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South Park

haha anyone likes south park videos? please post links for others to enjoy. those who are easily offended by vulgarities pls do not watch them. haha hope you people out there enjoy it!
yaman! south park's the best animated serie out there! ever! Very Happy
i have all the episodes there are on cds Very Happy

if you want some good south park sites where you can also dl episodes try
You bet I do! I love the episode where they make fun of the core and all those hippies want to make a music festival. Good times Cool

I gotta find that video for you guys to see...
South Park makes me smile.

You can download episodes and all kinds of stuff from there.
Have fun.
south park rulez!

one of the best anime i've ever seen
vrooth wrote:
south park rulez!

one of the best anime i've ever seen

I hope you're joking Confused This show is in no way anime. Great show, but never anime....except for that funny anime episode Laughing
I saw every single episode. Twice. Trice Very Happy . The people who make Southpark are simply genious, the graphicks aren't *that* great but the hillarity is too much. Cartman is my swearing idol since i first saw a episode of Southpark. My favourite episode is the one where they try to save all of the baby cows. Sweet dude!
totally agree! Trey and Matt are awsome, South Park is far the faniest and sharpest series ever. But I am confused about the season 10! there is something wrong with it. I just do not think it is as funny as previous, and some issues they rise are odd (even for the South park?). I trully think they went to far when they made the Chef a pedophile!.

Chef is far to cool for it, he did not deserv it!!
I love southpark. Watch it everyday i notice that its on. Very funny cartoon.

I dont have a favorite character because they all have their own greatness. Cool I love them all, each for a different reason.

Wish I would of been one of the ones to create SouthPark, becuase it rox!
i like south park
it's very funny Laughing
Lmao, South Park is hilarious Razz
I've seen it today, the part with the casino, and the indians, oh sorry, native amaricans wanted to buy South Park to tear it down and build a highway Razz
"I only have a 98% chance to live."
Or another with the global warming.
"We believe that the global warming will strike... two days before the day after tomorrow... ... oh, my god, that's today!"
And i love that one with the revenge of the gingers Razz
it seems that lately there's a lot of attention given to this cartoon era.. southpoark, family guy, american dad and others.
southpark however is just plain funny.
if you guys want to download some episodes here's a great site that I always use:
the guy who puts them online has the new episodes always online right after they air.
As for the guy that said southpark is anime... please get some cultural education.
What are your guys' oppinions on Chef leaving after the scientology episode?
too bad, ...obviously chef got too cool for southpark Laughing so they had to cut him out
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