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mmos vs offline games

mmo vs offline games
mmos are better
 35%  [ 6 ]
offline games are better
 11%  [ 2 ]
i like them both
 52%  [ 9 ]
dont play games (are u mad)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 17

are mmos better i think yes because of americas army gunz and the matrix online but then again i also like offline games like halo starwars kotor and kotor2 i just like them both

i think this could become a fist fight between mmos and offline games post what u think. what is better mmo (could be anything played online) or offline games (evry thing elce that have a offline mode eg. battlefield)

MMO: massivly multiplayer online game
im not much for strictly mmo's coz i dont tink thay work that well yhet but i do play them from time to time as for good old multy player still rocks and some games are beter of line than on line so well i like emm all
just like me then Very Happy Smile
i think,mmo games are better.because,we can find real friend on those games.if you want good friend you must play mmo games.
i like offline games better... no particular reason though..
I used to play games offline exclusively. For some games it gets boring very quickly, especially the ones with a linear game plot. This is where multiplayer really shines, since essentially each time you play it, the dynamics of the game will likely to be different.

Some games, though, with a sufficiently rich plot can be far more enjoyable than playing them online. For one, if you are busting for a bathroom break, you can just pause in an offline game and rush off Very Happy Having said that, I like games with both online and offline mode.
I play whatever the game is....let me explain. If I like the game, the content of the game I will play it whether it is offline or online.
MMORPG all the way cause of 2 things:

1st. you lose you're real life by playing them
2nd. they are better than real life

im a burned man Laughing
i think offline games like PES but the local games are best i think...Great Ethernet Very Happy
RTS > Offline > MMO
i love mmo's, especially mmorpgs (the free ones Razz) but i love even more games that have both single player and multi player. For some reason i start not to like games that don;'t have both those features.
TlGa wrote:
i think,mmo games are better.because,we can find real friend on those games.if you want good friend you must play mmo games.

real friends? You don't even see him/her. _

Well I like both, MMOs and offline games. Since an offline game might get
more boring after some time it has to offer some special flare so it doesn't.
What a MMO has to have is plurality in its game. Then it is fun.
Personally i like MMO'S\MMORPG's
i like these better then offline games.
I think they are more of a challange because usually the game is not the same. with Offline games your always playing the same levels and usually nothing changes.
Online games are also more fun because you get to interact with other players, you get to share you ideas, so that makes it fun...
Both are good, but the online MMOs are extremely addicting. I like the fact that offline games you can just go back to whenever and do things at your own pace. I don't like games controlling my life. I had to quit World of Warcraft because it was just getting too addicting.

I play Oblivion now. Very Happy
i play just about evry desent free game on the internet and some pay games I dont let games control my life as u sed the idea is to take a break evry now and againand drink lots of alcahol

oh yeah can i a kink for oblivion
MMOS are better because of the interactivity. It seriously make gaming more fun. Imagine Kingdom Hearts added with multiplayer system and people would be trading rare items and it makes the game more than just completing the story. Ya?
i like online games because it lets you show off your time put into it. sure you can have fun off-line, but you could show off new gear, higher ranks, or just better skill in online games.
I like MMO games better...

I restrained myself from playing games... Works only during the school year because I am too busy...

Offline games are no good unless the story is good. Online games you can interact.
mmo are great!
because you can play with friends!
and not with only npc..
thats is getting boring with friends you can make your own tacticts..
you can meet other people...
but theirs a bad thing about mmo... Sad
THE LAG in much games theirs a huge lag!
sometimes the game is then getting boring..
maybe beter connections is a good idea? Cool
I have to say that i like both..... If u like MMO's you should chek out CombatGrounds ...... i play this one hardout, it really is a very good game
MMORPGs only for my MMORTS is kinda boring for me ( I play LAN DotA, that's about the only thing closest to MMORTS? ) MMOFPS is too laggy, prefer LAN once again.

MMO have bad points like:
- Lag
- No Updates ( for some games )
- Repeatitive Gameplay makes the game pointless
- Plenty of hackers/botters/etc.

Anything else to add on to the list? I like MMOs purely for the interaction and to game with my friends, haha.
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