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my confusing love story

i was 15 when i got my 1st ever girlfriend i always tret her well respected her loved her the lot and i was with her for 10 months and 5 days then one day she cheats on me with one of my mates which isnt now one of my mates well anyway she had kissed him on the cheack and huged him then when she came into school the next day she told me and it was also quite close to my exams i didnt want to break up with her because i was strongly in love bu she felt bad for hurting me so she ended it. the on the weekend she went around to my house but i was about a mile away so she called me on my mobile and i ran all the way down o my house very quickly i even nearly got run over twice. when i eventualy got home we had a talk and decided to give the relationship another go but then the wednesday after she broke up with me agian that night and secretly went out with my mate with out telling anyone i spent 100 on credit calling her and trying to work things out then she told me a week later that she was going out with my mate i felt so heart broken i was so emotionaly destroyed. a few days later she was texting me and at the end of the texts putting kisses so this confused me then she started to flirt with me. then she started to realise that she loved me 2 weeks later she dumped my old mate and asked me back out and i stupidly said yes to her then a day later she broke up with me and went back out with my old mate agian this destroyed me even more it felt as though nobody or nothing could of made me feel any worse. then about 4 days later my x was talking to her pearnts and she kept looking at me and starting to realise how much she loved me and needed me so i went to her house saturday 20th may to talk to her and we started to mess about when we was playing games with her sister at one point i tickled my x girlfriend and we looked into each others eyes and it was the best feeling ever i just wanted her back then we looked into each others eyes again and kissed. so i helped her dump my old mate and at this point were still together so she is my girlfriend again but were not starting properly till after the exams which will be a month. to be continued....

please tell me if i did the right thing or if you need help i will help you with things where i went wrong andnow know what to do. if you want to personaly contact me my personal email is

visit for my original site.[/url]
Citizen Kane
eh andy,... a long story.. one advice,... try to shorten your sentences and break up your story in small pieces. Otherwise no-one will read it.

If you want to know if you did something wrong here, only your own feeling can tell you that. but let me break it up into little pieces and just talk for myself.

If I were you, I would feel pretty much messed around with. the way she treated you was bad. man, being dumped several times for the same guy in a short time is NOT something I would like to happen to me. Seems your girlfriend didn't have her things sorted out at the time. If you are happy now and things are going smooth: great! But please, don't be surprised if she does that again to you. If this were MY girlfriend, I wouldn't trust her anymore. simpel as that.

Helping your girl dumping your old mate is pretty heavy. Doesn't friendship mean much to you? unless you weren't really good friends of course,... But than again, you should never try to help a girl dump another guy for you, the next; the next moment she asks some other guy to help her dump you. and than you'll be in for a real treat!

I hope you are still happy together and that she stays this time. Because it doesn't seem like a person you could really really REALLY trust from the story you tell us... but then again, I could be wrong...
Citizen Kane wrote:
eh andy,... a long story.. one advice,... try to shorten your sentences and break up your story in small pieces. Otherwise no-one will read it. ...

Laughing Laughing Laughing So true, Kane! For example, Me! I really tried to read that, but I couldn't do it. I'm not insensitive to Agelec's situation, but dang, there is no punctuation at all in that post Smile Heck, I wouldn't even read the last part of Ulysses. Smile I give you loads of credit for working through that.
I'm not sure man...
What makes you sure she won't go back to your mate? If I were you I would leave it alone for a while to see what she really wants, but if not your heart could be broken 10 times more by her. You are making yourself her slave...she winks and you are back. She dumps you and you're left alone...I wouldn't want to make it that easy for her...this could go on like this forever...maybe meanwhile you could find someone stable...
good luck
Citizen Kane
Tvis wrote:
...this could go on like this forever...maybe meanwhile you could find someone stable...
good luck

Tvis, you could not be more right with that one. If she's no stopped that is...

Agelec, no time to waste, get the HELL outta there !!!

really, no kidding. People who act that way are more prone to do this kinda stuff on a regular basis. There's always this one question left to awnser:

"If not now, when?"

I agree with Tvis in you making yourself her slave. If you don't watch out she could be doing this to you over and over again. Somewhere you must make a stand, tell her you are not (ever) gonna take that again, or leave her at once.

I would like to remind you: Love tends to make us forget that we ALWAYS have a choice. No matter how hard things can get. I hope you can make a choice, between what you feel and whats good for you (often this is NOT THE SAME), between staying or leaving, between becoming an emotional slave or a rightfull person, before you let her break your heart.

let us know how things work out!
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