i've never been happier.
you'll find someone better. you'll be happier. you won't have to put up with the BS you're getting from her.

move on, be happy
I completely agree with wowz. She not appears to be good girl for love.
I'm sure you are a nice guy.
You deserve a girlfriend that is as much devoted to your relationship as you are. Do not settle for less!
If you settle for this girlfriend, make sure she treats you nice! The way she has treated you is awful!
* *
Even tho it's hard to let go and move on, you will be much happier finding someone you will be able to trust.
Your love story was an example of blind love: no matter how she lied and cheated you, you seemed to overlooked her errors, as though you are blind! At last, at least you've finally realized that you shouldn't be blind to your mind and put you heart over your mind--but to analyze the situation. Yes, it was some kind of infatuation for her...
I agree with cavey
you seem nice you took her back
spent all that money
and was willing to give it another go
alot of people woudn't do that
I wish you the best of luck
im sure you will have another girl soon and you will like her alot
and everything will be well again
Ok sorry for double posting, First of all I meant to say something but I said It rong when I posted, So instead of pressing the edit button I pressed the back button. Then after that I realized to Edit. Sorry

"Good job, I feel really happy for you. It takes alot of guts, to go back again and spend that money. I bet she likes you now!"

Ok now I deleted post its all good
*section removed for personal reasons*
yay iv been with my new girlfriend now for 5 months its been great she is as dedicated to the relationship as i am i love her so much and for christmas im getting here a really nice white gole pink satfire dimond saphire ring. i so hope things are much more better this time so it has turend out to be a very good love story yay!!
My first girlfriend - we broke up 3 months ago. I have problems with finding new girlfriend and i wont have any problem if my x ask me to go out with her again... Shes so bad, but i loved her...
andy26 wrote:
... just be good friends and move on and fins some one better who you deserve.

trust me in talking from experiance.

best of luck mate.

I now that, I havent found another girl...
ok but im sure you will soon mate.
heay news: She sent me a SMS yesterday - How Am i? What i do? and so... After few SMS she apologized to me ( She had said that she has no time for me when we broke up and that is lie, now i know what had been the reason, and her new boyfriend has left her and said the same reason) and i sad I have already forgiven her. So we chatted about her next years school and then i felt tired and said her we should meet when we aren't ill ( we both have been ill) adn then she said, its starded coming true, what she has dreamed... (Sorry for my grammar mistakes, that was difficult sentences)
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