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SpongeBob SquarePants!

OK, I know at least a few people here have to love the show SpongeBob SquarePants. I mean, how can't you?

It's been rated the #1 show on basic cable television!

With all the adventures with Patrick, Pearl, Plankton, and more, sometimes you end up laughing your eyes out!

Hopefully this show will never be cancelled. It's on Season 4 and running strong, selling billions of dollars worth of merchandise a year.

Post your thoughts!
Uh.....I dont know what to say, I've seen a few of the episodes, The Imagination one most recently, It wasnt that bad at all.
I like the show very much and I like The Movie.

SpongeBob is the guy who make you laugh no matter if you want to or not.

The creator is a real Biologist, so all the characters represent real creatures from the sea, except (of course), Sandy Razz
See spongebob screaming!

bob's brutal vokal is good, for sure Very Happy
I wonce liked it, without getting deep on seasons and eps.
But I don't know, After the film it became dull, and, well, not interesting...

But, maybe this post will bring my Spong-Love back :p
wheyyy spongebob is great!
I love to see it, Patrick is still the best!
My friends love them too, we are always laughing about the jokes and if sponge make his cute emotions Smile
Spongebob is a good cartoon, it's humourous and pretty funny at certain times. Here in the UK were are getting brand new episodes, so I watch them every so often. I just can't believe it's that popular though.
hahahah... superutterly lame show with no sense of direction when comes to humor.. but I LIKE.. haha..
loves it, fav character: patrick
fav quote:
SpongeBob Squarepants: But at least it's warm around the fire.
Patrick: Hey, if we're under water, how can there be a...
[Fire goes out]
Patrick: I'm scared, SpongeBob.
i watch it whenever i have the chance =)
molif wrote:
hahahah... superutterly lame show with no sense of direction when comes to humor.. but I LIKE.. haha..

yeah that the point why it is so funny... and they also post real sea creatures like after being out of water, spongebob and patrick become a dried sponge and starfish....
The most funniest character is definitly Patrick. Here are some quotes from him:

Patrick: "Are you Squidward?"
Random Guy: "No."
*Few seconds later*
Patrick: "Are you Squidward now?"
Same Guy: "NO!!"

Patrick: "Are you Squidward?"
Fire Hydrant: " "
Patrick: "That's ok, take your time."

Squidward: "Has anyone ever played an instrument before?"
*Patrick's hand goes up*
Patrick:" Is mayonnaise an instrument?"
Squidward: "No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument."
*Patrick's hand goes up again*
Squidward: "No Patrick, horseradish is not an instrument either."
*Patrick's hand goes down*
Haha, that really freaks me out ;p most of my friends are watching it, so i am thinking of catching it as well...
Sometimes that show is maybe....
But sometimes that is good, so hopeful that never be canceled Wink
hahah... especially when he run like a star with his pants down and suddenly he tripped in the spongebob squarepants the movie.. haha.. patrick's full of nonsense.. haha.. but i like..
The good thing about spongebob is that it's a cartoon but it's not too childish nor hard. So everyone loves spongebob!!!
The character itself is familiar and cute, too.
Spongebob if funny and imaginative. i like the below water thing. there is fire under the sea and water under the sea. Spongebob should never end. He is cool imaginative and funny. my favourite carachter is spongebob. but gary (his pet snail) is funny
Never end!!!!!!!!1
The first few shows I thought were cute and found the names of the places like Bikini Bottom to be hilarious. The more of them I watched the funnier it gets. Gary *meow* always gives me a laugh.
After a few shows, as I got to know the characters and their personalities the dialog between them is great.
I found the Spongebob Squarepants movie to be a great letdown. That movie would not attract people to the series, which are MUCH better. What about the episode with Patricks parents? That was a scream.
Spongebob is one of my favorite shows ever and mostly because it's not for kids. I once saw an episode where Spongebob was watching a live-action sea anenome wiggle around on tv and his eyes were all bulging. Then Gary popped out of nowhere and Spongebob gasped "gary!" and quickly turned off the tv. Underwater adult videos?
Quality show, folks.
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